The Irish Navy is a navy specializing in dueling and guided-missile warfare. We are not normally hostile, but if we are attacked, retaliation will be brutal.

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About the Irish Navy

The Irish Navy is unique in a few ways. First, it does not have a designated territory. We are always open to alliances, but will not join forces with navies who are against one another. Also, the Irish Navy's fleet consists of mainly guided-missile destroyers, as well as a smaller number of aircraft carriers, cruisers, and battleships.


Admiral ProudAmerican1776: Prefers to build frigates and patrol ships of stealth design. He is also excellent at negotiations.

Admiral FlammeumDraco333: Builds almost any ship type. He is an excellent tactition and is never afraid to think outside the box.



Destroyers (DDG):

IRN Kyle DDG-1

IRN Jess DDG-2

IRN Sara DDG-3

IRN Spencer DDG-4

IRN Nina DDG-5

IRN Kailey DDG-6

IRN Sinead DDG-7

IRN Megan DDG-8

IRN Phoebe DDG-9

IRN Claire DDG-10

IRN Helen DDG-11

IRN Laoise DDG-12

IRN Caitlin DDG-13

IRN Seamus DDG-14

IRN Shea DDG-15

IRN Brandon DDG-16

IRN McGarrett DDG-17

IRN Dixon DDG-18

Cruisers (CG):

IRN James CG-1

IRN Terry CG-2

IRN Bushmills CG-3

IRN Coleraine CG-4

IRN Portrush CG-5

Frigates (DLG):

Submarines (SSN):

Battleships (BB):

IRN Mike BB-1

IRN Molly BB-2

Carriers (CV):

IRN Northern Ireland CV-1

Bases (OB):

IRN Airbase OB-1

Missile Platforms (MP):



ProudAmerican1776's fleet

Air Warfare Destroyers

Retribution DH-01

Retaliation DH-02

Revenge DH-03

Air Warfare Frigates

Dublin FH-01

Cork FH-02

Limerick FH-03

Galway FH-04

Waterford FH-05

Drogheda FH-06

Dundalk FH-07

Swords Fh-08

Bray FH-09

FlammeumDraco333's Fleet

Aircraft Carriers

Celtic Warrior CVB-2

Attacker CVL-3

Defender CVL-4

Aggressor CVL-5

Battleships and Battlecruisers

Malevolence BB-3

Enterprise BB-4

Argo BB-5

Protestant CC-1

Catholic CC-2

Unity CC-3


Repulse CL-1

Warspite CL-2

Retaliation CL-3

Sovereign CL-4

Tempest CL-5

Oak CA-6

Maple CA-7

Dawn CA-8

Dusk CA-9

Hope CA-10


25x St. Patrick-class


100x MK1 Light Multipurpose