Yamamoto Imperial Navy


Constitution of the Republic of Japan

Current Leader

Flt. Adm. Kazuto Ikari


303,250 (2015 estimate)

Ships Active



ROJN Hiraga (CC-11)

Capital City


Military Garrison

  • Kure, Hiroshima Prefecture (Navy)
  • Nagasaki, Nagasaki Prefecture (Army)
  • Yokohama, Kanagawa (Air Force)
We are the Republic of Japan. For those who want to know, we are a force that hopes to bring the world to peace. We have remained hidden for quite some time, and we have observe all that has happened. We have spies and agents everywhere, knowing everything you do. We hope to use this knowledge to bring the world back together. And you can help as well.

If you don't like Japan, their food, their culture, their navy or just have something against them, then this navies is not for you. If you are a Japanese geek/otaku, lover, and/or an anti-Nazi, then welcome: this navy is just for you.


Note that this for your RP character in this navy

1) What is your character's name? (must be Japanese)

2) What is your GC name?

3) Do you hack/use mods? If so, which ones?

4) What ships you like to build?

5) How do you react around people?

6) What other navies are you a member of?


There are some rules that you will need to know and follow. So read well or suffer IC and OOC punishments if you don't.

1) You must respect each other, regardless of grudges.
2) No flamewars, or the comment will be deleted if possible.
3) The name of your ships has to be Japanese, maybe Chinese or if we are lenient, German.
4) You must obey your superiors and admins.
5) All war declorations, alliance making and territorial conquests must be approved by the President or the Fleet Admiral.
6) The fleet admiral is incharge of all naval operations, unless lead otherwise, eg by the shogun.
7) The Grand Marial is in charge of all land operations, unless lead otherwise.
8) The shogun can lead all military forces if he pleases, and must be obeyed, unless both the Grand Marial and Fleet Admiral disagree with good reason.



Fleet Admiral: In charge of all naval operations. Has complete control aside from the President
Admiral: Second highest rank, all officers below report to him. If needed, ships can be pulled from other fleets with permission by the fleet admiral, has major political power
Vice Admiral: All officers below report to him and follow his orders. Can command fleets, has some political power
Upper Rear Admiral: Has command over fleets, all commodores report to him, has very little political power
Lower Rear Admiral: Has command over fleets, all commodores report to him does not have political power
Commodore: Can command fleets, but must listen to superiors. Does not have political power
Captain: Lower rank, can only command a battle group. Does not have political power
Commander: Lower rank, can only command 1-4 ships at a time. Does not have political power
Lieutenant Commander: Lower rank, can only command 1-2 ships, maybe an escort. Does not have political power
Lieutenant: Lower rank, can only command one ship, and two escorts. Does not have political power.


Field Marshal: Leads all land operations. Has complete control over it asides from the President.
General: The army equivelant to the Admiral, can control most forces.
Lieutenant General: Can control a division of tanks, has some political power.
Brigadier General: Can control a brigade of tanks, has no political power
Colonel: Can command only 2-3 tanks, has no political power.

Air Force

Air Marshall: Leads all air operations. Has complete control over it asides from the President.
General: The Air Force equivelant to the Admiral, can control most squadrons.
Air Marshall: Can control a division of air squadrons, has some political power.
Vice Air Marshall: Can control only 2-3 squadrons, has no political power.
Air Commodore: Can command only 2-3 aircraft wings, has no political power.


Naval Leaders

Fleet Admiral Kazuto Ikari: An expert in maritime strategy and ship designing, he is responsible for salvaging three relics from World War II and making them the first ships in the ROJN. (Played by Harmonmj13)
Admiral Akira Mizuko: an expert tactician and experienced naval commander, Mizuko can design ships faster than their counterparts in other fleets. He has been in the navy upwards of 40 years, and will continue to serve until he dies in combat. (Played by USS Zumwalt DDG 1000)
Vice Admiral Takahiro Kichiro Kobayashi: Originally born in a slum family in Tokyo, Kobayashi fled as soon as he could, and managed to become part of the ROJN. He rose the ranks, and is now Upper Rear Admiral. (Played by FlammeumDraco333)
Upper Rear Admiral Yoshi Hitari: TBA (Played by Captain rudder guy Kevin1)
Lower Rear Admiral Jonasanmākasu: Son of a American Commodore and a Japanese Woman In Tokyo, Jonasanmākasu,Fled from his American Father to Japan to his mother only to see her dead.He Joined the ROJN and He rose the ranks and is now a Lower Rear Admiral.(Played by CommodoreGregory)
Commodore of Yokosuka Naval Base (AKA YC): There's not much to to say about him, he's just pretty quiet, not liking to attract attention. (Played by Aghostintheboat)


Captain Misato Katsuragi: A young woman of strong intelligence, she is the captain of the battleship Yamato and second-in-command of the First Naval Task Force, commanded by Fleet Admiral Ikari. She was originally offered the position of Chief of Naval Operations, to which she politely declined. (Played by Harmonmj13)
Commander Fuyuki Sakurai: A man with 40 years of naval service, he is one of the commanders of the First Cruiser Division. (Played by Harmonmj13)
The Yokuska Crew: A group of Lieutenents who either command or are second in command of a cruiser within the Yokosuka Cruisers, details classified for now.
Ship Designer Shibukji Shukishi: A teenager, he has no experience in fighting with a navy or army. He has great experience in building and designing ships, and is the ultimate Japanese warplane and warship geek ever, knowing a lot of Japanese ships and planes, and always wanting to know more. (Played by Khoi Tran)

Army Leaders

General Kazura: A man who began his military career in the JGSDF as a soldier deployed in the conflicts of the early 21st century in his late teens, was then caught and utilised by the Atarashimono Empire as a capable commandant under watch by secret police while organising rebel activities, then finally promoted to general for his valiant military actions, in his late twenties. He is currently trying his hardest to rebuild Japan's army. Also, his first name has fully disappeared from official records and pictures of him in circulation are often old, faded out, marked out, and or masked, as a result, few know of his face and he even claims he forgot his first name. (Played by Aghostintheboat)
General Jieke He: A man born to Chinese parents, Jieke He is the leader of the army base in Kure and an old friend of Vice Admiral Ikari back in their pre-academy days. (Played by Harmonmj13)

Current Status

Threat Level
Peacetime Slight threat Troops ready All Forces Mobilized War
We are now at war with the USSR and the false Communist Japanese government.

Political Relationships



Non-Aggression Pacts

  • None

Trade Partnerships

  • None




  • None

To Be Researched (in no particular order) 

  • ECS
  • Basic Electronic Warfare
    • Advanced Electronic Warfare
  • Ion Cannons
  • Improved Railgun Efficiency/Energy Recycling
  • Improved Palladium Reactor Containment Systems 
  • Magnetic Accelerator Cannon (MAC)
  • Particle Beams
  • Plasma Torpedoes


  • Basic Warp
    • Advanced Warp (category)
      • Blink Systems
      • Warp Detection
      • Warp Disruption(from AIF)
      • Slipspace 
      • Sublight Drives 
  • Basic Railguns
    • Advanced Railguns
      • Improved Railgun Recoil Springs
        • Upgraded Railgun Recoil Springs
      • Improved Railgun Rails
        • Upgraded Railgun Rails
      • Railgun Effciency/Energy Recycling
      • Railgun Power Upgrade
        • Railgun Muscle Package
      • Railgun Rammer
        • Improved Railgun Rammer
      • "Variable/Variety" Railgun Shells
  • Basic Lasers
    • Advanced Lasers (category)
      • Energy/Plasma? Launchers/Cannon (from KISDF built ships)
      • Ragnarok Buster (really big laser cannon)
  • Basic Stealth
    • Advanced Stealth
  • Basic Softkill Software
    • Improved Softkill Software
  • Basic Cloaking
    • Advanced Cloaking
  • Basic Munitions
    • Advanced Munitions (category)
      • "Variable/Variety" Shells
      • Improved Torpedo Propulsion
  • FARBAS (details classified)
  • Laser Transmissions 
  • Palladium Reactors
  • Miniaturization
  • Nanotechnology
  • Plasma Torpedoes
  • ECS


Republic of Japan Navy

We are based in Kure (Naval Base), Yokosuka (Naval Base and Aresenal), Sasebo (Naval Base and Fortifications), Maizuru (Naval Base and Fortifications), Onimato (Naval Base and Fortifications), and Airanzu (Naval District) with a fleet of surface and aerospace ships whose prefixes are "ROJN", in addition we also have a fleet air arm that is present on both surface and aerospace ships.

Surface Fleet

Fleet Formations


Fleet Registry
Class Type Builder Status Number of Ships
Yamato Battleship Ikari Active 5
Shinano Nuclear Aircraft Carrier Ikari Active 5
Mikasa Guided Missile Destroyer Ikari Active 75
Tsushima Battlecruiser Shoji Active 3
Niyodo Aviation Cruiser Shoji Active 2
Kongo Battlecruiser Ikari Active 4
Hiroshima Light Cruiser Ikari Active 14
Natsu Escort Carrier Ikari Active 10
Miyamoto Heavy Cruiser Ikari Active 16
Hiōkami Light Battlecruiser Shoji Active 3
Ryūho Aviation Battlecruiser Shoji Active 2
Fukushima Naval Oil Tanker/Cargo Ship Ikari Planned 18
Fumimaro Konoe Guided Missile Frigate Ikari Active 26
Nagumo Aircraft Carrier Ikari Planned 10
Tanaka Guided Missile Destroyer Ikari Planned 25
Fuji Aviation Cruiser Ikari Planned 25
Nagano Battleship Ikari Planned 8
Fuso Battleship Kobayahsi Active 2
Ise Battleship Kobayashi Active 2
Nagato Battleship Kobayashi Construction 0 (8)
Kongo II Battlecruiser Kobayashi Active 8
Amagi Battlecruiser Kobayashi


0 (4)
Shokaku Fleet Carrier Kobayahsi Planned 0 (2)
Unryu Fleet Carrier Kobayashi Planned 0 (4)
Guren no Yumiya Arsenal Ship/Battleship Ikari Active 2
Jiyū no Tsubasa (Subclass of the Guren no Yumiya) Arsenal Ship/Battleship Ikari Active 2
Zuihō Fleet Carrier Shoji Active 2
Taihō Kai (Tenroujima) Aircraft Transport Vessel Shoji Active 4
Katori class "Panzersciff" Shoji Active 6
Tora Battleship Hitari Active 3
Sakurasou Battlecruiser YC Active 2
Watatsumi Nuclear Aircraft Carrier Shoji Active 10
Muyasama Nuclear Aircraft Carrier Shoji Active 21
Type 41 (M205) Heavy Missile Cruiser Shoji Active 6
Admiral Yamamoto Cruiser Shoji Active 1
Type 61 (Shinshū Maru) Merchant/Maru Aircraft Carrier Shoji Active 8
DCTB-1B Torpedo Boat Assigned to Respective Districts Active 25
I-25 Fast Strike Submarine Shoji Active 48(12)
Nagasaki Battlecruiser Shukishi Active 10
Type 81 Missile cruiser Shukishi Active 10
Type 84 Aviation cruiser Shukishi Active 8
Name Commander(s) Task Number of Ships in Group Flagship
First Naval Task Force Ikari, Katsuragi Main battle squad


Yamato (BB-01)
Battlegroup Tokyo Ikari Defending YIN territory 20 Tokyo (CVN-04)
First Cruiser Division Shoji, Sakurai Battle squad 9 Nagasaki
Second Cruiser Division Shoji, Sakurai Battle squad 20 Type 41 (205)
First Battle Fleet Kobayashi Battle Fleet 12 (42+) Kirishima
First Battlecruiser Division Shoji, Sakurai Scout Fleet 9 Hiōkami
Yokosuka Cruisers YC Raiders 2 Enjeru Bītsu!
1st Carrier Fleet TBA Main Carrier Division 15 Watatsumi

Aerospace Fleet

Fleet Registry
Class Type Builder Status Number of Ships
Nippon Heavy Aerospace Fortress YC Active 2
Amaburi Heavy Aerospace Cruiser YC Active 18
Kami Light Aerospace Fortress YC Active 6
Anohana Assault Carrier/Support Vessel YC Active 1 (unknown planned)
KG-7 Areion Heavy Aerospace Multi-Purpose Frigate YC Active 44
KG-6 Sureipunīru Light Aerospace Multi-Purpose Frigate YC Active 106
Kageryu MK II Command Vessel Shoji Active 1
Aerospace Fleet Formations

YIN's Aerospace Fleet Formation are made firstly with defence in mind, as a result, most formations are committed to defence rather then offence. In addition, there are also many non existent fleet formations that are only put together for special purposes.

If the Grand Fleet formation for ROJN aerospace units has been formed, you can rest assured that we're either running away or going all out in a attack. But basically, it means every aerospace ship has been put in this formation.

Amount: 0

Consists of:

  • 2 Nippon Heavy Aerospace Fortresses
  • 5 Kami Light Aerospace Fortresses;
  • 15 Amaburi Heavy Aerospace Cruisers ;
  • 25 KG-7 Areion Heavy Aerospace Frigates;
  • 50 (5) KG-6 Sureipunīru Light Aerospace Frigates;
  • 12 Anohana Assault Carrier/Support Vessel
  • 1 Kageryu MK II Command Vessel;

A general, multi-purpose but larger then the usual Naval District Defence/Offence Unit that is usually formed for a dedicated offensive or special defines situations.

Amount: 0

Consists of:

  • 1-6 Kami Light Aerospace Fortresses;
  • 3-15 Amaburi Heavy Aerospace Cruisers;
  • 5-20 KG-7 Areion Heavy Aerospace Frigates;
  • 10-50 KG-6 Sureipunīru Light Aerospace Frigates;

A dedicated aerospace fleet present with every naval district, it is usually employed in defence duties, however, if the situation arises, they could also be used for offence.

Amount: 6

Consists of:

  • 1 Kami Light Aerospace Fortresses
  • 2 Anohana Assault Carrier/Support Vessel
  • 3 Amaburi Heavy Aerospace Cruisers;
  • 5 KG-7 Aerion Heavy Aerospace Frigates;
  • 10 KG-6 Sureipunīru Light Aerospace Frigates;

A concept that came out after CN's attacks on out cities with nukes, it was a question that if there were already flying ships on the scene beforehand, the nukes could have been shot down, and so City Defence Units were created.

Amount: 14

  • 1KG-7 Aerion Heavy Aerospace Frigates;
  • 4 KG-6 Sureipunīru Light Aerospace Frigates;

Bases and Defenses

Republic of Japan Army

The Republic of Japan Army (ROJA), is the land striking/defensive force of the Republic. It is split up into 5 districts, each with it's own offensive and defensive divisions. Due to the fact that most of the funding goes to the navy, the ROJA at this point is a little wonky.


Ground Vehicles


Mechs/TSFs/Mobile Suits/Kataprakts/Armslave 

Republic of Japan Air Force

The Republic of Japan Air Force (ROJAF) is much more organized then the Army at this time, at least most of the time. Currently, the ground based air units are mostly modernized but stiff opposition with the naval based air units over modernization and all the changes that would have to be made to aircraft carriers and etc. This branch is divided into the standard Air Force and the Naval Air Force.


Troop Transport


These aircraft are ones used by Japanese forces during the Second World War and are used for airshows across the nation.



Past Wars

War Allies Enemies Length Outcome
CAN's Attack on the Terran Dominion AIF, Israel, Confederacy of Independent States, ANF, USA,and the Golden Armada Terran Dominion 1 Fleet Engagement accompanied with a Surface Assault Victory for CAN, would lead to TD's Bombing Raid on Japan, which resulted TD's exit from the Axis
TD's Bombing Raid on Japan AIF Terran Dominion Air Battle Pyrrhic Victory for Japan and CAN as TD exited from Axis
Rogue CN's Attack and Destruction of Japanese Cities AIF Rogue CN Faction Fleet Engagements over Tokyo and Kure Full Defeat for Japan, many cities nuked