Hello there. I am DocWeldin. Recently, I have been working on a flying aircraft carrier. I decided to make a blog post about it, so maybe all of you can see the progress of the flying carrier, and comment and stuff. 

(Credit to Wywyrm to making the idea of blog posts documenting ships)


In the Battleship Craft Wiki, DavidWu, a member, had posted about his Flying Ship. I asked him how, and he said two ways:

  • 1. Make a base and use a glitch to make blocks float
  • 2. Make the ship turn so hard it flies and never comes back up.

I decided to make a flying ship, and I decided on Method 1.

Block Glitch

(Credit to HMCSRagequit for saying the glitch!)

I have no pictures of the glitch but I will give you a quick tutorial

  • Buy the skeleton from the store
  • Shave the back of the ship until it is flat, pretty much deleting the propellers and rudder, than clearing the blocks that were around it. After that, there is one more layer of nonflatness. Erase the block jutting out and the back will be flat.
  • Put two large hull (or 400mm lightweight) blocks on the top of the Skeleton, ONE AT A TIME
  • Color the blocks any color except grey in ONE SWIPE
  • Press the undo button. The blocks should be uncolored, and one of the blocks will disappear.
  • Press the back button.
  • Go back to the ship
  • You should see a floating block that you can place anywhere.

Making the Ship 1

First off, I have hacks. So I had the 6x6x2 block. Which made it much more easier to make the ship.

I deleted the remnants of the skeleton, except for one block. I then slapped down a few 6x6x2 blocks. After that, th base was finished. I then headed on over to the main body, the floating 400mm Large Lightweight block.