Who Are We?

We are the International Fleet, the UN of the BC world. All navies may join the IF and take part in IF Councils to discuss the state of the world. The Naval Forces Division of the IF (NAVFORDIVIF)is a paramilitary organization available for hire. Our headquarters are located in the former Philippine Naval Headquarters.

Want to Join?

Please apply in the comments section with the following:

Name of Navy

Navy Commander(s)

Number of members

Are you at war?

Have you fought in any wars before?

Will you require the use of our Naval Forces Division in the near future?

The ambassador from each fleet will be the one who submitted the application. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Current Members/ Fleet Ambassadors

Naval Forces Division International Fleet (NFDIF)- Fleet Admiral Shinji Ikari

United States Pacific Fleet (USPACFLT)- Admiral Baronchiu

Uprising Retaliation (UR)- Admiral RighteousMikey


ANF Enterprises Consolidated Fleets (ANFECF)- TheAlphatheOmega

SAN- Scoutwulf575

ISBA- Mr. Nutt25

United States Arctic Fleet ( USAF )- Fleet Admiral Yamato

Naval Forces Division

Our NAVFORDIVIF is commanded by Fleet Admiral Shinji Ikari. It is medium sized fleet, consisting of several well-armed ships. Ship data will not be released to prevent reverse-engineering and destruction of our ships. Our fleet is currently not under hire, and cannot be hired by Wikia Contributors.

IF Council

Our first IF Council will take place: NOW!. Fleet Admiral Shinji Ikari will be the neutral nation/ host. We will be discussing the state of the ISAF- UR War. The council will be on the Wiki Chat.