Skywatch Aerial Alliance emblem.

The SAA is the military branch of Skywatch Inc., an advanced research and development corporation dedicated to the continued progress of technological development, primarily in the fields of air and space travel. Due to current events and rising worldwide tensions the SAA has been authorized as an interplanetary aerospace defense force funded via the sale of Skywatch Inc.'s products (primarily aerospace craft, advanced technology, and resources mined from our colonies on Titan and Enceladus), meant to protect Skywatch and its assets from hostile entities. In general, we strive to maintain neutrality in conflicts if at all possible, and will not be accepting alliances at this time (however, non-aggression pacts may be considered).

Administrating Council

The administrating council are in charge of all of Skywatch Inc. and Skywatch Aerial Alliance operations, and most important decisions are put to a vote and discussion between the council members. Applications to the council are currently open, and must be submitted using the application form given below.

  • Harrison Eltis: Founder and head of Skywatch Inc. Known for being a good tactician and rumored to have had some kind of prior military experience. Typically very reclusive, he is rarely seen face-to-face, and his whereabouts are not known to even the rest of the administrating council.
  • Alex Wolf (no known relation to Humphrey D. Wolf): A naturally briliant scientist, he has been with Harrison Eltis from the beginning, and helped with the development of Skywatch's first flying ship. Head of research and development.
  • Maximillian: A power-hungry and hard working person, Maximillian would do anything he could to be on the council with a fleet of ships. After a mysterious disappearance of a council member, there was a convenient opening, and Maximillian got the spot he always dreamed of. Head of Skywatch Inc.'s weaponry department.
  • Robert H. Jones: Coming from a family ancestry that always joined the military, he was ashamed when he failed to enter. He went to college specializing in advanced military technology. He was recently accepted into the administrating council of the SAA.
  • Meyer stienberg: coming from a family with a seafaring tradition that dates to the 1800s, he was the second member of his family after his father to serve in the us navy. After stienberg's retirement, he wanted to be back on the deck of a sea faring ship. Stienberg is part of the navel arm of the SAA.
  • Berlin M. Tusk: After leaving Earth in search of opportunity, Tursk joined Skywatch early on, and attempted to do his best at what may have seemed one of the few careers in space. As he continued his work, his superiors were impressed, and he went up the ranks to become one of the higher ranking officials in Skywatch. He currently, compared to other SAA officials, prefers to possibly get more involved in the Sol System's politics, as it could possibly bring in more opportunities for the company.


Due to the nature of Skywatch Inc.'s research in the air/space sector, the SAA has access to a large amount of unique and advanced technology and weaponry, some of which is listed below.

Active Service

-Hailstorm-class Orbital Barrage Satellite

-Archerfish-class Precision Strike Satellite

-Atmospheric Repulsion Drive (sub-capital-, capital-, facility-grade)

-Planetary Observation Network

-Electromagnetic Tether

-Sentinel UCAV

-Ion Beam Projector


-Localized Dimensional Destabilization Drive (currently impossible to effectively control movement, development on hold due to lack of progress and danger involved with experiments)

-Electrolaser (current energy consumption is unacceptably high)

-Antimatter Warheads (production is extremely expensive and time consuming)

Diplomatic Relations

Though recent events seem to indicate that a war is brewing between multiple factions with significant military assets, we will not currently be taking sides in the conflict until such time as the council decides that action is necessary. For now, the SAA will be used for the sole purpose of defending our own facilities and borders.

Allies: (None as of yet)

Enemies: Order Empire


To apply as a member of the newly expanded administrating council, please fill in the following fields.

(OOC:)This is in regards to your character for this navy, no real information about yourself. Also, this fleet focuses on flying ships, so you should be able to build them if you want to join. I may include a small naval branch for seafaring ships, but the primary focus should be on things capable of flight.




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