United States Naval Defense Fleet

Full Name

The Navy of the United States of Eastern America (When Founded)


Eastern United States


Adm. Jack Harmon


4 July 2013


Washington, DC Norfolk, VA


Barack Obama

Nation Leader

Jack Harmon


North America, Earth-616


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The United States Naval Defense Fleet (USNDF) is a navy based in the United States of Eastern America with its headquarters in Washington, DC and Norfolk, Virginia.


After the American Separation in 2013, the Eastern States formed their own navy. With the United States Navy now controlled by the West, the Eastern government formed the USNDF. This navy reigns the Atlantic Ocean with a possible threat of the Western American Navy, which controls the Pacific.


States in the United States of Eastern America (in blue) with naval bases (in red dots)

Barack Obama, the then President of the Eastern States, placed Admiral Jack Harmon as the Fleet Admiral at the keel ceremony of the USS Montana (BB-67) on 4 July 2014. Three weeks later, Obama and his cabinet, including Vice President Biden, died in an explosion caused by a hijacked Boeing 747 from California. As soon as the news was given to Admiral Harmon, he immediately named himself as the new President.

Admiral Harmon in the United States Naval Defense Fleet's overseas uniform. The hat says "USS Illinois BB-65" which is his flagship.


The Naval Jack of the USNDF

After his inaguration, Harmon stated that the USNDF needed more ships to protect the states and their citizens. Do you have what it takes to protect the country? We are accepting new recuits and must follow the guidlines:
  • You must have a RP character
  • You must include your flagship
  • You must say if you use Hansa or not
  • You must not say what rank you want


  • Jack Harmon (Game Center: Harmonmj13) - Fleet Admiral

Ships in the Fleet

Battleships BB

Light Cruisers CL

Heavy Cruisers CA

Battlecruissers CB

Aircraft Carriers CV/CVA/CVN/CVE

Submarines SS/SSN/U