Welcome to the USPACFLT.
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       We are a large clan of builders who fight for peace, justice, and to aid allies and anyone from the BCDL Alliance. We are currently watched down upon by our Fleet Admiral Barron Chiu and Vice Admiral Danny Watkins who both maintain our quality control standard. We would also like to point out that we are proud to have an extremely esteemed builder in our fleet. Daiki, better known as mk-karmann. We have no tolerance for threats towards us, our alliances, and any clan who is apart of the BCDL Alliance. If there are any, they will be eliminated or bountied.    

       We are a part of an alliance called the BCDL Alliance. This is an alliance that originates from "Battleship Craft Duelling League." Every clan and member who is in it, joins it automatically and is protected by it no matter what situation. However, If a BCDL Alliance clan declares war on another BCDL Alliance clan, all of the BCDL Alliance Clans will declare war on the clan who waged war in the first place. There are also exceptions to individuals who are in the BCDL Alliance. Those exceptions will not be discussed at this moment.



USPACFLT Naval Ensign

To join our fleet, you must show us this:

  • 1. What is your average Toughness, and strength, and speed?
  • 2. Why do you want to join?
  • 3. Do you start a battle by throwing your carriers in reverse? (this is a legitimate method, and it doesn't dictate if you pass or not. please answer truthfully.)
  • 4. How well do you handle with others?
  • 5. Do you have a Facebook account? (If you do, here's the link to our facebook group page:

If you meet these requirements, your information will be sent to a quality controller. If you pass, you will be accepted into the USPACFLT.


                             Ranks almost done~ Admiral Barron

Due to further controversy, my superiors have requested that the ranks be taken down. They will not be up until further notice.


  • ISBA Navy
  • WPF (Wolf Pack Fleet)  *BCDL Alliance*
  • ISF (International Strike Fleet) *BCDL Alliance*
  • Seawolves Reborn *BCDL Alliance*
  • Death Squad *BCDL Alliance*


If you are in the USAPCFLT, feel free to put your ships on here.