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The Royal Navy's origins go back to the 16th century and it's the oldest branch of the British armed forces. In 1707 when Great Britain was formed the navy grew into the most powerful navy in the world until the mid-20th century. After World War II most ships withdrew from the navy and either got scrapped or decomissioned.
British Naval Jack

The British Naval Jack

British Naval Ensign

The British Naval ensign

Royal Navy Logo

The Royal Navy logo


A military parade held by some of our forces


HMS Invincible

During the Cold War the Royal Navy was mainly an anti-submarine fleet, mostly hunting for Soviet submarines.

The Royal Navy has extremely sophisticated ships. 

About Us

Our mission is:

Maintenance of the UK Nuclear Deterrent through a policy of Continuous at Sea Deterrence.

Provision of two medium scale maritime task groups with organic air assets. Delivery of the UK Commando force.

Contribution of assets to the Joint Helicopter Command. Maintenance of standing patrol commitments.

Provision of mine counter measures capabilities to United Kingdom and allied commitments.

Provision of hydrographic and meteorological services deployable worldwide. Protection of the United Kingdom and the EU's Exclusive Economic Zone.

How To Join

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What other navies are you involved in?

Do all your ships have the appropriate amount of weapons and armour?

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Fleet Admiral Leader Troy Schmit Played By Natroleon

Fleet Admiral Leader Edward Hughes Played by I am that Guy

Fleet Admiral Charles Kirkland Played by D34THW1SH

Admiral Rigby Keith Played by Natrolean

Rear Admiral Owen Churchill Played by Vladimir Lenin reborn

Rear Admiral James Taylor Played By Japster

Commodore Henry Martin Played by Starmier123

Commander Robert Johnstan Palyed by Khoi Tran




Peace Declarations War Recovering
We have declared war on the Federation.Any Federation ships, aircraft, or vehicles will be destroyed and officers shot dead.


War Declared On The Federation

The Federation has nearly struck London and struck Essex with LOKI which was hacked by the Federation but LOKI is a Carolinian Orbital Laser Platform.

Ship Roster

Aircraft Carriers      Battleship                       Battlecruiser                    Cruiser

HMS Perservere        HMS Nelson                      HMS Australia                     HMS Agitate

HMS Ensure              HMS King George V          HMS Revenge                     

HMS Glorious            HMS Hood

HMS Audacious         HMS Prince of Wales     

HMS Illustrious          HMS Revenge

HMS Invincible          HMS Yorkshire

HMS Ocean              HMS Queen Elizabeth                           

HMS Enkurt

Destroyer               Frigate                       Supply ships                                           Patrol Boats

HMS Vigilant             HMS Challenger          HMS Challenger (Multi-purpose ship)      HMS Clyde 

HMS Keiton               HMS Erebus                HMS Conveyor                                       

                                                               HMS Jogger                                              

Reconaissance Boats         Submarines         Fortresses/Mobile ports         Dreadnoughts

HMS Chloe                             HMS Amfibian            HMS Edin                                  HMS Hotspur

                                          HMS Asute             HMS Nightgale                          




Reserve Fleet

Ships with no pictures available

HMS Hotspur (A modernized WWI battlecruiser)

Pacific Fleet

S.W Pacific Fleet

Atlantic Fleet

Indian Ocean Fleet

Mediterranean Fleet