We are the Order Empire. We are a group of people seeking to clear the world ,and to stop all of the tyranny that is happening in the world, and in the navies out there. For too long has the world been oppressed. We will not stop, until every single person that is aganist us is inside a bodybag, shot in the head, and buried in a ditch. We don't care about how many casualties that will be made in the anarchy, hell, we don't even bother with our own deaths and casualties when the battle is won. We will win through and only absolute victory.

It is our destiny, to rule this very earth, or I will see it burn around us, before we die.

The Order Empire


More than 1,536,000

Number of ships



We are the Order Empire, a large group of people who all share the same views. We wish to free the world of their tyrannic government, and replace it with our views in government. You have been all oppressed for too long, and we cannot accept that. It is time to fight back against the tyrants, and free this world before it is too late! We will not care about any casualtys formed, and we will achieve absolute victory against anyone we ever fight.

Districts in Service

  • War District: Naval Warfare, Air Attack, and Ground Combat
  • Covert District: Assassination, Terrorism, and Sabotage
  • Digital Warfare District: Hacking, Virtual Warfare, and Intelligence
  • Arms District: Weapons, Missiles, and Ammunition

Important Members/Admirals

  • Supreme Admiral Adrik Ivanov: A skinny long nosed tall 54 year old, Adrik is one of the most powerful admirals in the Order, Adrik is highly unbalanced in power compared to the other admirals; he holds power over more than half the districts in the Order. Adrik was once a spy for HYDRAXIS, acting as a admiral for Russia. He later faked his death and became an admiral for the Order.
  • Executive Admiral Jack Weaver: Deceased Jack Weaver was a former UR captian and a admiral of the Order Empire. He was the one who started the invasion of the U.S.,and the one who harassed the 126th. He currently is experimenting with flying ships.

Fleet News

We have taken over the United States!

The President of the United States of Alerica has officially been resigned at gunpoint,leaving us with control of the U.S. We are now planning something from it,and we are now forcing the population to achieve the Order's goal.

Behemoth-Class Project Finished

The Order Behemoth Had finally completed all of it's test runs,and it is now in production. So far,only 2 of these have been built.

Counter attack by HYDRAXIS:U.S. has been a total loss.

HYDRAXIS had just initialized a raid on the U.S. and inflicted heavy damage to the Order Empire.


Total Ally's:

  • Dragonfire Privateering League

Non-aggression pacts:





  • Your fake RP name:
  • Your fake RP gender:
  • What ships do you specialize in:
  • Your Flagship:
  • Gamecenter I.D:
  • Finally,how will you deal with your enemy's?

Fill out all of the questions (last one is optional) or your request is denied.

Open Ranks:

Supreme Admiral

Executive Admiral:One Open Slot

Base Admiral: Two Open Slot's

Admiral: Three Open Slot's

Lower Admiral: Five Open Slot's

Supreme Warlord: One Open Slot

Upper Warlord: Two Open Slot's

Lower Warlord: Five Open Slot's

Higher Overseer: TEN Open Slot's

Lower Overseer:Unlimited Slot's

Surface Ships

Flying Ships

Fleet Formations