naval ensign of the UMG


After a battle with a UR super warship and the loss of almost all of his men and ships, Mikhail Forge had gone rogue. He started doing freelance work, gathering resource from anywhere he could. He rented a salvage vessel and started to pick up the remnants of his ships. Where he started the work of building another.

After a few months of getting together the ship, it was completed. Along with a new motive. Be a traveling merchant. So he formed the United Merchants Guild. UMG for short.

Admiral HMS of the AFOH would remember him as the cheery captain of the Metal Nest. Not much has changed since then. Other than occupation. So Forge and his fleet of ships, hope to keep whoever has the money well supplied.

Rules and Regulations

1.) Threats will not be taken lightly, the UMG is a non-biased group and has nothing to do with your political ventures.

This also means sales are not effected by anything other than money.

2.) All cargo ships should be and will be protected by at least 3 escort vessals. Engaging without cause is an act of war and violatuion of Rule #1.

Cargo ships lost to weather or human error are fair game however, looting wrecked ships is still legal.
Ships lost to fighting are an exception to the looting rule, and still is under UMG control.

3.) Products are always under the ownership of the UMG until succesfully delivered to the correct navy/person.

4.) Until a discussion is held, the UMG is to be completely migrant. Homeland will not be claimed until political tensions are lowered.


Must have the following:

A name, first and last. (Can be fake)
Age, preferably realistic.
A brief description of your life before joining the Guild.
Your special traits. What do you have that the Guild wants?
Any further information would be helpful in acception of applicants.


Chief of Supplies: Mikhail Forge

Founder of the UMG. Former member of the AFOH. Seasoned captain at sea.

Fleet Ship Coordinator: Hiram Zumwalt

Son of AIF Admiral Zumwalt. Builds massive cargo ships.

Cargo Ship Mechanic: Wolfgang Schnout [KIA]

[All Data Lost]

Profits Manager: Jack Townsend

Adept at managing profits. Appointed desk job.

Escort Coordinator: Grogsmith Deron

Adept captain at sea. Appointed to fleet defence and escort.

Main Tactician: Hiroto Fukazawa

Adept tactician. Appointed desk job.

Weapon Supplier: Raymond Pierre

Adept Merchant. Apointed to sales and defence.

Secondary Escort Coordinater: Dimitri Makarov

Adept captain at sea. Appointed to defence.

UMG Ambassador: Troy Schmit

Adept political adviser. Appointed to be the UMG spokesperson.

Political Adviser: George Wiliamson

Adept political adviser. Appointed desk job.

Special Weapons Expert: Alexander Stukov

Adept sales person. Appointed to sales and defence.

Defence Coordinater/Sales Representive: Izumo Hiryū

Adept sales person and ship captain. Appointed to sales and defence.

Flying Ship Coordinator: John Preston

Good at tactics with flying ships

Cargo Ships

Escort Ships