It's always bugged me how non-linear the difficulty of the drills are past Duel Lv8 (Duel Lv9 is really easy, then the Yamato is insanely hard, and let's not even mention the airbases). Therefore, I'm making a new set of hypothetical drill levels which replace the level 9-10 Duels, and then continue the drill missions past Aircraft Carrier Lv2 at a more or less linear difficulty curve. As we're out of Zodiac signs to use (the current levels use up all twelve), these levels will have ships named after mythological creatures.


Battleship Centaur. This probably would be easier than the current Duel Lv9, except that Capricornus is horribly unstable and gets shredded by Mk45s.


Battleship Cerberus, replacing the Yamato in Duel Lv10. It' s about even with the Yamato in terms of strength, when put against each other they usually both sink.

Duel Lv11

Coming in after Aircraft Carrier Lv2, the Battleship Cyclops is the NPC ship for Duel Lv11.


Battleship Hydra in the hypothetical Duel Lv12. A fair bit stronger than the Yamato, but it has stability issues.


Following Duel Lv12 is Aircraft Carrier Lv3. This would include the Carrier Draco, two Battleship Centaurs, and one Battleship Cyclops.


And the last one for now (more will be added later), Battleship Kraken as the NPC ship for Duel Lv13. This one is a more modern stealth battleship type of thing. I actually like this one enough that I copied it and repainted the copy as the ISAF Kraken.