Interstellar Space Republic
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James Yosemite


Republic's Sword



Welcome to our Republic!


We are a republic that had our origins on Phobos, but have since now moved to tethys, and have multiple colonies.

OUTDATED: Left here for Reference.

Listing of Colonies

  • Tethys(capital)
  • Telos(state, planned to be new capital)
  • Oberon(military state)
  • Phobos(state)
  • Earth Islands(state)
  • Tenelapis, Vent Eta(near state)
  • Telesto(state)
  • Calypso(state)
  • Crucible(colony)
  • Calemare(colony)
  • Mars(colony)

Republic layout

  • Republic Leader Jack Zeno
    • Fleet Admiral James Yosemite(Advisor)
    • General of the Army William Fred (Advisor)
    • General of the Airforce Tam Billy (Advisor)
    • Civilian Advisors (similar to the US system, I'm not going to list them all)
  • Congress and Senate
  • Supreme Court
    • Court System


  1. Character Name
  2. Reasons for joining
  3. Ships you are bringing
  4. Ships Contributing
  5. Behavior around others?
  6. Optional Do you like building creatively or off pictures?


  1. Obey people above your rank(in RP or relating to it if OOC)
  2. Attacking navies, claiming territory, and applications must be accepted by the Fleet Admiral. If he is absent, he will assign a ACO(Active Commanding Officer). If he is inactive, applications can be voted on by all current admirals, vice admirals, and rear admirals.
  3. Keep your ships in your fleet, and only edit someone else's if they are inactive and you are a suprior officer to them.
  4. If attacked by a hostile force, the defending members may not attack without recognizing the hostile force
  5. If an enemy attacks when the Fleet Admiral is not present, his ships can be used in the fight by the ACO.
  6. More rules to follow

Failure to comply can result in demotion, termination, and banishment. OOC punishments will be determined at a later(aka never, unless need arises) date.

Units and Weapons


Infantry Weapons

Alliances and Enemies





Trade Alliances




Tech Research

OUTDATED: Left for the time being

Super Fast Warp+ Warp sync(note, this still follows the tech tree, but is doing the next one after the first is finished)- finished 10.5.15

Advanced Physiology- finished 8.25.15

Cyberbio-fusion- finished 8.20.15

Blink- finished 9.5.15

Advanced Electronic Warfare- finished 9.25.15

Tech researched(Note, this is only for reference)



Heavy Lasers

Advanced Rocketry

Astroid Mining

Optical Cloaking


Advanced AI

Nano-tech(micro tech hiertary)


Adv. Railguns

Sublight Drives


Nano-tech fabrication(general)

Advanced Metallurgy and Material Science

Nanite Armor Reconstruction


Energy Storage

Advanced Warp

Warp detection



Particle Beams


OUTDATED: To be fixed

Fleet Admiral= James Yosemite (Rth1131999)


Vice Admiral=

Rear Admiral= Alexander Stukov (Ej2333)

Rear Admiral=




Captain= James Yosemite Jr. (Rth1131999)


Defence Stations

Model Type of weaponery Size Number built
OGSM-5 MAC 5m(coil and barrel) 67
OGSM-10 MAC 10m(coil and barrel) 33
OGSM-20 MAC 20m(coil and barrel) 13


Yosemite's Fleet

Flying Ship Fleet

Class Ship Type Builder/Operater Number Of Ships Active Other Notes
Flared Earth Class Transport/Fastboat Yosemite 150
Frigate Breaker Class Fastboat Yosemite 105
Setting Sunset Class Fastboat Yosemite 110
Brightening Skies Class Advanced Frigate Yosemite 74
Blazing Skies Class Advanced Frigate Yosemite 67
Melting Moon Class Advanced Light Cruiser Yosemite 48
Republic's Sword Class Advanced Heavy Crusier Yosemite 21
Astronomical Blade Class Advanced Small Mining Ship Yosemite 90 4 MIMV's
Diamond's Obelisk Class Advanced Mining Ship Yosemite 50 50 MIMV's
Moon's Rage class Advanced Battlecruiser Yosemite 8
Freedom's Spire class Advanced Transport Yosemite 62
Crescent Moon Class Advanced Heavy Battlecruiser Yosemite 3
Planet's Light Class Light Cruiser Yosemite(taken from IN) 205
Moon's Angel Class Light Carrier Yosemite(taken from IN) 300
Star's Corrosion Class Heavy Carrier Yosemite(taken from IN) 9(all under refit)
Water's Rage Advanced Light Cruiser Yosemite 14
Ice's Downpour Advanced Artillery Heavy Cruiser Yosemite 3

Surface Fleet

Class Ship Type Builder/Operater Number Of Ships Active Other Notes
Cruising Guns Class Battleship Yosemite 87
Melting Rock Class Mining ship Yosemite 56
Scout's Friend Class Scouting ship Yosemite 100(production has stoppeed)
Radar Horizon Class Scouting ship Yosemite 50(production has stopped) Railguns are not on offical vessel, replaced with AK-130's
Ship Destroyer Class Super Warship Yosemite 27
Carrier Strike Class Battlecarrier Yosemite 4
Oblivion Yield Class Arsenal ship Yosemite 1

Stukovs Fleet

Class Ship Type Builder/Operater Number Of Ships Active Other Notes
Reaper Surface Super warship Admiral Stukov/ISR 20 10 in production 5 nearly complete
Wraith Surface super warship Admiral Stukov/ISR 20 10 in production
Surcouf Class Submersible Cruiser Admiral Stukov/ISR 20 15 in production
Scharnhorst-Class Battleship Admiral Stukov/ISR 25 10 in production.

Aerospace fleet

Class Ship Type Builder/Operater Number Of Ships Active Other Notes
Mirage Class Heavy Aerospace Cruiser Admiral Stukov/ISR 25+5 (recently finished) 5-10 more currently under construction
Viper Class Aerospace Cruiser Admiral Stukov/ISR 35
Venom class Light Aerospace Frigate Admiral stukov/ISR 50 Easily and cheaply produced.