This is a list of planets, to be used as a guidance/reference page. This page is Out Of Character (OOC)information, unless the info is provided in Roleplay, it is purely OOC information.

Sol System

Also known as the Solar System, this is the main star system that RP occurs in. For posts, please refer to the Official Roleplay Room.

Vulcanoid Asteroids

The Vulcanoid Asteroids is a belt of asteroids that are closer to the Sun then Mercury, because of this, this belt has less strategic value then other belts and moons.


Pretty inhospitable, except for regions around the poles where crater floors are in permanent shadow(and contain some water ice) due to depth and latitude, as well as Mercury's negligible axial tilt.


Venus does not have a nice welcoming to most Earth-based technology due to the incredibly hostile enviorment, with most navies remaining clear of Venus.


This is the original planet RP in the BSCN Wiki started on. Earth has been through countless wars, seen a nuclear winter, and had countless navies rising and falling. Many of the navies on Earth have banded together to defend the planet from hostile forces, forming a coalition known as The Sol System Alliance.


Map of the Aneph Archipelago. It is isolated and located west of the ISR's territory and east of Japan. Zoom in for more detail and map scale.

Temp map

The Arcadian continent.


Luna is Earth's only Moon, with the UAC (controlling 2/3), the United States of America (controlling the Sea of Tranquility), and Israel (controlling 1/3) having control over it.


Colonized by multiple navies. Notable are the two secret Aneph uberfactories inside Olympus and Elysium Mons. The moon of Phobos is controlled by the ISR. Mars is currently undergoing the process of terraforming lead by Aneph.

Moons of Mars Controlled by Navies

Mars has two small captured Astroids as moons, Phobos and Deimos.

The Asteroid Belt and Ceres

The main area in where the United Aerospace Command operates, with the main base of operation located at Ceres. The Asteroid Belt is currently under control of the UAC, and the Terran Dominion Aerospace Fleet, with the UAC controlling the majority (4/5) of the belt for operations. Both the NAR and AIF have a command base that also exist in the asteroid belt.

The Trojans, Greeks, and Hilda Family

Three groups of asteroids that go along Jupiter's rotation, and are close to the asteroid belt. Currently the UAC has anexed the Greeks and the Hilda Family areas, and the FSI has a claim in the Trojans.


A major gas giant in the Sol System, though it does not have a surface, the surrounding moons are controlled for certain uses. Currently the UAC controls a large portion of the Jupiter area (Space around Jupiter).

Moons of Jupiter Controlled by Navies


One of the more active locations, the Saturn area is home to a few navies that reside on their moons.

Moons of Saturn Controlled by Navies

10199 Chariklo

Orbiting the Sun between Saturn and Uranus, 10199 Chariklo is the largest confirmed centaur with a diameter of 250 kilometers (160 miles), it even has two rings named Oiapoque and Chui.


Another gas giant, with a small amount of moons, only a few navies have taken territories here. Israel owns the space around Uranus.

Moons of Uranus Controlled by Navies


The last official planet of the Sol System, very few forces occupy a moon in this area, due to the isolation.

Moons of Neptune Controlled by Navies

Trans-Neptunian Objects (TNOs)

Bodies far out from Neptune, most considered either Dwarf Planets, or not even.

TNOs Controlled by Navies

Oort Cloud

A large spherical cloud composed of trillions of comets orbiting the sun at up to one light year out. No navy can hope to control more than a small region of the Oort Cloud due to its sheer size

Epsilon Octanus System

About 10 light years away from the Sol System, the Neo Earth System houses some of the only planets that are "Earth" like and habitable without terraforming.


YA planet slightly larger than Earth, notable for its vast underground oceans, valuable resources, and highly evolved native life. It has a rocky crust several kilometres thick, with a layer of air underneath and then a layer of water. It has six moons, each named "Tenelapis I-VI". When making posts about Telelapis, please use "Tenelapis" to make posts.

Moons of Tenelapis Controlled by Navies


A relatively quiet planet of RP. Usually, the navies are either based in Neo-Earth or colonies from Earth navies. Only one moon is known, currently controlled by the Terran Dominion. Same with Earth, please refer to the Official Roleplay Room when making posts.


A cold ocean planet slightly smaller than Earth, with oceans covering most of its surface. It has little land, but that which it does have is rich in resources. An atmosphere slightly denser than that of Earth allows for its sky to be filled with many large clouds made of a type of naturally occurring aerogel, a fairly hard material with a density only marginally higher than air. Posts regarding events on Caelmare should be made on the following page: Caelmare.

Moons of Caelmere Controlled By Navies


A gas planet turned into a miniature star by the ANF with Earthshatter missiles. As it's new, its conditions are not very well known. It has many small moonlets and asteroids surrounding Grath, its major moon are Crucible, the largest moon, Shard, a destabilized body that is made of ten large pieces, Frission, currently the most desolate moon out there, however, with time, it will be very valuable. When making posts about Grath, use "Grath".

  • Aneph Enterprises Consolidated Fleet (controls Grath and can manipulate it's temperature, brightness, and other stellar properties, in addition to being able to switch the star on and off)

Moons of Grath Controlled by Navies

Horuset System

Located on the opposite side of the Milky Way Galaxy, the Horuset System houses only one planet.


The only planet in the system, and the only one with life. Controlled by the Sith Empire, Korriban is home to many species of humanoid aliens as well as some extraterrestrial beasts too. Korriban has recently suffered a massive nuclear attack by the navies of nations of the SSA in a "successful" attempt to remove the Sith.

Vesta System

Located pretty far away from Sol and similar areas, the Vesta System holds 3 planets, an Asteroid Belt, and Several small Dwarf Planets (like, really small, moon sized even.) further out, though these are uninhabitable without major survival gear.


The first planet in the system, Vesta is a barren rock, with many natural resources. As such, it makes the ideal planet to convert into a massive super factory.


Aiur is the Homeworld of the Golden Armada, housing 10 Billion Protoss. it is rich in resources, and has a rather clean Atmosphere. It is slightly larger than Earth, though not enough to affect the Gravity significantly. this may cause Terrans to feel a bit heavy when on Aiur, and Protoss to feel a bit lighter on Earth.


A forest moon, located in orbit of Aiur. very healthy Air.


The 3rd and final planet of the Vesta System, Elysium is a cold world. it is about the size of Earth, with 5 Continents, 2 Oceans, and Ice as far North as 50 Degrees latitude. It has some Deserts, but they are only a few hundred square miles total.

Telos System

Located far from the Sol System, houses an Earth like planet known as Telos IV, or just Telos.

Telos IV

Nations settled on Telos IV

Telos Asteroids

  • AIF (secret bases)