Reborn Knights of Belka (Banner)

The original flag of the Belkan Empire (pre-1919), which we now use as our banner.

If you've contacted us, it's for one of 2 things:

1) You're a UN/Allied Surrender Committee here to enforce the Treaty of Lumen by forcing us to surrender our ships.  If this is the case, I'll have to shoot you right now.

2) You are a man/woman of honor, who knows the pain we endured, the humiliation that followed our undeserved defeat, after they already razed our cities to the ground, plundered our resources and ruined our nation's ability to even defend itself properly (granted, we probably would have lost anyway, but they didn't have to humiliate us in the process).  You seek to restore justice to this world, and for that, I welcome you to the Neu Belkatsche Reichsmarine (New Belkan Imperial Navy to those of you who don't know Belkan; don't worry, you'll learn, particularly if you know Osean as Osean was originally a dialect of Belkan).

How to Join and How to have ships added(OOC)

Send this person a message to request an application to join and if you have any questions about requirements, guidelines etc.

As for how to have ships added to the fleet, contact the same person as you would for an application for further instructions; be sure to have a picture of your ship and its specifications ready.

Current Leadership

  • Flottenadmiral Aaron Smith: Commanding Officer of Oberflächeflotte (Surface Fleet) "Anton"; formerly a talented Frigate and Destroyer commander with the Osean Maritime Defense Force (though he was too young to fight in the Belkan War of 1995).  Promoted to Fleet Admiral in the NBRM for efficiency and loyalty. Also a Ethnic Belkan which is why he left osea for Starke'ss cause
  • Unterhintenadmiral Nick Walker: Commanding Officer of Oberflächeflotte "Berthe" and Unterseeflotte "Berthe"; assigned the rank of "Kommandante" as a temporary measure until he has gained more combat experience, but effectively this rank is the equivalent of a Rear Admiral "Lower" for the time being.
  • Flottenadmiral Greg Hooper: Commanding Officer of Oberflächeflotte "Cäsar"; this person is the formerly anonymous benefactor that provided the resources we needed to rebuild the fleet.

Other positions open.

Former Leadership

Grossadmiral Johann Starke: Status - Killed in Action: Commanded from the bridge of the experimental ship Lokki during a battle with the Odyssey.  Went down with the ship after helping the wounded crew on the bridge get to a lifeboat.  The Kommandflotte was either sunk by enemy fire or scuttled to prevent capture.

  • Unterhintenadmiral Neil Wiethorn: Status - Prisoner of War: Fleet "Emil" was engaged by Aurelian Naval Forces looking for Wiethorn. Outnumbered and surrounded, most of the fleet was destroyed. Wiethorn gave the order to surrender from the crippled Enterprise and was captured. He is currently awaiting a military trial on numerous charges including High Treason, Theft of Military Property, and Treason Resulting in Death.


Oberflächenflotte "Anton"

This fleet is commanded by Flotteadmiral Aaron Smith (aka Scoutwulf575), and is the second surface fleet in the NBRM following the annihilation of the original fleet.

Oberflächenflotte "Bertha"

This fleet is commanded by Rear Admiral (Lower) Nick Walker (aka Zombi3bane), and is the third surface fleet in the NBRM following the annihilation of the original fleet.

Unterseeflotte "Berthe"

This fleet is commanded by Rear Admiral (Lower) Nick Walker (aka Zombi3bane), and is the first official submarine fleet of the NBRM.

Oberflächenflotte "Cäsar"

This fleet is commanded by Flottenadmiral Greg Hooper (aka Sambobsung).  Any ships captured from UR factions will be reassigned to this fleet.

Oberflächenflotte "Dora"

This fleet is commanded by Unterhinteradmiral Ian Sleath (aka Ark Royal377)


Notes (OOC stuff only)

  • ( * ) = Other ships in the same class that are unavailable for whatever reason.

  • Why were all the ships deleted?  Well...a problem occured while editing my .sqlite that purged all of the files.  Of course, I neglected to back everything up.Dis