Prometheus Corporation emblem.

The Prometheus Corporation is a major producer and distributor of naval and aerial craft. At least it was, before I bought it. I, being Dr. Razanal, former leader of the Uprising Retaliation for whoever doesn't already know. Since then, we have stopped selling the craft we produce, and instead keep them for the purpose of raiding, invading, bombarding, and blowing up whatever I decide should have such things done to it, and hopefully making a good profit from doing so. We're currently in the process of taking over Neo-Earth to repurpose the planet as a giant shipyard/command center. Feel free to post an application if you'd like to join us voluntarily (as opposed to joining by way of mind control ray when we invade you).


  • Dr. Razanal- Current head of the Prometheus Corporation. Generally known as a mad scientist with questionable morals, Razanal bought over the corporation using the funds that he took from the Uprising Retaliation upon resigning as its leader. (Owlfeathers0117)
  • Ariana Crowe- Commander of Icarus Station, Vice Admiral of Prometheus' fleet. Generally known for being a good tactician and remaining very calm under pressure, as well as being considerably less... nutty... than Razanal. (Owlfeathers0117)
  • Lotte Ilafsdotir- Admiral in command of special naval forces and manager of weapons production. (Scoutwulf575)
  • Walther Jones- Stratigic admiral good at tactics and carriers. (Starmier123)
  • Vindictus Ravendale- Second in command of the R&D sector Is currently testing new technology that have not yet been fully developed ranging from propellers to giant mechs. (Shinato73)
  • James Bloodridge- Third in command of the R&D sector. Currently known for making massive flying ships for Prometheus (Maceswinger)
  • Nicolae Missirian - Admiral. A Calm, Collected man who often seems pleasant, but if something stands in his way, he is as ruthless as it gets.
  • Adilen R Breshinsky- Rear Admiral. Frets over every detail, and emotionally unstable, but is a good tactician and strategist when needed. (NovaTopaz)
  • Ōkami Akiyama- Rear Admiral in the Prometheus surface fleet and Commander of the Yahagi. He patterns himself after famous WW2 Japanese naval admiral Takeo Kurita. He supplies Prometheus with a steady stream of super battleships also named after the sunken WW2 Japanese ships. He ensures that Prometheus is protected in every way possible on the surface. (WolfgangBSC )
  • Alison Demise- Rear Admiral. (Alonz18)
  • Bender Rodriguez- Captain. (TheAlphaTheOmega)
  • Anthony Decarta- Rear Admiral. Akwardly quiet, does most communication via transmission, nevertheless he supplies Prometheus with Powerful ships. But has a thing for making his ship classes' names Russian. (CaptMCDerpington)

Current Projects

In order of highest to lowest priority:

-Invasion of Neo-Earth

-Plasma-Based Weaponry

-Anti-gravity technology

-More ships

Primary Fleet

Secondary Fleet (non-Hansa)

Ships in Active Service

Naval Vessels

Kraken-class Super-warship: 17

Gorgon-class Super-warship: 11

Cetus-class Super-warship: 15

Eradicator-class Battleship: 18

Ravager-class Battleship: 25

Executor-class Battleship: 65

Behemoth-class Battleship: 84

Basilisk-class Battlecarrier: 43

Overlord-class Battlecarrier: 35

Wraith-class Supercarrier: 24

Rapture-class Supercarrier: 36

Talon-class Carrier: 64

Halberd-class Light Carrier: 95

Sovereign-class Heavy Battlecruiser: 38

Scythe-class Battlecruiser: 84

Talos-class Battlecruiser: 120

Reaper-class Heavy Cruiser: 47

Subjugator-class Cruiser: 184

Sword-class Light Criiser: 220

Rapier-class AA Cruiser: 83

Predator-class Destroyer Hunter: 60

Eviscerator-class Destroyer: 244

Acolyte-class Destroyer: 82

Voidwalker-class Frigate: 368

Dagger-class Recon Vessel: 643

Assassin-class Attack Submarine: 321

Charybdis-class Submersible Missile Platform: 42

Atlas-class Mobile Repair Platform: 47

Aerospace Craft

Harbinger-class Fleet Carrier: 1

Shade-class Command Ship: 1

Nightmare-class Aerospace Command Assault Ship: 1

Icarus-class Orbital Command Station: 1

Shadow of Darkened Skies II-class Aerospace Warship: 22

Armageddon-Class Aerospace Dreadnaught: 5

Undertaker-Class Fleet Destroyer: 2

Cicada-class Gunship: 120

Gargoyle-class Gunship: 374

Raven-class Gunship: 30

Phantom-class Bomber: 168

Banshee-class Air Superiority Fighter: 143

Watcher-Class Frigate: 57

Sentinel-Class Superiority Cruiser: 23

Warden-Class Aerospace Battleship: 11

Intercepter-Class Fleet Carrier: 7

Citadel-class Orbital Bombardment Platform: 46

Stalker-Class Corvette: 72

Hidden-Class Patrol Vessel: 121

I.S.D.S.A.D. : 287


Character Name:

Desired Rank:


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