Cattirian Navy


Cattirian Navy


Lutchigan Halloson



Active Ships


Active Personnel

3,600,000 Personnenel for the sector we control


Home Cattirian Islands (Mostly Abandoned), New Cattiria (TD Purchased Islands)

National Anthem



Ships In Reserve


This is the Cattirian navy, we are currently at a lacking point and are in diaspora. Due to several destruction of our strongholds.


New Anwen (capital)

Caloy (city) Abandoned

New Caloy (city)

Balastaien (main industrial district)

Cali (city) Abandoned

New Cali (city)

New London (city)

Lucaria (colony)

Project 9 (CN command)


  • What is your GC?
  • How many ships do you have?
  • What kind of ships do you build?
  • What will your name be?
  • Why are you joining?

Welcome to the Cattirian Navy! These are the members who fight for us.


  • Fleet Admiral Lutchigan Halloson: The New Leader of the Cattirian Navy, taking Airison Detchues previous position in the navy.
  • Airison Detchues: Retired Fleet Admiral. ex-Leader and founder of the Cattirian Navy. Status Unknown
  • Head of Research and Development Christine Hawthorne: In charge of researching technology, developing new industry and all things weed related. Second in command. Has Now Retired
  • Admiral Courtney Halloway Courtney Halloway Designs several large flying ships. Third/Fourth in command. Has Now Retired
  • Admiral Thomas Baker: Controls a very small fleet, along with the Air Force. Third/Fourth in command. Has Now Retired
  • Admiral Vladimir Kazakav: Controls a large fleet. Currently fifth in command. (Inactive)
  • Commodore Strafe: Can control a small fleet and any of his warship designs. (Inactive)
  • Commodore Alexandria: Controls a small aerospace fleet and any of her warship designs, newest member of the navy.
  • Marshal of the Air Force Garry Thompson: ex-Leader of the Air Force. Now retired.

Defcon Status:


Defcon 1 - War

Defcon 2 - Forces Ready for War

Defcon 3 - Forces Preparing for War

Defcon 4 - Forces on Patrol

Defcon 5 - Peace


New Arcadian Republic

Gallian Empire

Chilean Empire

Yevata Industries

Phoenix Protecterate

Terran Dominion Aerospace Fleet

Aneph Enterprises Consolidated Fleet

United Aerospace Command

Alliance of Imperial Fleets




Battleships and Battlecruisers
Cruisers and Destroyers
Aerospace Warships

Cattiria has many land and air forces available, ready to both defend Cattiria and her allies, but also send attacks on enemy soil.

Cattirian Army

The Cattirian Army forms the bulk of Cattirian land forces, covering many different roles, from demolitions, armored assaults, beach assaults, para-drops, conquering enemy territory, or defense of allied territory.

​Cattirian Royal Air Force
Craf Ensign

CRAF ensign.

The Cattirian Air Force is tasked with defending the skies around Cattiria, and also bombing hostile territory at long range. They can also ferry supplies with planes and choppers.

Cattirian Marines

The Cattirian Marines are some of the best troops Cattiria has, specializing in Spec Ops missions and beach assaults. They are usually the first troops to the front in any given situation, and can handle most situations thrown at them.


Land Forces

Ship-class Builder Ship Type Ships in Class (#)
Cattiria (BB-157)-class Detchues Heavy Battleship 40
Camazon-class Detchues Light Destroyer 750
Albatross-class Detchues Heavy Destroyer 650
Barker-class Detchues Heavy Barge 140
Atlantis-class Detchues Deadly Barge 130
Cattra-class Detchues Super Carrier 75
Arbarker-class Detchues Aerospace Light Destroyer 770
North Ridge-class Detchues Light Cruiser 350
Proto 14-class Detchues Super Stealth Submarine 18
Comet-class F7I Aerospace Destroyer 700
Toy Box-class ANF Aerospace Transport 650
Tiger-class Detchues Escort Carrier 1
Domain-class Detchues Guided Missile Carrier 75
Colonization-class NAR Heavy Battleship 130
LF-1-class NAR Light Frigate Mass Produced
Rising-class Detchues Frigate Mass Produced
Relentless-class AFOH Heavy Battleship 10
Reaper-class AFOH Super Warship 5
Wraith-class AFOH Super Warship 5
Surcouf-class AFOH Battlesub 10
Viper-class AFOH Aerospace Battlecarrier 15
Cattiria (BB-90)-class Detchues Heavy Battleship 40
Fatherlands-class Detchues Aircraft Carrier 40
U-44-class Detchues Submarine 14
Raetay-class Detchues Super Stealth Submarine 14
Viscount-class NAR Heavy Aerospace Battleship 2
Salvation-class Detchues Aerospace Battleship 180
Ulysses-class NAR Aerospace Battlecruiser 8
SS-14-class Detchues Super Stealth Submarine 12
Camatross-class Detchues Heavy Destroyer 550
Crescent-class Detchues Aerospace Fast Battleship 120
Cat Ship-class Courtney Destroyer 1
New Anwen-class Detchues Destroyer 400
North Ridge (BB-100)-class Detchues Heavy Battleship 50
Intercepted-class Hallsworth Aerospace Cruiser 110
Dreadnought-class Holloway Aerospace Super Battleship .5
Majestic-class Kazakov Super Warship 30
Rebirth-class Kazakov Aircraft Carrier 35
Revelance-class Kazakov SSBN 25
Revenge-class Kazakov Super Stealth Sub 6
THAB-class Kazakov Assault Boat 300
Hope-class Kazakov Hospital Ship 150
SAS-class Kazakov Stealth Assault Ship 60
Revengeance-class Kazakov Heavy Sub 60
Revengeance HV-class Kazakov Super Heavy Battlesub 30
AA Frigate Kazakov AA Frigate 150
Nightmare-class Kazakov Stealth Carrier 30
Landing Craft Kazakov Landing Craft Mass produced
Command Base Kazakov Command Base 1
Andromeda-class Detchues Aerospace Frigate Mass produced
Alliance II-class ex-Delusion Aerospace Super battleship 2
Ouroborus-class ex-Delusion Aerospace Super Battleship 1
Copperhead-class ex-Delusion Aerospace Super Battleship 1
Basilieus-class ex-Delusion Aerospace Battleship 80
King Basilieus-class ex-Delusion Aerospace Battleship 80
Ghast II-class ex-Delusion Aerospace Aircraft Carrier 60
KV-4tress, JK, IDK name yet ANF Fort 1
Stake-class Snakebit Destroyer 25

Reserve Fleet

Ship-class Builder Ship Type Ships in Class (#)
Cattiria (BB-157)-class Detchues Heavy Battleship 3
Cattiria (BB-90)-class Detchues Heavy Battleship 3
North Ridge (BB-100)-class Detchues Heavy Battleship 3
Fatherlands-class Detchues Super Carrier 1
Barker-class Detchues Barge 50
Cattra-class Detchues Super carrier 50
Domain-class Detchues Super Carrier 50
North Ridge-class Detchues Light Cruiser 100
Camazon-class Detchues Light Destroyer 100
Albatross-class Detchues Heavy Destroyer 100
Camatross-class Detchues Heavy Destroyer 100
New Anwen-class Detchues Destroyer 100
Rising-class Detchues Frigate 200
Viper-class AFOH Aerospace hybrid 25
Salvation-class Detchues Aerospace Battleship 90
Arbarker-class Detchues Aerospace Destroyer 400
Comet-class FSI Aerospace Destroyer 50
Intercepted-class Hallsworth Aerospace Cruiser 50
Toy Box-class ANF Aerospace Transport 275