NOTE: As of now there is a cap for adding new members. If you would like to join the ISAF, Please message ??? or ??? for an entrance application. Thank you!

Apply for ISAF

If you wish to join our ranks, please fill out this questionnaire application form and either Jaxdog or Sambobsung will look over it. Thanks in advance.

1. Why do you wish to join the ISAF?

2. What will you bring to the ISAF?

3. Do you hack? If not do you plan to?

4. What's your GameCenter ID?

5. What's your leaderboard ranking?

6. What ships do you specialize in building?

7. How many ships do you have?

8. What is your flagship?

Current Personnel

If you are in the ISAF, please add your name under the appropriate assigned category and a brief description...

Fleet Admiral

US Fleet Admiral Fleet Admiral Jaxdog
Founder of the Battleship Craft ISAF. I make new ships as often as I can and welcome all of you to the ISAF!

Admirals and Admiral Specialists

US Admiral Admiral Chief of Navy Operations Yamato
Commander of The 1st Heavy Artillery Fleet, And Super-Warship Supplier To The ISAF.

US Admiral Admiral Chief of Navy Operations Sambobsung
Supplier of Super Carriers and heavy battleships. Has supplied both the ISAF Armageddon and TXCS Prototype Omega to aid the ISAF's cause.

US Admiral NAVSPECWAR Vice Admiral DavidWu1
Commander of the Naval Special Warfare fleet, specializing in ASW and AA warfare, produces super battleships and escort destroyers.

Vice Admirals

US Vice Admiral Vice Admiral Dr. Welding
Supplier and Admiral of Super-warships from the Ruler-Class Fleet. Has supplied the infamous Dictator, along with a hospital ship

Upper Rear Admirals

US Rear Admiral Rear Admiral (Upper) Scoutwulf575
Supplier of very high-technology vessels, main electronic warfare ship supplier of the fleet as well as ICBM vessels, makes use of quantum computers and restrained AIs.

Lower Rear Admirals

US Lower Rear Admiral Rear Admiral (Lower) Phantom
Admiral of the Mx Task Force, ready to respond to any threat to ISAF and it's allies. Deployment of the Mx fleet (under ISAF colors) will be imminent when threats to the ISAF are on the go.


US Captain Advanced Ballistics Captain Math02u3
Supplies supporting vessels for maintaining order during combat with patrols and light DDGs. Ships used for patrolling secured islands, can damage well.

US Captain Captain MrAnzac
Commander of the Ranger Carrier Strike group.

US Captain Captain Nickel
Battleplan coordinator, Strategist and War-time Negotiator. Main Supplier of medium-grade battleships/battlecruisers. Blueprints are currently not available as of this moment, as he is doing reconnaissance and espionage on the UR faction.

US Captain Captain CobraStrike
Coordinator of small, low-level action and tether-defense mechanisms. Commander of Central Texas Fleet.


US Commander Commander Garuda sensei
Commander of the 5th naval batallion of the ISAF navy, primary supplier of patrol boats and secret ships. Secondary supplier of battle carriers.

US Commander Commander Owlfeathers
Supplier of light cruisers, battlecruisers, and destroyers. Also part of the research and development team attempting to create ships capable of effective flight.

US Commander Commander PolarWolf32
Veteran of previous BSC wars and provider of heavy assault ships of whichever class is found suitable.

US Commander Commander Commander Qapta1n
Commander of small strike forces that can merge to form a giant, indestructible naval armada. Likes steak and BSC

US Commander Nighttime Operations and Infiltration Commander Admiral Phoenix
Main supplier and operator of night combat warships.

US Commander Combat Operations Commander AEGIS
Specializes in combat operations and navigation. Plans out combat plans in times of naval war.

US Commander Lieutenant Commander Nerfnerf123 (AKA: Undercoverpengu)
Supplier of hybrid Battleship/Carriers. Produces warships that are powerful yet economical to build. Likes penguins.

US Commander Commander Baconhusky
Supplies plans for ships that are specially designed to defeat enemy ship. His motto is, "it is not always the stronger force that always wins but force that has the most courage and bravery.

Lieutenant Commanders

US Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Commander Moleiro
Supplies the ISAF with things from factories to battleships. Tries to make whatever is needed.

US Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Commander FrostfireAngel13
speacilizes in aircraft forces also good at extreme combat against powerful ships. im also a great stategist when it comes to counterstrikes.

Independent State Allied Forces (ISAF)

Insignia of the ISAF
Here on Battleship Craft, I have decided make the glorious ISAF navy. The ships in this navy range in size, advancements, power, ect..

The ISAF Navy has recently started to grow in size and is now becoming one of the most powerful Navies in the world of Battleship craft.

This page is for those involved in the ISAF and for the ISAF's admirals to post their names and ships!

The ISAF Navy overcomes their enemies with strength in numbers, meaning that if face to face with a Super Warship, the ISAF will send in numbers of small ships to outnumber the Super Warship and sink it.

The Uprising Retaliation

Elsewhere in Battleship Craft, the Uprising Retaliation has planned to take over the seas. However, ISAF has decided to stand up against their malicious plan. Currently, a war has begun to spark. So far however, only one strange ship called the URCW Shattered Memories has attacked, but it held its own against one of the strongest ships. Is there more of these dangerous enemies? Time will tell... Uprising Retaliation Ships have a paint job of black and red, with white guns. Should you see these ships, sink them quick. The Elite ships have a paint job of a red base, with white on top with black guns. Beware of the Elite though, as they hit hard.

The have been reports of sub-navies that have risen from the UR. The most notable one is the HYDRAXIS, currently led by UR Admiral Darksire. Rumours have it that there is also another one led by UR Admiral Tenebrous. It is suggested that you keep a look out for these ships, as they are more deadlier.

Learn more about the Uprising Retaliation here

The ISAF Fleet

Add your ISAF ships here! include a description if possible. Note: the ISAF colors are blue and white, so if you want to show some patriotism, color your ships those