United States of America
American Flag


President Stewart James Farragut


  • USS Minnesota BB-75 (Atlantic Fleet)
  • USS Theodore Ball CVN-81 (Pacific Fleet)

Active Military

10,000,000 American Personnel

Active Tanks

30,000 American Tanks

Active Aircraft

30,000 American Aircraft

Active Ships

5,000 American Ships

Total Population





United States of America

We are the United States of America, a nation working towards world peace and safety for the people of the modern world. We fight for freedom and tranquility.


  • The United States has officially rejoined the United Nations Space Command.

Chain of Command


  • Fleet Admiral USS Navy 1
  • Fleet Admiral of the Pacific Fleet Gary Proud
  • Chief of Operations I am that guy
  • Chief of Operations Nikita911
  • Vice Admiral Warhammer123
  • Vice Admiral Shinato73
  • Vice Admiral Thognong
  • Rear Admiral Scoutwulf 575
  • Rear Admiral VvJayJayWhitevV
  • Rear Admiral and Chief of Medical Services DocWeldin
  • Commodore TheZestyGamer
  • Commodore jacobjohnrobles

Extra Characters


  • Advanced AI (Researching)
  • Advanced Biotechnology (On Hold)
  • Advanced Capital Ship Railguns (Captured)
  • Advanced Cloak (Captured)
  • Advanced Electrolasers (Captured)
  • Advanced Electronic Warfare (Diverted to Cyberdefense)
  • Advanced Gun Systems
  • Advanced Hypersail (Captured)
  • Advanced Lasers (Captured)
  • Advanced Miniaturization (Researching)
  • Advanced Missile Systems
  • Advanced Nanotechnology (Researching)
  • Advanced Fusion Reactors (Implimenting, developed with help from AIF)
  • Advanced Orbital Weaponry (On Hold)
  • Advanced Particle Beams (Captured)
  • Advanced Physiology (On Hold[what is this anyways])
  • Advanced Point Defense Weaponry (Researching)
  • Advanced Railguns
  • Anti Gravity (Captured)
  • Basic Coilguns
  • Blink (Captured)
  • Cyberdefense (Researching)
  • Dumb AI
  • FTL Communications
  • Hyperspace Detection
  • Hypersonic Ammunition
  • Sub Light Drive
  • Super Fast Warp (Captured)
  • Super Soldiers
  • Warp Detection
  • Warp Disruption
  • Warp Interdiction (Researching)


Non-Aggresion Pacts

  • None


Intergovernmental Organization

War Status

  • Defcon 1
  • War

Defcon 1


Name Duration Allies Enemies End Result Events
War of Sith 4/25/15-Ongoing United States, Germany, Israel, Russia, AFOH, AIF, ANF, DPL, IRF, UAC Sith Ongoing Battle of Tenelapis, Battle of Systems, Battle for UAC, Second Battle for Israel
War of Germany 4/15/15-Ongoing Coalition Axis Ongoing European Takeover, French Standoff, Threat to Israel, Battle of Iran, French Retreat, Third Battle for Israel, Cattirian Kamikaze
World War V 4/15/15-7/24/15 United States, Cattiria, France, Ireland, Israel, Poland, Resistance, AFOH, NAR, UAC, UK Germany, Russia, IRF, TD, SE Inconclusive European Takeover, French Standoff, Threat to Israel, Battle of Iran, French Retreat, Third Battle for Israel
War of Rebels 10/6/14-Ongoing United States, Israel, AIF, UAC IRF Ongoing Warp Drive Hijack, Battle of the Aleutian Islands, Battle of Savai'i
War of Prometheus 8/1/14-Ongoing United States, Crusaders, Israel, Russia, Starfleet, AF, AIF, DPL, ISR, UAC Prometheus Ongoing Battle for the AIF, Battle for the AF, Battle of Ceres
World War IV 6/20/14-6/21/14 United States, Israel, AFOH Germany, Italy, Japan Ally Victory Battle of the Aegean Sea, Italian Invasion
World War III ??/??/13-??/??/13 United States, Mexico Russia, Kradec Ally Victory Unknown
Iraq War 3/20/03-12/18/11 America, United Kingdom, Australia, Poland, Kurdistan, New Iraq Iraq, Al Qaeda, ISIS Ally Victory Unknown
War in Afghanistan 10/7/01-12/28/14 America, Afghanistan, United Kingdom, Carolina, Australia, Canada Taliban, Al Qaeda, IEA Ally Victory Unknown
Kosovo War 3/1/1998-6/11/1999 America, Kosovo Yugoslavia Ally Victory Unknown
Gulf War 8/2/1990-2/28/1991 America, United Kingdom, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia Iraq Ally Victory Unknown
Vietnam War 11/1/1955-4/30/1975 America, South Vietnam, Carolina, South Korea, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Democratic Cambodia, Democratic Laos, Philippines North Vietnam, China, Communist Cambodia, Communist Laos Ally Defeat Unknown
Korean War 6/25/1950-7/27/1953 America, South Korea, United Kingdom Soviet Union, North Korea, China Stalemate Unknown
World War 2 9/1/1939-9/2/1945 Allies Axis Ally Victory Unknown
World War 1 6/28/1914-11/11/1918 Entente Powers Central Powers Ally Victory Unknown
Moro Rebellion 1/1/1899-1/1/1913 America, Philippines Moro Muslims Ally Victory Unknown
Spanish-American War 4/25/1898-8/12/98 America, Cuba, Philippines Spain Ally Victory Unknown
Great Sioux War 1/1/1876-1/1/1877 America Sioux, Dakota Ally Victory Custer's Last Stand
American Civil War 4/12/1861-5/9/1865 Union Confederacy Ally Victory Unknown
Mexican War 4/25/1846-2/2/1848 America, California Mexico Ally Victory Unknown
Florida War 12/23/1835-8/14/1842 America Seminole Ally Victory Unknown
War of 1812 6/18/1812-2/18/1815 America United Kingdom, Spain Ally Victory Unknown
Northeast Indian War 1/1/1785-1/1/1795 America Western Confederacy, United Kingdom Ally Victory Unknown
American Revolutionary War 4/19/1775-9/3/1783 America, Vermont, France, Spain, Native Americans United Kingdom, Native Americans Ally Victory Unknown

How To Join

  1. Why do you want to join?
  2. What will you bring?
  3. What is your flagship?
  4. What is your Game Center ID and fake name?
  5. What other fleets and navies are you involved in?
  6. How will you react around other members?

You must fill out every question in this application, otherwise your request will be denied.


Total Area: 21,415,802.71 km^2

United States Off-World Colonies


Mare Tranquillitatis (Sea of Tranquility)

Area: 421,000 km^2

  • 10 Colonial Outposts
  • 2 Capital Shipyards
  • 3 Shipyards
  • 1 Super Factory
  • 5 Nuclear Power Plants


Syrtis Major (MC-13)

Area: 4,900,000 km^2

  • 14 Colonial Outposts
  • 3 Capital Shipyards
  • 4 Shipyards
  • 3 Super Factories
  • 75 Mines
  • 7 Nuclear Power Plants
Amenthes (MC-14)

Area: 4,900,000 km^2

  • 14 Colonial Outposts
  • 3 Capital Shipyards
  • 4 Shipyards
  • 3 Super Factories
  • 75 Mines
  • 7 Nuclear Power Plants

Jovian Moons


Area: 170 km^2

  • TBA

Area: 954,912 km^2

  • TBA

Neptunian Moons


Area: 60 km^2

  • TBA

Area: 66 km^2

  • TBA

Area: 82 km^2

  • TBA

Plutonian Moons


Area: 1,710 km^2

  • 8 Colonial Outposts
  • 3 Research Facilities


Pillar Chorus

Area: 10,000 km^2

  • 5 Colonial Outposts
  • 3 Shipyards
  • 5 Mines
  • 2 Nuclear Power Plants
Vent Epsilon

Area: 30 km^2

  • 5 Colonial Outposts

2008 ST291 (Partial Control)

Area: 370,738.51 km^2

  • 7 Colonial Outposts
  • 1 Capital Shipyard
  • 2 Shipyards
  • 0 Super Factories


United States of America

Area: 9,857,000 km^2

  • 20 Capital Shipyards
  • 100 Shipyards
  • 4 Super Factories
  • 200 Mines
  • 100 Oil Fields
  • Unknown Number Bases

United States Minor Outlying Islands

Area: 34.2 km^2

  • 2 Military Airfields

Central Intelligence Agency

We are the Central Intelligence Agency, also known as the CIA. We are one of the world's best Intelligence Organizations and specialize in collecting foreign intel. We can share it with allied nations if deemed necessary.

Centurion Program

Centurion Program


January 28, 2016


Secretary of Defense

Active Personnel

950 Centurions

  • 150 Centurion-Is
  • 800 Centurion-IIs


Department of Defense



The Centurion Program is the United States' supersoldier program aligned to the Department of Defense's Special Operations branch. With future generations currently under research lead by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), they are America's elite and will carry out special warfare missions. When all else fails, the Centurions will still be standing.


Centurion-I Program

The Centurion-I Program consists of 150 individual Centurion-Is assigned to one of five fireteams, each consisting of 30 Centurion-Is.

Fireteam Xerxes

Fireteam Cerberus

  • Master Chief Petty Officer TBA (OOC: temporary commanded by Marc)

Fireteam Hydra

Fireteam Daedalus

  • Master Chief Petty Officer TBA

Fireteam Leonidas

Centurion-II Program

Unlike the Centurion-I Program before it, the Centurion-IIs were designed in hopes that their large numbers would give U.S. and allied forces the upper hand in various ground campaigns. The Centurion-IIs don the second generation of TITAN Powered Assault Armor in battle, which features upgraded versions of systems previously used by Centurion-IIs and made of a more durable, lightweight armor composite. Each company consists of 200 Centurion-IIs each.

Alfa Company

Bravo Company

Charlie Company

Delta Company

United States Air Force


Advanced Air Based Weapons

Ballistic/Missile Weapons

  • Earthquake Bombs
  • Thermobaric Bombs
  • Anti-Runway Bombs
  • Laser-Guided Bombs
  • Conventional Bombs
  • Thermonuclear Bombs
  • Bunker Buster Bombs
  • Satellite-Guided Bombs
  • Sidewinder Short Range Missiles
  • AMRAAM Medium Range Missiles
  • 1" Railgun Machine Gun

Energy Weapons

  • 1" Laser Machine Gun

Strike Craft







Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Lend-Lease Aircraft

United States Army and Marine Corps.


Advanced Ground Based Weapons

Ballistic/Missile Weapons

Energy Weapons


Ballistic Weapons

  • Sniper Rifles
    • Remington M2015 ESR
  • Assault Rifles
    • Colt M4A1
    • Misriah M37A1 ICWS
  • Battle Rifles
    • H&K M8A1
    • Colt M16A5
  • Submachine Guns
    • Colt M9
    • Kriss Vector
    • H&K MP7
  • Shotguns
    • Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun
  • Pistols
    • M&P Smith and Wesson M390
    • SIG Sauer M11A2 P228
  • Anti-Material Weapons
    • FGM-150 Javelin anti-tank missile
    • FIM-95 Stinger anti-aircraft missile

Energy Weapons

  • Sniper Rifles
    • Remington R15 Oblivion
  • Assault Rifles
  • Submachine Guns
  • Pistols
    • Smith and Wesson R230 Razor

United States Protection Grid


  • Warp Detectors(Detects Ships 500 Miles From Border)


  • Warp Disruptors(Stops Ships 250 Miles From Border)


Main Battle Tanks

Rocket Artillery Vehicles

Anti-Aircraft Vehicles

Armored Personnel Carriers

Engineering Vehicles


Self-Propelled Guns

Tank Destroyers

Utility Vehicles


United States Navy


Advanced Ship Based Weapons

Ballistic/Missile Weapons

  • 100 Inch Railgun
  • 20 Inch Railgun
  • 5 Inch Railgun
  • UGM-133 Trident III SLBM
  • LGM-30 Minuteman IV ICBM/MCM
  • BGM-204 Tomahawk II Cruise Missile
  • RGM-100 Harpoon II Anti-Ship Missile
  • Mk-54 MAKO Anti-Submarine Torpedo

Energy Weapons

  • 100 Inch Laser
  • 20 Inch Laser
  • 5 Inch Laser
  • Advanced Particle Beam


Surface Fleet

Any ship can be put here as long as it has the title USS on it.

Aircraft Carriers

  • Total Classes: 7

Amphibious Assault Ships

  • Total Classes: 1

Arsenal Ships

  • Total Classes: 1

Auxiliary Ships

  • Total Classes: 1


  • Total Classes: 0


  • Total Classes: 5


  • Total Classes: 14


  • Total Classes: 0


  • Total Classes: 6


  • Total Classes: 4


  • Total Classes: 1


  • Total Classes: 2

Hospital Ships

  • Total Classes: 0

Littoral Combat Ships

  • Total Classes: 1

Missile Boats

  • Total Classes: 0

Museum Ships

  • Total Ships: 11

Spy Ships

  • Total Classes: 0


  • Total Classes: 3

Super Warships

  • Total Classes: 0

Aerospace Fleet

Aircraft Carriers

  • Total Classes: 2

Arsenal Ships

  • Total Classes: 0


  • Total Classes: 0


  • Total Classes: 1


  • Total Classes: 0


  • Total Classes: 5


  • Total Classes: 3


  • Total Classes: 0

Museum Ships

  • Total Ships: 0

Orbital Defense Platforms

  • Total Classes: 0

Support Vessels

  • Total Classes: 0

Naval Roster

Ship Class Builder/Operator Status of Ships in Class Number (or 'to be') Built Description Ship Names
Holland Class Diesel Electric Submarine Marc Active 1 Americas first Diesel Submarine USS Holland
Nautilus Class Nuclear Submarine Marc Active 1 Worlds first Nuclear Submarine USS Nautilus
Seawolf Class Nuclear Submarine Marc Active 1 Worlds first Liquid Metal Cooled Reactor Submarine USS Seawolf
George Washington Class Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarine Marc Active 5 Worlds first Ballistic Missile Submarine USS George Washington
Barbel Class Diesel Electric Submarine Marc Refit 3 USS Barbel
Los Angeles Class Nuclear Submarine Marc Active 62 USS Los Angeles, USS Minneapolis-Saint Paul
Virginia Class Nuclear Submarine Marc Active 48 USS Virginia, USS Minnesota
Beluga Class Nuclear Submarine Ford Laid Up 30 USS Beluga
Ship Class Builder/Operator Status of Ships in Class Number (or 'to be') Built Description Ship Names
Gerald R. Ford Class Nuclear Supercarrier (Flight II) Proud Active 17 Designations: 81, 99, 109-123 USS Theodore Ball
Bastogne Class Battlecruiser Proud Active 17 USS Bastogne
Alliance Class Battlecruiser Proud Active 12 Joint USA-CIS Battlecruiser Class USS Union
Walker Class Battlecruiser Proud Active 3 USS Walker
Virginia Class Cruiser Proud Active 4 USS Virginia
Edward Ketchum Class Guided Missile Frigate Proud Active 26 USS Edward Ketchum
Langley Class Aircraft Carrier Marc Refit 1 Americas first Aircraft Carrier USS Langley
Yorktown Class Aircraft Carrier Marc Refit 3 USS Yorktown, USS Enterprise, USS Hornet
Midway Class Aircraft Carrier Marc, Harmon Refit 6 USS Midway
United States Class Aircraft Carrier Marc Active 8 USS United States
Forrestal Class Supercarrier Marc Refit 4 Worlds first Supercarrier USS Forrestal
Enterprise Class Nuclear Supercarrier Marc Active 1 Worlds first Nuclear Aircraft Carrier USS Enteprise
Nimitz Class Nuclear Supercarrier Marc, Harmon Active 10

Marc: 68-72

Harmon: 73-77

USS Nimitz
Gerald R. Ford Class Nuclear Supercarrier (Flight I) Marc Active 17 USS Gerald R. Ford, USS Enterprise
Texas Class Battleship Marc Refit 1 Americas first Battleship USS Texas
Connecticut Class Battleship Marc Active 6 USS Connecticut, USS Minnesota
Pennsylvania II Class Battleship Marc Refit 2 USS Pennsylvania II, USS Arizona II
Iowa Class Battleship Marc, Harmon Active 6 (3)

Marc: 61-62 and 66

Harmon: 63-65

USS Iowa
Montana Class Battleship Marc Refit 5 USS Montana
Nevada Class Battleship Marc Active 6 USS Nevada, USS Minnesota
Lexington Class Battlecruiser Marc Refit 6 Americas first Battlecruiser USS Lexington
Alaska Class Battlecruiser Marc Active 6 USS Alaska
Baltimore Class Heavy Cruiser Marc Refit 14 USS Baltimore, USS Saint Paul
Boston Class Guided Missile Cruiser Marc Refit 2 Worlds first Guided Missile Cruiser USS Boston
Long Beach Class Nuclear Guided Missile Cruiser Marc Refit 1 Worlds first Nuclear Surface Warship USS Long Beach
Gearing Class Guided Missile Cruiser Marc Refit 98 Worlds first Guided Missile Destroyer(USS Gyatt) USS Gearing, USS Gyatt
Monitor Class Monitor Marc Refit 1 Worlds first Monitor and All Metal Warship USS Monitor
Arkansas Class Monitor Marc Refit 4 USS Arkansas
Minnesota Class Monitor Marc Planned 5 USS Minnesota
Zumwalt Class Guided Missile Destroyer Marc Active 3 Americas first Ship with Railguns USS Zumwalt
North Dakota Class Nuclear Stealth Battleship Calavicci Active 8 USS North Dakota
Constitution Class Stealth Battlecruiser Calavicci Active 10 America's first Stealth Battlecruiser USS Constitution
Maine Class Battleship Greg Active 6 USS Maine
Destiny Class Nuclear Supercarrier Ford Active 10 USS Destiny
Intrepid Class Nuclear Supercarrier Ford Active 6 USS Intrepid
Thomas Jefferson Class Nuclear Supercarrier Ford Active 6 USS Thomas Jefferson
Gerald R. Ford Class Nuclear Supercarrier Ford Active 6 Designations: 124-129
Michigan Class Nuclear Battleship Harmon Refit 4 USS Michigan
Arizona Class Nuclear Battleship Harmon Active 10 USS Arizona
Alabama Class Nuclear Battleship Harmon Active 5 USS Alabama
Ticonderoga Class Guided Missile Cruiser Harmon Active 27 USS Ticonderoga
San Francisco Class Guided Missile Cruiser Harmon Active 27 USS San Francisco
Arleigh Burke Class Guided Missile Destroyer Harmon Active 111 USS Arleigh Burke
Zumwalt II Class Guided Missile Destroyer Harmon Active 17 USS Wilson Flagg
Logan M. Reed Class Guided Missile Destroyer Harmon Inactive 10 Joint USA-CIS destroyer class USS Logan M. Reed
Oliver Hazard Perry Class Guided Missile Frigate Harmon Active 26 Reactivated to protect America's territorial waters USS Oliver Hazard Perry
Freedom Class Littoral Combat Ship Harmon Active 13 Unofficially classified as "light frigates" USS Freedom
Hurricane Class Littoral Combat Ship Harmon Ordered 20 Unofficially classified as "light frigates" USS Hurricane
Wright Brothers Class Airbase Harmon Refit 5 Joint USN-USAF project USS Wright Brothers
Ares Class Light Tanker Harmon Active 24 Former AF Ships USS Ares
Fury Class Battleship Anderson Active 30 Battleship Designations: 88, 89, 90, 117-143

Fitted with visual disruption camouflage and stealth cloaks for recon and patrol

USS Fury, USS Indestructible, USS Nightmare
Independence Class Littoral Combat Ship Harmon Refit 13 Unofficially classified as "light frigates" USS Independence
William McKinley Class Nuclear Supercarrier Harmon Active 10 America's first stealth carrier USS William McKinley
Illinois Class Super-Heavy Battleship Harmon Active 9 Designed by Harmon during his time in the USNiE, this will be the basis of future American SBBNs. USS Illinois, USS Wisconsin, USS Superior, USS Michigan, USS Minnesota
Monitor Class Super-Heavy Battleship Harmon Active 5 Variant of the Illinois-class SBBN featuring seven 20 inch naval gauss cannons and an advanced anti-ballistic missile system USS Monitor, USS Maine, USS Kearsarge, USS Washington
Viking Class Stealth Battlecruiser Harmon Active 12 Based off the hull of the McKinley-class CVN, the Vikings are armed to the teeth with railguns and guided missiles. She is also capable of amphibious landings. USS Viking
Interloper Class Trimaran Stealth Destroyer Anderson Active 115 Equipped with short to long range deck guns and long range guided missiles. Equipped with stealth cloak. Carries 4 retractable railguns side hulls. USS Interloper
Wyoming Class Super Battleship Harmon Active 10 Featuring similar design elements as the North Dakota and Texas classes, the Wyoming class is designed primarily for shore bombardment roles. USS Wyoming
Ship Class Builder/Operator Status of Ships in Class Number (or 'to be') Built Description Ship Names
Jupiter Class Flying Super Battleship Marc Active 5 Captured from the Soviet Union as Red Star Class USS Jupiter
Saturn Class Flying Battleship Marc Planned 150 USS Saturn
Uranus Class Flying Battlecruiser Marc Planned 250 USS Uranus
Neptune Class Flying Battlecarrier Marc Planned 250 USS Neptune
Venus Class Flying Heavy Cruiser Marc Active 250(100) USS Venus
Mars Class Flying Light Cruiser Marc Active 250 USS
Mercury Class Flying Destroyer Marc Active 250 USS Mercury
James A. Lovell Class Destroyer Harmon Active 72 America's first flying destroyer USS James A. Lovell
E-500 Class Heavy Cruiser Derp (purchased from UAC) Active 1 A retired E-500 purchased from the UAC. USS Hope Through Unity
Kerberos Class Heavy Carrier Harmon Active 250 USS Kerberos
Bunker Hill Class Fleet Carrier Harmon Active 75 Capable of commanding large fleets and deploying countless fighters, they can also help establish off-world colonies. USS Bunker Hill, USS Enterprise
Midway Class Supercarrier Harmon Active 200 Replaces the Bunker Hill class as fleet command ships, can carry a total of 271 aircraft including fighters, dropships, and Valkyrie II bombers. Midway, Enduring Freedom, Deliberate Force, Infinite Reach
Ship Class Builder/Operator Status of Ships in Class Number (or 'to be') Built Description
Battlegroup Name Operator Nickname Number Used Number Of Ships
Ship Hull Number Builder Class Location
USS Texas BB-35 Harmon New York Houston, TX
USS Massachusetts BB-59 Harmon South Dakota Fall River, MA
USS Alabama BB-60 Harmon South Dakota Mobile, AL
USS Wisconsin BB-64 Harmon Iowa Milwaukee, WI
USS Illinois BB-65 Harmon Iowa Chicago, IL
USS Hawaii BB-72 Harmon Hawaii Honolulu, HI
USS America BB-73 Harmon Hawaii Norfolk, VA
USS Salem CA-139 Harmon Des Moines Quincy, MA
USS Springfield CA-143 Harmon Des Moines Chicago, IL
USS Dallas CA-150 Harmon Des Moines Dallas, TX
USS Little Rock CG-4 Harmon Galveston Buffalo, NY
USS Chicago CG-11 Harmon Albany Chicago, IL
USS Silversides SS-236 Harmon Gato Chicago, IL
USS Cobia SS-245 Harmon Gato Manitowoc, WI
USS Intrepid CV-11 Harmon Essex New York, NY
USS Hornet CV-12 Harmon Essex Alameda, CA
USS Lexington CV-16 Harmon Essex Corpus Christi, TX
USS Midway CV-41 Harmon Midway San Diego, CA
USS Constitution IX-21 Harmon Original 6 Frigates Boston, MA

Reserve Fleet/Sunken Ships

Ship Class Builder/Operator Status of Ships in Class Number (or 'to be') Built Description Ship Names
Plattsburg-class Aircraft Carrier USS Navy 1 Reserve 6 USS Plattsburgh
Pike-class Submarine USS Navy 1 Reserve 4 USS Pike
Great Lakes-class Battlecarrier Guy AWOL/Rogue 5 USS Lake Erie, USS Lake Michigan, USS Lake Huron, USS Lake Ontario, USS Lake Superior
United States-class Stealth Battleship Guy Reserve 1 USS United States
Nighthawk-class Stealth Battleship Guy Reserve 1 America's first stealth battleship USS Nighthawk
Redemption Class Stealth Battleship Guy AWOL/Rogue 6 USS Redemption
Horizon-class Guided Missile Battleship Guy Reserve 1 USS Horizon
Portland- Class Heavy Cruiser Guy AWOL/Rogue 2 USS Portland, USS Indianapolis
Brooklyn-class Light Cruiser Guy AWOL/Rogue 7 USS Brooklyn
Thors Hammer Class Super Warship Guy AWOL/Rogue 1 USS Thors Hammer
Zeus's Bolt Class Super Warship Guy AWOL/Rogue 1 USS Zeus's Bolt
Posiden's Trident Guy Sunk 1 USS Posiden's Trident
Fort Liberty Guy AWOL/Rogue 1 Fort Liberty
Kronos Class Super Warship Shinato Reserve 3 USS Kronos
White Experiment-class Super Warship Shinato Reserve 1 USS White Experiment
Super Fortress Shinato Reserve 10 Super Fortress
Indepth Class Assault Carrier Straimer Reserve 1 USS Indepth
Supreme Class Battlecruiser Straimer Reserve 1 USS Supreme
Lavella Jones Class Heavy Cruiser JayJayWhite Reserve 3 USS Lavella Jones
Joe Nathan Jones Class Light Cruiser JayJayWhite Reserve 5 USS Joe Nathan Jones