Sol Emergency Coalition
Seal of the SEC


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Political Structure

Military Alliance

Allied Nations

  • Unified Ceres Government
  • Empire of Kevin
  • Acheron Security
  • Dragonfire Privateering League (Loyalists)
  • Dragonfire Privateering League (Separatists)
  • Federal Republic of Germany
  • Advanced Fleet of Hybrids
  • Aneph Enterprises Consolidated Fleet
  • North American Aerospace Defense Command

Client Nations

  • Terran Dominion Aerospace Fleet
  • Sviatoslav Republic
The Sol Emergency Coalition, also known as the SEC, is a intergovernmental military alliance of multiple nations that are against the Prometheus Corporation. Originally formed as a loose organization during the AIF Breakout Campaign as a larger and more powerful United Nations, and later strengthened in Operation Overlord.

Members of the SEC

Two parts of the Alliance include permanent seats in representation, mainly composed of more powerful factions. Other factions wich only joined due to their opposition of Prometheus are on temporary seats.

Permanent Seats

Temporary Seats


The representatives of each nation include the government's leader, or if a corporation, non-government organization, or is under martial law, then the representative is a military commander. Additional representatives only serve as advisors to the official representative, and have no true say in decisions made by the council.

Unified Ceres Government

  • President Preston J. Cole
  • Fleet Admiral Danforth Whitcomb (Advisor)
  • Commander of UAC High Command Admiral Roland Freemont (Advisor)
  • Commander of UAC Unified Ground Command General Nicolas Strauss (Advisor)
  • Commander in Chief of the Office Naval Intelligence Admiral Margaret Parangosky (Advisor)

Empire of Kevin (Alliance of Imperial Fleets)

  • Emperor William III
  • Fleet Admiral David F. Hodston (Advisor)

Dragonfire Privateering League Loyalists

  • Tim Dragoon

Acheron Security

  • CEO Jonathan Black
  • COO David Alexander (Advisor)

Federal Republic of Germany

  • Chancellor Angela Merkel
  • Großadmiral Heinrich Strässer (Advisor)
  • Generalfeldsmarschall and Admiral Wilhelm Strasse (Advisor)

Advanced Fleet of Hybrids (AFOH)

  • Admiral of the Navy HMSHOMEMADE
  • Admiral Joshninja (Advisor)
  • Admiral Bouexic (Advisor)

Aneph Enterprises Consolidated Fleet

  • Fleet Admiral Tato

Terran Dominion

  • Terrence Mengsk
    • Head Scientist James Bloodridge (Hidden Advisor)
    • Head General Boston Colbert (Advisor)

Sviatoslav Republic

  • President Vasily Bogatyryov
    • Fleet Admiral Vladimir Kuznetsov (Advisor)
    • Vice Admiral Viktor Vasnetsov (Advisor)
    • General Morozov (Advisor)
    • Vladim Kruchenykh (Advisor)

Scarlet SSR

  • President Joseph Harper
    • Arbiter Lenard Carizach
    • Arbiter Ethan Harper

Political Views

The SEC's goal, is to maintain a working alliance against interstellar threats such as the Sith Empire


  1. Name
  2. Is your state a country, corporation, or other?
  3. What kind of government is the state run by?
  4. What is the status of the state?
  5. Who is representing your state? If it is martial law who will be representing the state?
  6. Will you bring any advisors?
  7. Will you have a permanent seating or temporary seating?