The Sherlo Fusiliers

Sherlo Fusiliers Flag

Geld Class

Sherlo Fusiliers Flag Blue

Blau Class

Sherlo Fusiliers Flag Green

Grun Class

We at the Sherlo Fusilier are destined to control the ravaged waters of war.

-Tongo Cutter of the TSF


1.) We will need a name.
This will allow us to know who you are.
2.) We will also need to know why you want to join.
If the reason isn't good you will be declined- and if suspected to be a spy you will be hunted down and killed.
3.) After that, you will be appointed Class, if you do not like it prove to us that you deserve better.
You can prove yourself by securing new ships, taking supplies and land, or getting useful infromation.
4.) You will need to either make a new ship or paint your ship accordingly to your Class.
Exeptions can be made but do not think that this happens often.
5.) If you pass all that simple stuff, your first and only true task is to stick with the Fleet, and obey orders.

Colors and Rules



To help shame appilcants you must paint your ship depending on your Class. 

The colors must be applied like the demo ship on the right. Exceptions can be made but only rarely.

All ships must pass the simple inspection before they can be used.


We sail in a massive group known as the Fleet. Nicknamed Grand Sherlo. Pure numbers, massive AA platforms and plans for a floating island are what composes us. You must sail with Grand Sherlo at all times unless ordered differently.

Green must always sail on the outisde of the fleet. Green is our main defensive wall and is fodder agaist attacks.

Blue will help protect the middle Yellow at all times, enforcing rules onto Green too.

And Yellow can sit and relax in the middle.

Attacking something without a Yellow ok is grounds for termination. Just a heads up to those over enthusiastic patrons of the Sherlo Fusiliers.

(More will be added as needed)


Tongo Cutter: The over zealous and cocky leader of the Sherlo Fusiliers. Focuses energy into carriers and fast AA based destroyers.

"The Raven": A ace pilot, he is known to pilot a T-50, and has shot down a whole squadron of F-22 Raptors once. He also advises in ship production.

Tom William: A simple man with goals of helping TSF.

Zion Thomas: An Expert ship designer. made a battleship that single handedly took on an entire carrier battle group with limited damage


Ship Class Class Ship type Builder/Operater # of active ships Other Notes

Geld Artillery/Battleship Tongo Cutter 4
Geld Battleship Tongo Cutter


Geld Carrier Tongo Cutter 12
Geld Escort Tongo Cutter 20
Wies Sub Tongo Cutter 7
Weis Carrier/Sub Tongo Cutter 5
Gray Barge/Factory Tom William 2
Geld Stealthship Tom William 2