Apply for ISAF

If you wish to join our ranks, please fill out this questionnaire application form and either PhantomXT Ace MX or Marcboy99 will look over it. Thanks in advance.

1. Why do you wish to join the ISAF?

2. What will you bring to the ISAF?

3. Do you hack? If not do you plan to?

4. What's your GameCenter ID and RP Name?

5. What's your leaderboard ranking?

6. What ships do you specialize in building?

7. How many ships do you have?

8. What is your flagship?

Current Personnel

If you are in the ISAF, please add your name under the appropriate assigned category and a brief description...

Fleet Admiral

US Fleet Admiral Fleet Admiral PhantomXT Ace Mx
Please Enter Description

Admiral Cheif of Naval Operations

US Admiral

Vice Admiral

US Vice Admiral Vice Admiral Alan Thomas
Please Enter Description

Upper Rear Admiral

US Rear Admiral Rear Admiral Upper Owlfeathers0117
Please Enter Description

Lower Rear Admirals

US Lower Rear Admiral Rear Admiral Lower Qapta1n
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US Captain Captain Enter Name Here
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US Commander Commander Enter Name Here
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Lieutenant Commanders

US Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Commander Enter Name Here
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Independent State Allied Forces (ISAF)

Insignia of the ISAF


Here on Battleship Craft, I have decided make the glorious ISAF navy. The ships in this navy range in size, advancements, power, ect.. The ISAF Navy has recently started to grow in size and is now becoming one of the most powerful Navies in the world of Battleship craft.

This page is for those involved in the ISAF and for the ISAF's admirals to post their names and ships!

The ISAF Navy overcomes their enemies with strength in numbers, meaning that if face to face with a Super Warship, the ISAF will send in numbers of small ships to outnumber the Super Warship and sink it.

Political Relations


Non-Aggression Pact


The ISAF Fleet

Add your ISAF ships here! include a description if possible. Note: the ISAF colors are blue and white, so if you want to show some patriotism, color your ships those

PhantomXT Ace Mx's Fleet


Owlfeathers0117's Fleet

DavidWu1's Fleet