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  • I know you all don't care and I'm talking to a wall more likely than not. But for the people who do care I'ma just posting a link to something rather entertaining that should be able to... Entertain the masses while teaching them history

    Now I'm sure all of you don't trust me for not RPing in a particularly significant manner. But would you at least unban me for 1 day so I can clean up this wall?

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Would you kindly unblock me until I finish my recent purging? I need to clean my wiki walls of my old atrocities (posts) and this one is scheduled for next.

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    • Technically my ban is meant to be eternal due to events. This was demonstrated when my ban ended (1 years time) and I tried to help Khoi with something; banned.

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    • .....

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey Khoi, your wall, Naval Craft wiki.



    I am just calling to attention a small portion. If you WANT to argue, please do so on the Naval craft wiki on MY wall.

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    • looks below*
    • looks at fails*

    Lesse, if I didn't do any RP at all, whatsoever, then how did the YIN get a hold of Number 17 MBT's? Please explain.

    I was gone. I just came back to shift some numbers, help a bit with any potential penetration calculations and send Khoi an upgrade for the Number 17. Was *going to* leave right after.

    And then I'm told to [Edited] off lol

    10/10, genius I swear

    I have to take a photo of this beauty I swear, now I remember why I stayed, dang this is absolutely perfect!

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    ThatGenericName closed this thread because:
    You're leaving right? Bye.
    04:35, April 13, 2016
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    • How again does "something" equate to nothing anyway?

      I'm not staying mate.

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    • The fact that what you did is so insignificant, that despite your tank being shipped to multiple navies, non of them are being used. And the fact that you havent contributed to RP aside from making ships. And if you're not staying. Bye, you can leave now.

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  • Remember mates, the high penetration values? Well... Assuming you use:

    And input the 155mm L/60 Naval Gun and scale it to the 155mm L/77 Railgun... Well... APDS rounds actually do exist for railguns;


    So let us assume the 155mm L/77 fires a projectile with 43mm diameter that weighs 15 kg at 9,000 m/s. Versus the 15.5cm/60 3rd Year Naval Gun, 155mm diameter, 55.86 kg ammunition, 900 (?) m/s, the 155mm L/77 *should be* credited with 16,978mm

    Well look at that... I really DID do the math!

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    ThatGenericName closed this thread because:
    Fuck off
    14:39, April 12, 2016
  • So help me physics, if I ever see you trying to start up another one of your pointless arguments on one of my simplewarships mod posts again, not only will I destroy what little progress you've made here, I will lock you out of ever playing with the SimpleWarships mod. PERMANENTLY. Do NOT fill my mod posts with that kind of stuff; if you want to argue with me, you keep it here or else.

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    WolfgangBSC closed this thread because:
    Flame war brewing. Enough of this. TATO, you can reopen this thread if you wish.
    22:00, January 20, 2016
  • So which wee little scumbag thought it was a great idea to try and sign up for supremacy 1914 with my email hmm? Now I get all these random advertisements such as; "oh hey some random deal that you honestly don't care about" and have to clean up my nice little inbox each time. Which happens to usually stay at about 5 items.

    That and I would like to see what all this talk is about

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  • Protection:

    Turret, 18/10/10 (mm)

    Hull, 10/8/8 (mm)

    Roof, 2mm

    Cupola, 5mm, roof, 2mm

    Testing projectile launcher

    Standard launcher with 6 elastic bands. Penetrates roughly 18mm of plasticine, or roughly 0.5mm of aluminum, and regular drywall.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Light Cruiser WSC

    Game: WSC

    Name: Type 4 Standard light cruiser


    5 x 3 46cm guns (centerline)

    4 x 3 40cm guns (wing) (usefulness is debatable, just a prop really)

    16 x Mk 45 (possibly lacking)

    12 x underwater torpedo (use is debatable, may not be necessary)

    At least 32 25mm triple AAA

    Toughness and armour:

    Armour statistic cannot fall below 910

    Toughness statistic must be at least 3.5k


    194.5 knots, 194.4 if it displays special performance with good looks

    Acceleration must not exceed 2 minutes, same exemplary as above

    Engines must be protected well within the vessel, carrier engines are advised. Yamato boiler will be used as an external decoration. Speed tests must be conducted WITHOUT the ornament affixed.

    Do not exceed 55m in width (not including potential torpedo protection) or 500m in length (?)

    Stability statistic cannot fall below 150, if it does torpedo bulges are acceptable (turret A to B) Bonus mentioning if stability is 200, torpedo bulges are applicable if needed

    Will be immediately terminated if stability falls below 100

    Armour scheme must be sectioned from turret 1 to 5 and sides are to be of 3 x 2 x 1 protection. Exceptions are fore of turret 1 and aft of turret 5.

    Do not use 600mm light weight. It will reduce speed. This is not a battleship!

    She must be superior to everything in her category and cannot be heavier than the original Heilstrogen. Which basically means: do not exceed 175,000 t (I think the early figure is 150,000 t, probably the early model of her type)

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    FlammeumDraco333 closed this thread because:
    Oi is banned and will start a flame war, like he always does.
    21:48, September 15, 2015
  • Oh yes, of course. They are sick of my minor insults that come nothing close to what they say on chat. Rudeness, harassment? So your harassment of Garrett is fine? Oh yes of course it is. "Call others illiterate", only Flamme, in your case, if you cannot tell the difference between might possibly and a definitive term, you may as well not be. Your reading comprehension and bias is a little obvious, not to mention your ignorance of real world realities in many of your arguments. Derp says "intimidating behaviour". Oh yes, I see, so threatening people with blockage if they attempt to make a logical argument. "Why does everyone hate you?" If you go around thinking someone is most definitely a brainless moron who is incapable of the simplest of tasks and then keep feeding rumours and ignore all my attempts to make it easier to understand my manner of speech (which is explained quite nicely on my NC wall), of course everyone will. Even before they interact with the said person. "You were so intimidating to that person on the NC wikia" yea, but I warned him. I also told him what was wrong and what to fix. Flamme, you said arrogant fiends, only problem, you cannot even read what I write correctly most of the time. Almost everyone save a few admins go looking for instances of my "overconfidence". And when you cannot find a good one, you go off and change a word that causes the sentence to be one of clear arrogance. My speech is unusual as the best way to read it, is to go in as if I am apologetic and understand my ships are pieces of trash, as indicated by almost every single fleet review. Wait, make that every fleet review. Anyway, main point, all of you are looking for overconfidence, regardless if it is present or not, and you will only see what you wish to see. You continue to state how worthless my ships are, and really, my own fleet reviews agree...

    Example. Kitty accused me of stating that Yukikaze would crush his ships (in chat). What was actually said? I asked kitty how well my ship (Project II) would perform against his BBX 90. He said it would turn out amusingly. Either his memory is focused on bias against me, or you have been feeding kitty a lot of bias.

    Example. Massive rage thread. It is present on my BSC wall. If you read it from my side, assuming you knew everything you had was inferior, due to your year long abscence you lack a clear picture on the situation, and ships such as SBY (2012 version) were now obsolete. And when you are temporarily proud (before the fleet review era, also back then I had a bit more "spine") of your new vessel, and try to come off with a joke, the result is certainly negative. Also imagine you are now a bit paranoid of loss of a single advantage. For you are unclear whether you have one or not. You are afraid that new players, or others attempting to enter the field will learn from your outdated vessel, using a lighter version of the 2012 SBY scheme. Which by the way is by no means lacklustre. First you state that there may possibly be better placement options for MK45's, then you say you will not share it, for fear of losing such a small advantage that may not even exist. Then comes the fuel for the fire. If the unfaltering is a good ship, then you have much to do. This is exceedingly simple to reply to. This is not an offensive statement, it is a bit of a venture for information, it is certainly not a definite. If my speech was a bit odd then, it is much more difficult to understand now if you do not go in with the understanding you are inferior. It goes on and on as you attempt to apologize and state it is your fault. But again and again you are ignored. I can imagine many others exploding in fury. But I apologized. Now if any of you would actually read my text the way it is MEANT to be read, you would understand much more. Unfortunately this number is sub 10%.

    A lot of my writing is self shaming. I will probably never end this practice. My writing is not always that clear. Ie: "Yukikaze can beat it" means that the vessel is not good enough, considering piece of garbage, scrap pile deserving Yukikaze who is one of the weakest vessels within the BSC wikia can beat it. It is complementing others and shaming myself. Have any of you noticed that?

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    FlammeumDraco333 closed this thread because:
    This will inevitably turn into a flame war.
    04:13, September 7, 2015
    • Prediction: discussion of your ban and insults will increase ban time. If it is true then it is quite believable that you are too unwilling to deal with my arguement. Or just stubbornly sticking onto the "Oicraftian scum" band train.

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    • It's because you insist on making every thread you post into an argument. Just because you like to argue, doesn't mean everyone else does too.

      Also, trying to explain what you mean usually goes over better than calling someone illiterate.

      And since you'll likely try to argue about this as well, be warned, I'll close the thread it you try to start one.

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    • Now, I haven't read your whole rant because I have better things to do with my life, like, I dunno, study for college classes, but I read enough to know that this thread will turn into a flame war for the simple fact that you like to argue and your current mode and tone, so consider this your final warning before you are banned for an additional two weeks and have the right to comment on your own wall removed. Thank you for cooperating.

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