Yevata flag


Corvorda, Coldel, Condora


Adilen R Breshinsky





This is Yevata, a company which separated from ISR when it was on the verge of dying. It has become a successful company, selling military equipment and weapons to other nations, while also owning land with tourist attractions and sell civilian merchandise to help subsidize it's economy. It's army is small but professionally trained, so it would be a hard fight.


  1. Character Name
  2. Reasons for joining
  3. Ships you are bringing
  4. Ships Contributing
  5. Behavior around others?
  6. Optional Do you like building creatively or off pictures?


There really are no rules, but to obey your superiors, and to fend for yourself. We do not get involved with war unless it concerns us.

Allies and Enemies



Trade alliances-



Tech Research

Design & Production Research

Tech Available



Heavy Lasers

Advanced Rocketry

Astroid Mining

Optical Cloaking


Advanced AI



Adv. Railguns

Sublight Drives


Nano-Tech Fabrication

Advanced Metallurgy and Material Science

Nanite Armor Reconstruction


Energy Storage

Advanced Warp

Warp Detection



Particle Beams

Plasma Weaponry

Warp Disruption

Advanced Physiology



Stealth Materials

Advanced Electronic Warfare

Sentient AI

Super Fast Warp

Warp Sync

Electrothermal-Chemical Technology


Advanced Particle Beams

Weapons Satellites

Guided Munitions

Advanced Missile Systems

Advanced Targeting Systems

Advanced Nuclear Technology

Advanced Combat Gear

Point Defense Weaponry

FTL Communication

Electro Magnetic Pulse Shield

Neural Reprogramming

Multi-spectral cloak

Micro-tech architecture

Solid State Particle Beam weapon

Particle beam weapon deflector

Macro scale sub-atomic manipulation and manufacturing (M&M)

Nano technology architecture

Advanced Nanotechnology fabrication

Advanced CyberBio-Fusion

Mass Macro-scale sub-atomic M&M

Multi-Purpose Containment Field

Transphasic torpedoes

Other prometheus techs- trade from 8.28.2016(IRL)

Psychic weaponry and brain modifications

Advanced Bio-technology

Advanced Cybernetics

Transcendental AI

General Purpose Magnetic Accelerator Weapon(GPMAW)

Enhanced AEW

Design & Production tech

Anti-Gravity- Cheaper, More efficient

Particle Weaponry- Cheaper

Multi-Purpose Weaponry- Adv Railgun(Railgun)/Adv Particle Beam(Particle Beam), Cheaper

Anti-Matter Reactors- Cheaper, Micro anti-matter catalyzed fusion reactor 'battery'

Multi-Purpose Charge- Plasma/Explosive

Cloak- more efficient

Enhanced Cloak

Further Enhanced Cloak(time and visibility)

Armor Composites- Better effective thickness, more specialized composites, lighter composites, Instant ionization armor, enhanced superconductor electromagnets

Advanced Electronic Warfare- Miniaturized suite, more efficient, cheaper

Cyber Warfare- Cyber attack countermeasures, Cyber auto encryptors

Energy Storage- More efficient, cheaper

Plasma- Sword, High Frequency Sword, Plasma Arc

Sword- Mono-edge blade

Containment Field- Electro Magnetic, Plasma, Warp, Phase Field Modulator, Enhanced Containment Field

Omni-directional inertial thruster

Warp disruptors- cheaper


This is similar to UMG, but there is a ranking system for superior officers, using numbers(1 is highest, 10 the lowest, and anything below reserved for punishment)

(1) Rear Admiral(holdover from PCV) Adilen R Breshinsky- Frets over every detail, and emotionally unstable, but is a good tactician and strategist when needed. (NovaTopaz)

(2) Mikhail Forge- Former leader of UMG

(7) Wilhelm Kranz - Born in Lübeck, Germany and grew up wanting to be a sailor like his father. One day, he wishes to have a high position in Yevata. (Neutralartuen)

Merchandise(military equipment available)

Current value of currency: 1 YID= $1.7 USD


Vehicle Cost(no modifications)
STH-01 11700 YID
Matilda 9.2 million YID
Object 4.1 million YID
Leopard 12.4 million YID
Duster 3.7 million YID
SHH-01 460000 YID


Crawler/Mech Cost(no modifications)
Scorpion 243 million YID
Arachnid 240 million YID


Aircraft Cost(no modifications)
SMF-500 425 million YID
SMF-1000 930 million YID

Weapons & Attachments

Weapon Cost(no modifications)
P-01 3100 YID
BR-01 13500 YID
SR-01 22400 YID

Civilian Merchandise

Vehicle Cost(stock)
Model ACR car 305,000 YID with hover, 37,300 YID with tires


You can order ships from how you describe them, or give some kind of info, and we'll try to make one for you to the best of our ability.


Breshinsky's Fleet


Class Ship Type Builder/Operator Number Of Ships Active Other Notes
Yevata Corvette Breshinsky 1030(All AI) Multiple variants
Delta Ruby Destroyer Breshinsky 5
Whitmore Cruiser Breshinsky 2 Stealth Model TBA, half of ships made to be this model.
Celvoris Battlecruiser Slither Lin 104
Celavoran Super Battleship Breshinsky 16 special weapons on ships:

2(large AEW suite)

1(large electro-laser)

3(neutron-proton cluster weapon)

2(Plasma arc weapon)

1(Plasma accelerator)


6 of the current ships in mothball

Epsilon Celavoranis Super Battleship Breshinsky 6 All use a massive coil gun down the centerline of the ship, though for low maintenance costs, rails can be put in instead. Multi-purpose accelerator.
Delta Epsilon Cilavoranic Armored Carrier Breshinsky 6 Generally no special weapons
Scorpio Aerospace Research Vessel Breshinsky 36 Made to travel from system to system in search of habitable planets and life. Carries multiple aircraft.


Class Ship Type Builder/Operator Number Of Ships Active Other Notes
Aquila Research Vessel Breshinsky 132

Forge's Fleet

Class Ship Type Builder/Operator Number Of Ships Active Other Notes
Redding Littoral/Destroyer Mikhail Forge 540(all AI) For anti-ship engagements only
Hammerhead Escort Carrier Mikhail Forge 320(all AI) Anti-air engagements only

Kranz's fleet (NOT FOR SALE)

Military Ships

Note: Due to the limited weaponry and huge numbers of Kranz's ships, they usually sail in huge "swarms".

Class Name of lead ship Ship Type Number of Ships Active
Freedom Freedom Light Cruiser 7,500
Comet Halley Recon vessel 1200
Liberty Liberty Littoral Combat Ship 22,000
Nightingale Aurora Recon vessel 850
Kranz Peter Kranz Destroyer/Escort Destroyer 13,000

Civilian/Transport ships

Class Name of lead ship Ship Type Number of Ships Active
Corvoda Corvoda Cruise Ship 10
Olympus Zeus Cargo Ship 30
Lübeck Lübeck Yacht 1

Landing Crafts/Amphibious Assault Ships

Class Lead Ship No. Ship Type Number of Ships Active
Yevata LCI Mk1 LCI-1 Landing Craft, Infantry 28,500