Millennial Federation of the Eastern Hemisphere
Millennium War Flag
War flag of the Millennium

Official Name

Millennial Federation of the Eastern Hemisphere


New Delhi


Chancellor Erwin Fittkau


Kaiserlichen Streitkräfte

Military Branches

Heer, Kreigsmarine, Luftwaffe

Military Headquarters

New Delhi

Military Personnel




We do not support Nazism, Fascism or any other affiliated forms of hate.

We are the Millennium. Our goal is to reclaim what we were robbed of in the 1940's, exact revenge on those who have robbed us and establish the 1000 year Reich that the Fuhrer promised. We are currently in a great war against the Coalition nations for domination of the world.

Application Process

Here is the application you must fill out in the comment section to join. Failure to answer all questions will result in your denial of acceptance.

1) Hansa? Yes or no.

2) Ship specialty?

3) Amount of ships?

4) Flagship?

5) Why do you want to join?

6) Gamecenter ID?


  • Reichsführer Jason A Marcus (ProudAmerican1776)

We're free for anyone to came to apply! Everyone is welcome to join us!

Reichsarmee and Kaiser Luftwaffen

The soldiers of the Wehrmacht are highly trained, and almost ready for combat. Each will fight in order to restore the order, and maintain superiority in the world.

Most soldiers of the Heer and the SF mainly use StG-60s, a modern assault rifle. The second most commonly used rifle is the Sturmlasergewher

Panzer divisions are supplemented by armored vehicles such as Leopard 3s, Pumas, and other armored fighting vehicles.

The Luftwaffe consists of F-200 Spatz fighter jets that are some of the most advanced that Germany has. We also use Me-52, again based on stolen and reverse engineered American B-52 bombers and were mass produced.



Ground Vehicles




Kaiserliche Marine

Place pictures of your ships and/or navy here:



Particle Beams-December 31, 2015

Composite Armor-January 12, 2016


These are our current territories.


News and Status

  • Armed Forces Command has issued a new order to all Millennium forces. As of now, all offensive operations against Coalition forces are suspended. Under no circumstances is there to be any fighting against any Coalition units. Some units will be called off the frontline to assist in helping the civil population.