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Forerunner Ecumene

Forerunner Ecumene
Forerunner Logo

Full Name

Forerunner Ecumene

Government Type





  • UrDidact (Played by USS Enterprise CVN-65)

The leader of the Forerunner Armed Forces, he, and the ranks below him decide any war actions, nobody knows who he really is, or what he is, everything known about him is an armor of strange materials, with orange trims all over the suit, he has seen more wars than anyone, he, has seen civilizations rise, but also has seen some fall to the ground, he knows the balance between life and death, and he knows when to act for the greater good of everyone and everything in the Universe.

  • 05-32 Mendicant Bias (CaptMCDerpington)

Medicant Bias is a Metarch Class Ancilla (AI) and the most advanced AI the Forerunner has created, He also created 2 fragments of himself for 2 of his ships, the Hydron and the Mantle.

  • Warden Eternal (CaptMCDerpington)


  • 343 Guilty Spark (Harmonmj13)

A monitor built to assist in constructing Forerunner technology, 343 Guilty Spark is one of the oldest pieces of ancient Forerunner artifacts. He also knows the locations of ancient colonies across the Milky Way, including ones in the star system known as Sol...



These are required for joining the Foreunners

  1. Basic understanding of role play and role play weapons


  1. RP Name:
  2. Type of ships you will be building.
  3. Amount of ships built.
  4. Optional, Do you use mods. If you don't, it is highly recommended you use the Hansa mod 2.4 English
  5. Optional, what's your Game Center account name.



  1. Obey superior officers
  2. Only conduct your own attacks (Start one) when you have permission from the Admiral(s) or higher.
  3. Applications can only be accepted by Vice Admirals or higher.
  4. Declaring of war can only be made by the Admiral(s) or higher., unless the other navy have made many attacks against us.
  5. Claiming of land owned by an inactive/destroyed navy requires the Prime Minister's permission. And claiming unclaimed land requires the Prime Minister's Knowledge.
  6. Demoting can only be done by the Vice or higher.

Political Information

Warning Level
Level I Level II Level III Level IV Level V

Political Information





Forerunner Navy



Ship Type # Of Ships Active Other Notes Production Speed (Days to build)
Super Sentinel Sentinel 1000+ 0.04
Apex Frigate 400 2
Hydron Planet Breaker 6 30
Guardian Planet Breaker 3 50
Didact's Hand Capital Warship 8 39

Forerunner Army


Promethean Warriors

Promethean Knights

Promethean Knights are strongest Ancilla (AI) based soldiers in the Promethean class of troops aside from their originial organic form. Their strength is slightly weaker than a Spartan II and is also the least common seen troop in the Forerunners. Used commonly as commanders.

Image Variant Description
KnightLancer Knight Lancer A variant of Promethean Knights that act as scouts and marksmen, using Promethean Vision to track their targets. In line with their role as scouts, vanguards and snipers, they are extremely accurate even at long range. Lancers can charge the player in a 'zig-zag' fashion by teleporting in quick succession, rapidly closing the distance between themselves and the player where they can bring their Light Rifle, and Blade Arms to bear. Lancers are distinguishable by the large angular pieces on their back armor.
KnightCommander Knight Commander Knight Commanders serve as the group leaders among the Promethean Knights. They can wield Incinerator Cannons, boast stronger armor. An unknown ability allows them to push away anything in front of themselves or push themselves in the air. Fiery yellow and orange markings on their face and back armor distinguish Knight Commanders from other ranks.
KnightBattlewagon Knight Battlewagon Knight Battlewagons were rarely seen in the field because they were deployed only when other Promethean forces had failed. In addition to the abilities of the Knight Commander, they boast additional Hardlight shielding and wield the Scattershot, making it a challenge to confront them up close. Large hardlight spines, dark yellow facial markings, and covered eyes distinguish Knight Battlewagons from the other ranks.
H5G Render-Boss-Stormbreak KnightBannerman Knight Bannerman A Bannerman is very similar to the Knight Battlewagon in that is uses a Scattershot. It lacks the heavy armor and shields characteristic of the Battlewagon, but is still quite formidable in combat.

Promethean Soldiers

The Promethean Soldier is the most common Ancilla based troops (aside from Crawlers) in the Forerunner army, Usually armed with a Light Rifle. Simular in proformance to a PC Shock Trooper. 

Image Variant Description
H5G Render PrometheanSoldier-FullBody Soldier The Promethean Soldier is a medium armed Ancilla based fighting unit which usually carries a Light Rifle. It carries medium armor and is very mobile. Usually accompanied by large amounts of Promethean Crawlers.


Image Variant Description
GridAlphacrawler Soldier The Promethean Crawler is the most common Ancilla based fighting unit in the Forerunner Army. It is lightly armored and carries either a Boltshot or a Suppressor. Usually deployed in units of large amounts with Promethean Soldiers.



Researched In Development Planned
Advanced Ancilla Sublight Drive Antimatter
Particle Cannons Biotech Miniturization
Advanced Laser Advanced Cloaking Advanced Particle Weaponary
FTL Communications Plasma Engines Nanite Reconstruction
Superfast Warp
Warp Detection
Advanced Combat Gear
Hard Light (Advanced)
Advanced Proulsion

Advanced Gravitational Maniupulation

Warp Disrupters 
Nanobots (construction)
Plasma Based Tech
Ancilla Combat Units (Prometheans)
Advanced Metallurgy and Material Sciences


Hardlight - Hardlight is a very common item in the Forerunner Ecumene, from creating objects like a sword with solid light to holding ships segments together. - Solid Light.

Ancilla Combat Units - This allows a Forerunner Ancilla to take control of a formation of metals which forms troops (see prometheans). Allows for mass amounts of troops and each combat unit is held together by hardlight.

STS - Slipspace Translocation System - Allows for relocation of smaller objects using a non user generated slipspace portal through small distances.