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Installation 002

Fargone Seven Industrial (FSI) is the commercial branch of the IAA. FSI also manages R&D, vessel design, vessel manufacture, and arms contracts. FSI will only sell armaments to reputable customers to assure our weapons are used responsibly.

Production Figures

In order to set a baseline for vessel production, FSI has come up with a daily production figure system. This represents the total toughness value that an installation can produce in a day. For example, for a facility to produce one vessel of 50,000 toughness per day, the facility would need a rating of 50,000.

Site Name Daily Production (toughness) Notes
Installation 001 142,920
Installation 002 4,062 Non Commercial
Trojan 1 83,094
Trojan 2 83,094
Caelmare Subsurface Base 520,000
Israeli Yards 2,586,280

Current figure: 3,028,698 GJ per day


The IAA boasts a number of sleek and efficient combat systems, from tanks to spacecraft.

Aerospace Vessels

1D7 Almanan

Unit Cost: US $15.2 billionThe Almanan Class of Destroyers are small, extremely agile spacecraft. Clad in 1.5 meters of grade A titanium and bearing a nasty combination of railguns, MAC's, and missiles, the Almanan packs a lot of punch into a small package. This vessel is a great escort or patrol vessel, due to its speed and agility.


Length Width Height Toughness Crew Role
300m 35m 140m 50,875GJ 27 Frigate, Blockade Runner, Scout


Name Quantity Role Ammunition
MC 1 MAC 2 S2S, Bombardment 76 rds each
Mk 3 Railgun 3 (x3) S2S 210 rds each
T11 MPMP 25 S2S/AA/CIWS 5 pods each
PDRG Mk 11 8 AA/CIWS 3,000 rds each

1CV15 Axiom

Unit Cost: US $64.8 billionThe Axiom Class Battle Carrier is a multi role support carrier, capable of troop landing (via pods or actually landing), fleet support, orbital bombardment, and ship to ship engagement missions. It can carry a whopping 175,000 tons of materials, ranging from fighters and tanks to food and fuel.


Length Width Height Toughness


270m 110m 50m 50,230GJ 35 Light Carrier


Name Quantity Role Ammunition
MC 1 MAC 4 S2S, Bombardment 60 rds each
T14 MA 2 (x8) S2S, Bombardment 24 pods each
Mk 1 Railgun 12 S2S 130 rds each
Mk 2 Railgun 16 S2S, AA/CIWS 130 rds each
PDRG Mk 11 16 AA/CIWS 3,000 rds each

1R3 Inscrutable

Unit Cost: US $20.5 billionThe Inscrutable Class corvette is a stealth corvette. It is primarily used for surveillance (due to powerful scanners and directional transmitters) and reconnaissance (high speed and small target), although it can be used to quite some effect as a boarding craft. It is invisible to radar, and if running in stealth mode, is invisible to thermal scanners as well (more coming soon).


Length Width Height Toughness Crew Role
135m 45m 22m 1,302GJ 16 Stealth Corvette, Intelligence Gathering


Name Quantity Role Ammunition
PDRG Mk 11 3 AA/CIWS 3,000 rds each

1C200 Archon

Unit Cost: US $110.2 billionThe Archon Class Battle Cruiser is a large, heavily armed and armored spacecraft designed primarily for ship to ship combat.


Length Width Height Toughness


510m 60m 305m 97,373GJ 99 Battle Cruiser


Name Quantity Role Ammunition
MC 2 MAC 2 S2S, Bombardment 42 rds each
Mk 2 Railgun 42 S2S/AA/CIWS 130 rds each
Mk 4 Railgun 7 (x3) S2S 95 rds each
Mk 5 Railgun 7 (x3) S2SAA/CIWS 250 rds each
T11 MPS 16 S2S/AA/CIWS 25 pods each
T14 MA 2 (x8) S2S, Bombardment 32 pods each
PDRG Mk 11 18 AA/CIWS 5,000 rds each

1C220 Dreadnaught

Unit Cost: US $144.7 billionThe Dreadnaught is a heavy cruiser equipped with fighter and bomber craft. To date it is most heavily armed and armored spacecraft ever built by FSI, clad in places with 3 meters of grade A titanium.


Length Width Height Toughness


470m 130m 95m 147,036GJ 101 Battle Carrier


Name Quantity Role Ammunition
Mk 2 MAC 4 S2S, Bombardment 120 rds each
Mk 3 Railgun 16 (x3) S2S 200 rds each
Mk 4 Railgun 1 (x3) S2S 100 rds each
T14 MA 2 (x8) S2S, Bombardment 20 pods each
PDRG Mk 11 16 AA/CIWS 36,000 rds each

Weapon Systems

None at this time

Technology and Research

Research Projects

FSI's current R&D projects.

  • TGTDU Composite Laminate Armour Plate (2 weeks)

Titanium-Graphene Tungsten-Depleted Uranium Composite Laminated Armour is an advanced lightweight composite armour to be used on IAA armoured vehicles. It is extremely heat resistant, making it especially effective against Shaped Charges and Directed Energy Weapons (10x). While not as effective against kinetic penetrators (only 3x), it spalls less than conventional armour, reducing internal damage to the vehicle and crew.


This is a full list of all technologies that the IAA is capable of using. Technologies here have either been researched by IAA staff or traded from other navies.

Tech Name Tier Description Teacher Status
Basic Railguns I Allows construction of basic, low power railguns. Stock Obsolete
Basic Lasers I Basic understanding of how lasers work. Allows construction of low power lasers. Stock
Basic Rocketry I TBD Stock
Basic Warp Drives I With the advent of space travel, warp drives became readily available to most countries (if they had the cash). This tech allows pilots to use warp drives mounted on spacecraft. It does not allow us to build warp drives. Stock
Basic Ballistics I Understanding of how projectiles travel through substances and how they are affected by gravity and other forces. Allows construction of munitions with better flight characteristics and higher material penetration ratings. Stock
Basic Warp Theory I The basic understanding of how warp drives work. Allows the construction of warp drives. Also slightly improves warp speeds and jump accuracy, due to improved calculations. FSI
Basic Stealth Materials I Materials that reflect and absorb SONAR and Radar, as well as heat shielding NAR
FTL Communication I Basic FTL comms arrays. FSI
Standard Railguns II Improves speed and accuracy of projectiles fired from railguns, albeit slightly. Israeli Navy
Flight Dynamics II A better understanding of aerodynamic forces such as lift and drag, and aerodynamic factors such as wing design and fuselage shape. Improves handling, speed, range, and fuel efficiency of aircraft. FSI
Advanced Fire Control Systems II Better, significantly more accurate fire control systems. Increases the range of shipboard projectile based weapons like cannons and railguns. FSI
Sublight Drives II Engines that allow a vessel to move at extreme sublight speed in normal space. Installed in place of standard engines. NAR
High Precision Directional Transmitters II Allows the production of very accurate and secure directional transmitters. Transmission beam is confined to within 0.0000045 seconds of arc from its intended target. Reflection is still a problem, but only at extreme ranges. Line of sight is required. FSI
High Output Fusion Reactors II Allows the production of relatively small fusion reactors that are capable of outputting massive amounts of energy in a short period of time. Very inefficient. Very powerful. FSI
Ultra-high Capacity Capacitors I Allows the production of extremely high capacity capacitors that can output massive amounts of energy for a short period of time before burning out. FSI
Slipspace Disruption Generators I Allows the production of field generators that prevent stable slipspace manipulation. FSI
Warp Disruptors I Allows the production of field generators that prevent stable warp fields. FSI
Active Field Amplifiers I Allows the production of active field amplification hardware. Greatly boosts the strength of targeted frequencies. FSI
Supercomputers II Allows the production of extremely fast computers. Useful in weapon systems and is a step towards AI FSI
Advanced Electronic Warfare III YVT
Optical Cloaking II Allows specially equipped vessels to become nearly invisible to the human eye, and completely invisible to cameras. does not mask any other wavelengths.

Black Ops Tech (To be Moved)

This is technology that the IAA has use of but is keeping secret from other factions.


Name Description Teacher Status
ACW A special purpose anti capital warhead designed to kill high value tragets quickly and from concealment. FSI ACTIVE
CCIWS A jumpdrive that can be mounted on projectiles. High precision microjumps defeat active CIWS. FSI ACTIVE


Name Description Started Completes