There are many weapons in this world, but only the best have what it takes to bear the Hyperion insignia. Every gun that leaves our facility has been tested by multiple independent inspectors and is guaranteed to meet our impossibly high standards. All Hyperion guns are meticulously calibrated by our technicians and certified to levels of accuracy never before seen in the industry. Whether you're a professional marksman or simply someone who appreciates a finely-crafted piece of machinery, you can't go wrong with a Hyperion. Financing is available to those who qualify.

— Hyperion sales pitch

The Hyperion Corporation is a weapons vendor, selling fine quality weaponry to anyone who pays the right price. It has many operations and sales on multiple planets, and is very rich. You can't go wrong with Hyperion!

Recent History

The Hyperion Corporation recently went many changes, after the death of Harold Tassiter, who commited suicide in his office(or did he?). The corporation is now led by Jack, an enterpreneuring(read: megalomaniac)ex-programmer who shall lead Hyperion into a new age of prosperity!


Jack(aka Handsome Jack): The megalomaniac leader of the Hyperion Corporation. Having come to power in questionable circumstances, he is turning Hyperion into his own private army with the weapons manufactured by the corporation.

Jeffrey Blake: Bice President of the Corporation, and an ex-mercenary. His predecessor was assassinated, and he was suspected, but his alibi was found to be clear. It was decided that only an experienced assassin(or ex-mercenary?), able to cover his tracks with utmost ease, would be responsible.



Political Relations



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