Gallian Empire
Gallian flag


"Unity, Progress, and Courage"


Hymn of the Revolution


Brougham (13,268,960)


  • English (Official)
  • French
  • German


  • Protestantism (72.25%)
  • Roman Catholicism (4.18%)
  • Judaism (1.74%)
  • Islam (1.18%)
  • Minor Religions (13.57%)
  • No Religion (7.08%)


Absolute monarchy by divine right

  • Ruling House - House of Winston-Battenbrandt
  • Monarch - Lucille II


  • Upper House - Imperial Council
  • Lower House - House of Commons



The Empire of Gallia is a rising continental power in the Southern Hemisphere. Our year of independence is 1894, after a bloody, but highly successful rebellion against the French. Our goal is to become one of the most powerful states in the world, to be an active protector of the peace, to uphold the status quo, and to forge alliances with peace-leaning nations. Currently, our nation is a permanent and active member of The Sol System Alliance, and we hope that we will continue to be in the future.


Our history dates back to 1621, when we were established as a colony by England, named Kingsbridge Colony. During the 1670s, we were one of the biggest, richest, and bountiful colonies owned by England. We were the gateway to what England would call, Gallian Colonies, expanding into a big collection of prosperous towns and cities. That was, until we were invaded by the natives in 1701, leaving our once-prosperous colony in ruin and shambles. Our colony became rundown, and was on the verge of abandonment.

In 1711, Great Britain decided to assign several armies to Brougham, the least damaged city from the invasion, and a large flotilla of ships near Kingsbridge. From Brougham, the British started a long and gruesome campaign to push out the natives, culminating in the Battle of Brassington in 1714, where the entire Native garrison of 52,140 was slaughtered, completely breaking the Natives' power over the Gallian Colonies. Little by little, the natives were pushed out, until in 1719, when the Native couldn't put up a fight because the British massacred them to the point that only 22,485 out of the previous Native population of 192,168 was left.

After that, many people from Britain invested their money into rebuilding the colony, and by 1749, the entire colony was two times as prosperous as before the Native invasion. As for the natives, our colonial government, now stationed in Brougham, started repressing the natives, either assimilating or eliminating the remaining native towns, until we signed an uneasy peace settlement. The colony grew, until in 1783, it was declared the "Gallian Protectorate". By then, we were one of the main sources of income, with the Thirteen Colonies in war with the British.

In 1789, the famous storming of the Bastille happened in France. A revolution happened, its king deposed and decapitated, along with his followers. Great Britain, along with Prussia, Austria, and Russia, formed a coalition to eliminate the French. By 1801, Napoleon Bonaparte set his sights towards the Gallian Protectorate.

A massive Franco-Spanish armada was formed, and set sail to the Gallian Protectorate. They laid siege to Kingsbridge, where the British tried to break through the blockade, resulting in a massive defeat for the British. After that, they took over Kingsbridge, and exerted a massive war between the French under Napoleon, and the British troops and Gallian militia, both under Lord Cunningham, the ruler of the Gallian Protectorate. Both sides took massive casualties. But our sheer numbers were no match for Napoleon's genius, and we fell under French control on 1802. For 12 years, everyone was oppressed by the French troops, until in 1814, when Paris fell, they broke off from France, declaring the New Gallian Republic.

This Republic and its government oppressed our people, arousing several rebellions organized by the nobles, until 1868, when Francois Albert, PM of the Republic, ceded our Republic to France. When the French Empire fell in 1871, and the Third French Republic formed, we were once again put under French control. We, now heavily tired of French oppression, turned to Britain for assistance. The British secretly lent us technology and equipment. We built up our forces in secret, until in 1884, we stormed Brougham's city center, ousting and executing the leader of the French colony.

After the storming of Brougham's city center, the French sent in 185,000 troops to quell the rebellion. Eventually our cause spread to all cities and towns, and we started a long, gruesome, torturous, and deadly rebellion against the French. It lasted for well over a decade, until in 1894, when the British intervened, forcing the French to make peace with us, and leave their own colony. From there, 30 of the greatest and powerful of nobles convened in the first ever Imperial Council. From there, we formed the foundation for the Gallian Empire. We elected the man with most contributions against the rebellion, Benjamin Louis William Winston, as our first Emperor, and is christened William I.

In 1914, World War I came, and in the first few months, we remained neutral. There were talks of us joining the Triple Alliance, when suddenly, German Empire invaded Belgium, a neutral country. We were forced to join the Allies, due to our alliance with Britain. At first, it was uneasy, because we were forced to ally with the French, which in 1914 was still highly hated amongst us. Until when we decided to put the past behind us, and formed an alliance. We made a great contribution during the First Battle of the Marne, where our battle-hardened soldiers from the Rebellion stopped the German advance in its tracks, starting a stalemate that lasted in 4 years. With our top-notch scientists, we collaborated with the British in designing the first tank ever fielded. Eventually, in 1918, the Germans surrendered, and we managed to lessen the punishment to Germany.

During the inter-war period, our economy flourished. We made a trade pact with France, therefore highly strengthening our alliance. We made alliances with Japan, the United States, Italy, and Russia. We made world-changing inventions. We were one of the richest nations in the world. Until the Wall Street crash of 1929. After that, our economy slowly grinded to a halt, along with the other Western nations. Compared to the others, we were not as hard-hit, so we gave financial aid to our allies that needed it.

Then World War II came in 1939, and we made a fateful decision to remain neutral. In order to be not attacked, we decided to aid both sides, the Allies, and secretly, the Japanese. It was highly uneventful, with the only event when it was found out that we were secretly supplying Japan. We were forced to cut our alliance with them. But that happened in late 1944, and without our aid, the Japanese surrendered to the Allies in 1945.

In 1948, we detonated our first atomic bomb, beating the Soviet Union by a year. Due to amounting pressure, we were forced to break our alliance with the Soviet Union. We joined NATO in 1964, and aided the South Vietnamese, and the USA in the Vietnam War. During the Cold War period, it was quite peaceful in our country, our economy prospering until we had 6/8 of the economical power of the USA. Then the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, ending the Cold War.


Territory Population Description Image
Gallia 577,460,980 Our main territory and center of operations is the Gallian continent, located several thousand kilometers below Osea. Gallia is approximately 10,750 kilometers wide, and 9,443 kilometers long. Generally, Gallia is full natural resources that help sustain the growth of our population and industry. The majority of lands are flat, allowing the large growth of our population.

The Gallian continent, as of 2015.

Location of Gallian cities thingy

Locations of Gallian cities. Orange denotes the capital, light green denotes city propers with populations larger than 6,000,000, and blue denotes cities with populations between 2,000,000-6,000,000. The populations don't include the metropolitan area of these cities.

Hoffenstein 4,922,060 The eastern island of the Twin Islands, both used used to be under Armadian control. Unfortunately, Delusion had seized both islands in a massive battle. Once we seized control of it, we sold the western island to the UAC. Currently, we are resettling the eastern island and restoring them to the prosperous island it was once under Armadian control. As such, the Gallian Empire encourages Armadian refugees from several countries to return back to one of their homeland, where they will be treated fairly.
Eastern AF Island

The island of Hoffenstein, as of August 2015.

New Belka 5,662,335 Once Delusion's main territory, New Belka also used to be an Armadian territory, which Delusion also took during its early days. After a brief time under AIF control, it remained under Delusion's control. Once we seized it, we plan to reactivate the gigantic factories built there by Delusion. It also used to contain the famous Superweapons, but unfortunately, Delusion had set them to self-destruct before we managed to disable them.
Vent Eta 213,650 Our first actual colony, Vent Eta was an ISR colony, before UAC took it over, then gave it to us. As of now, it is colonized, and due to it being one of the entryways to the Tenelapis' interior, it provides a fairly good income.
New Gallia 6,373,350 Our second colony, New Gallia is the quadrangles MC-05 and MC-06 that we claimed on Mars. New Gallia is bordered by the AIF, Aneph, Cattirian, and Terran quadrangles. As of now, there are several towns and cities built and still being built, and it is the location of our second superfactory. The crown jewel of this colony is the city of New Manchester, a fairly large metropolis with a population of 1,526,000. For people who wants a beautiful vacation spot away from the Gallian continent, New Gallia is often their destination. Once the water levels there have been increased, we plan on sending a surface fleet there.
Varuna 30,115 A large Kuiper Belt object, it is probably a dwarf planet. Given as a gift to Delusion, we also took the opportunity to seize it before all powers. Varuna is expected to be almost as large as Ceres, so we also plan on building a massive superfactory there. Due to its distance, Varuna will be made a self-sustaining colony, capable of supporting itself for a long time without daily resupply from Gallia. In the future, Varuna will be the final fallback position for Gallia should Gallia fall in under any circumstances.
38628 Huya 15,760 TBA


With two original Gallian superfactories, along with more due to our empire's partnership in the Imperial Commonwealth, Gallia has a highly powerful production rate of ships.

Aerospace Ships Output

  • Dione-class Battleship
  • Empress' Orb-class Battleships
  • 15 Artemis-class Cruisers
  • .25 Athena-class Superfortress
  • 12 Demeter-class Battleships
  • .25 Hera-class Superbattleship
  • Eos-class Battleships
  • Eirenne-class Transports
  • .25 Hecate-class Superbattleship
  • 16 Hestia-class Cruisers
  • .25 Gaia-class Superbattleship
  • 45 Titan-class Frigates
  • .25 Iris-class Supercarrier
  • Nike-class Battleship
  • Persephone-class Battleship (with superlaser)
  • Phantasm-class Battleships
  • 25 Argus-class Frigates
  • 30 Mayflower-class Frigates
  • Rhea-class Battleship
  • Selene-class Battleship
  • Themis-class Fortress
  • 10 Resolution-class Cruisers
  • Millennium-class Battleships
  • Persephone-class Battleships (no superlaser)

Surface Ships Output

Class Production Rate
Empire 12
Crowne 8
Daedalus 6
Duke of Greybank 12
Monarch 8
Bellerophon 5
Temeraire 3
Kingsbridge 9
Poltergeist 7
Scipion 10
Marlborough 10
Bridgeport 8
Indefiable 9
Scharnhorst 15
Strasbourg 13

Class Production Rate
Admiral 17
Sentinel 8
Princess Royal 13

Class Production Rate
Constitution 2
Aphrodite 1
Ghost 9
Phantom 9
Cobra 9
BBX-1 Viperiouse 12
BBX-1 Renegade 10
Reaper 8
Wraith 7

Class Production Rate
Richmond 6
Infallible 8
Invincible 8
Barfleur 6

Class Production Rate
Delphinium 15
Highflyer 17
Constellation 14

Class Production Rate
Coldharbour 27
Pola 25
Zara 25
Lancaster 24

Class Production Rate
Interceptor 150

Class Production Rate
Chadwick 35
Gladiator 26


The Gallian Empire's currency is the Credit (cR), made official during the Gallian Empire's application for the UNSC. With the currency being used by more nations, all activities are expected to be easier due to a single currency. According to the UNSC Central Bank, the exchange rate is 1.00 USD = 1.10 cR

The former main currency was the Imperial Sterling (ISL), made official in 1931. Its name originated from the British pound sterling, which was the first currency of Gallia, since its independence. After 1944, it has remained at a fixed rate of 1 ISL = 4.5 USD, mainly due to the zero inflation policy made mandatory by the Imperial Council at that time. While still widely used, ISL is expected to be phased out within a few months.

Private Military Companies

RCA Military Industries

The Rothschild-Chamberlain-Astor Group of Military Industries, or more commonly known as RCA Military Industries, is Gallia's primary PMC. Formed in 1968, their company HQ is located on Bridgeport. The RCA MI is most famous for building some of Gallia's most successful tanks, including the Challenger and Crusader II series of tanks. They have also just started accepting contracts from other nations. The RCA MI offers these contracts at an affordable price, so that nations, both new and old, or big or small, can have quality tanks at a low price.

Contract # Contractor Contract Status
1 Cattirian Navy
  • Main Battle Tank
Complete, payment received.
2 New Arcadian Republic
  • TH-2 Heavy Main Battle Tank
    • TH-2A (130 mm main gun)
    • TH-2B (100 mm laser, same hull as TH-2A)
  • IFV-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle
    • IFV-1A (100 mm gun, 10 troops, full track)
    • IFV-1B (100 mm gun, 10 troops, half track version of IFV-1A)
    • IFV-1C (100 mm gun, 10 troops, wheeled version of IFV-1A)
  • TD-2 Tank Destroyer
    • TD-2A (130 mm MAC)
    • TD-2B (125 mm laser, same hull as TD-2A)
MBT done, IFV and TD under designing phase.


Service Enrollment Form

  1. What is your roleplay character?
  2. What service are you going to join?
  3. What is your reason for joining your service?
  4. What will you contribute to your service?
  5. What will be the name of your fleet?
  6. What is your GC account?
  7. Are you willing to put your life in danger in service of Gallia?
  8. Are you willing to pledge your loyalty to the House of Winston-Battenbrandt and our current Monarch?

Lists of Services

  • Imperial Army
  • Imperial Navy
  • Corps of Imperial Marines
  • Imperial Air Service
  • Imperial Aerospace Fleet


As per the Constitution of the Empire, these rules must be followed with utter compliance. Disobeying of any of these rules will result in a demotion.

General Rules

  1. The word of the Empress is law. Therefore, it must be followed at all times.

Due to a redrafting of the rules, more will follow soon.

Service Rules

  • (IGA) Land vehicles will have the prefixes FV (Fighting Vehicle) or SV (Support Vehicle).
  • (IGN) Vessels will have the prefix HMGS (Her Majesty's Gallian Ship)
  • (IGN) An officer will not add a ship to another officer's, without permission from said officer.
  • (IM) Authorization for deployment must be asked from the Imperial Commissioner.
  • (IAS) Air vehicles will have the prefixes FA (Air Fighter), FAS (Aerospace Fighter), FS (Stealth Fighter), FB (Fighter Bomber), FI (Fighter Interceptor), B (Bomber), BS (Stealth Bomber), BA (Aerospace Bomber), and SP (Support Plane).

Political Relations



Trade Relations

Non-Aggression Pacts

  • None


  • None

Tech Research

Researched Tech

  • Basic Projectile Weapons
  • Basic Rocketry
  • Basic Materials
  • Conventional Energy Sources
  • Basic Railguns
  • Advanced Rocketry
  • Asteroid Mining
  • Advanced Railguns
  • Laser Weapons
  • Stealth Systems
  • Advanced Warp/Hypersails
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Laser Point Defense
  • Weapons Satellites
  • Advanced Laser Weapons
  • Antigravity (obtained with trade)
  • Magnetic Accelerating Cannons (obtained with trade)
  • Sublight Drives (obtained with trade)
  • Warp Detection
  • Heavy Ship Lasers
  • Nanotechnology
  • Antimatter
  • Weapons Satellites
  • Warp Detection
  • Advanced Missile Systems
  • Guided Munitions
  • Biotechnology
  • Advanced Physiology
  • Advanced Targeting Systems
  • FTL Communication
  • Advanced Nuclear Technology
  • Advanced Metallurgy
  • Advanced Material Sciences
  • Nanobot Fabrication
  • Orbital Lasers
  • Particle Beams
  • Super Laser Weapons
  • Blink

Tech Under Research

  • Advanced MCMs (I)
Time of completion - 16 September



There are a total of _ agencies in Gallia, all which form the cornerstone of Gallian management.

Imperial Commission on Technological Research and Development (ICOMTEC)

The ICOMTEC's main purpose is to be the technological agency of Gallia, responsible for Gallian technological advancements, in civil, military, and scientific.

Imperial Commission on State Security (ICOMSTA)

The ICOMSTA's main purpose is to serve as the secret agency of Gallia, providing Gallia information about her enemies and allies. It also serves as the secret police, quelling revolutionaries and instilling fear among those who dare to rebel.

Imperial Commission on Budgetry (ICOMBUD)

The ICOMBUD's main purpose is the management of Gallia's financial assets, home or overseas. All Gallian banks are under this agency.

Imperial Commission on Supply Logistics (ICOMSLOG)

Decides the distribution of weapons and supplies.

Early Warning System

National Status
National draft commencing; at war with PANZER and their coalition.
Army High Command Status
Draft is commencing; 15,000,000 troops expected by Friday.
Naval High Command Status
All fleets on high alert; ready for global rapid response.
Aerospace Command Status
All aerospace ships on high alert; ready for global rapid response; all killsats positioned.



The monarch and overall leader of the Empire. Her word is law and therefore must be obeyed at all times.


The secondary leader of the Empire. He is the enforcer of the Empress, and answers to the Empress directly.

Imperial Commissioner

The tertiary leader of the Empire. He is the main head of the Imperial Council, which is effectively the legislative and executive branch of Gallia.

Vice Commissioners

The position which the people in the Imperial Council occupies. Typically, it is made up by six people from all branches of Gallia, including the uniformed services.


The leaders of their respective committees, they are responsible for the everyday running of the government.

Uniformed Services

Field Marshal

Commonly appointed by the Empress, it is traditionally the highest rank in the Imperial Army. Has command over all army formations.


A four-star rank, it is the highest rank currently achievable by professional officers in the Imperial Army. Generals are subordinate to the Field Marshal.


A three-star rank, it is a superior rank to Major-General, but is subordinate to General.


A two-star rank, it is a superior rank to Brigadier, but is subordinate to higher ranks.


A one-star rank, it is a superior rank to Colonel, but is subordinate to higher ranks.

More ranks will be added as more members enlist.

Grand Admiral

Commonly appointed by the Empress, it is the highest rank in the Imperial Navy. He can incorporate other fleets under his command.


A four-star rank, it is the highest rank currently achievable by professional officers in the Imperial Navy. Admirals are subordinate to the Grand Admiral.

Vice Admiral

A three-star rank, it is a superior rank to Rear Admiral, but is subordinate to Admiral.

Rear Admiral

  • Gerald Beaumont (Played by: Ej2333)
A two-star rank, it is a superior rank to Commodore, but is subordinate to higher ranks.


A one-star rank, it is a superior rank to Captain, but is subordinate to higher ranks.

More ranks will be added as more members enlist.

Field Marshal

Commonly appointed by the Empress, it is traditionally the highest rank in the Imperial Marines. Has command over all marine formations.


A four-star rank, it is the highest rank currently achievable by professional officers in the Imperial Marines. Generals are subordinate to the Field Marshal.


A three-star rank, it is a superior rank to Major-General, but is subordinate to General.


A two-star rank, it is a superior rank to Brigadier, but is subordinate to higher ranks.


A one-star rank, it is a superior rank to Colonel, but is subordinate to higher ranks.

More ranks will be added as more members enlist.

Marshal of the Air Service

Commonly appointed by the Empress, it is traditionally the highest rank in the Imperial Army. Has command over all aerial formations.

Air Chief Marshal

A four-star rank, it is the highest rank currently achievable by professional officers in the Imperial Army. Air Chief Marshals are subordinate to the Marshal of the Air Service.

Air Marshal

A three-star rank, it is a superior rank to Air Vice-Marshal, but is subordinate to Air Chief Marshal.

Air Vice-Marshal

A two-star rank, it is a superior rank to Air Commodore, but is subordinate to higher ranks.

Air Commodore

A one-star rank, it is a superior rank to Group Captain, but is subordinate to higher ranks.

More ranks will be added as more members enlist.

Grand Admiral of the Air

Commonly appointed by the Empress, it is traditionally the highest rank in the Aerospace Fleet. Has command over all aerial fleet formations.

Fleet Admiral of the Air

A four-star rank, it is the highest rank currently achievable by professional officers in the Aerospace Fleet. Fleet Admiral of the Airs are subordinate to the Grand Admiral of the Air.

Vice Fleet Admiral of the Air

A three-star rank, it is a superior rank to Rear Fleet Admiral of the Air, but is subordinate to Fleet Admiral of the Air.

Rear Fleet Admiral of the Air

A two-star rank, it is a superior rank to Fleet Commodore of the Air, but is subordinate to higher ranks.

Fleet Commodore of the Air

A one-star rank, it is a superior rank to Fleet Captain, but is subordinate to higher ranks.

More ranks will be added as more members enlist.

On-leave Officers

  • If someone doesn't build a ship within a month of joining, it is assumed they had a shore leave.

Gallian Imperial Defense Forces

The Gallian Imperial Defense Forces (GIDF) is the main military force of the Gallian Empire. It consists of the Army, the Navy, the Marine Corps, the Air Service, and the newly-formed Aerospace Fleet. In total, it is comprised of 11,761,000 enlisted personnel, with an additional 16,890,000 on reserve. It is headed by Imperial Commissioner Montgomery Bainbridge. Its manpower is drawn from a large pool of volunteers, and wide conscription. All of the branches work together during operations and joint missions with other countries. Typically, every member swears their allegiance to the Monarch and the State.

Imperial Gallian Army

Imperial Gallian Army



Main Headquarters

Whitehall Plaza, Brougham

The Imperial Gallian Army (IGA) is the largest branch of the GIDF. It is Gallia's principal land warfare arm; and is one of the five uniformed services. As the oldest branch of the GIDF, the Imperial Army traces its roots back to the unofficial Gallian Revolutionary Army formed on 1884. After the revolution, it was disbanded, and the Imperial Army is formed in its place in 1894. The Imperial Army consists of 3,714,000 active personnel, with 6,333,750 in reserve.


  • 1 region, theater - 1,800,000 troops; 4 army groups each
  • 1 army group, front - 450,000 troops; 3 armies each
  • 1 army - 150,000 troops; 4 corps each
  • 1 corps - 37,500 troops; 2 divisions each
  • 1 division - 18,750 troops; 5 brigades each
  • 1 brigade - 3,750 troops; 2 regiments each
  • 1 regiment - 1,875 troops; 3 battalions each
  • 1 battalion - 625 troops; 5 companies each
  • 1 company - 125 troops; 5 platoons each
  • 1 platoon - 25 troops

Infantry Soldiers



Class Vehicle Type # Of Vehicles Active
FV 825 Centurion II Mk 1 Main Battle Tank/Multi-use Weapons Platform 125
FV 802 Conqueror Mk 4 Main Battle Tank 1,950
FV 778HV Conqueror Mk 3 Main Battle Tank/Hover Tank 750
FV 743 HT-02 Breakthrough Tank/Hover Tank 400
FV 691 Crusader II Mk 2 Main Battle Tank/Training Tank 150
FV 361 Carabinier Light Tank/Infantry Fighting Vehicle 5,300
FV 509 Calliope SRBM Launcher 760
FV 548 Carolina Armored Personnel Carrier/Infantry Fighting Vehicle 8,720


Imperial Gallian Navy

Imperial Gallian Navy



Main Headquarters

Whitehall Plaza, Brougham

The Imperial Gallian Navy (IGN) is the second largest branch of GIDF. The Navy was formed in 1895, along with the Marine Corps. The Navy is one of the most prestigious assignments in the GIDF. The Navy is mainly a surface fleet, commanding well over 400 ships, all with incredible firepower. The Navy's power lies primarily on battleships, carriers, and destroyers. The Imperial Navy consists of 3,095,000 active personnel, with 4,222,500 in reserve.


Class Name Builder Amount
Empire George Seymour 360 (600)
Crowne George Seymour 187 (400)
Daedalus George Seymour 180 (300)
Duke of Greybank George Seymour 348 (600)
Monarch George Seymour 216 (400)
Bellerophon George Seymour 135 (250)
Temeraire George Seymour 78 (150)
Kingsbridge George Seymour 187 (450)
Poltergeist George Seymour 149 (350)
Scipion George Seymour 190 (500)
Marlborough George Seymour 232 (500)
Bridgeport George Seymour 104 (400)
Indefiable George Seymour 90 (450)
Scharnhorst Gerald Beaumont 150 (750)
Strasbourg Gerald Beaumont 130 (650)

Class Name Builder Amount
Admiral George Seymour 510 (850)
Sentinel George Seymour 200 (400)
Princess Royal George Seymour 403 (650)

Class Name Builder Amount
Constitution George Seymour 60 (100)
Aphrodite George Seymour 22 (50)
Ghost George Seymour 141 (450)
Phantom George Seymour 141 (450)
Cobra George Seymour 141 (450)
Amphitrite George Seymour 4.5 (12)
BBX-1 Viperiouse Anderson Stylerson 84 (600)
BBX-1 Renegade Anderson Stylerson 60 (500)
Reaper Gerald Beaumont 80 (400)
Wraith Gerald Beaumont 70 (350)

Class Name Builder Amount
Richmond George Seymour 180 (300)
Infallible George Seymour 240 (400)
Invincible George Seymour 216 (400)
Barfleur George Seymour 114 (300)

Class Name Builder Amount
Delphinium Alistair Kingsley 46 (750)
Highflyer Alistair Kingsley 52 (850)
Constellation New Arcadian Republic 57 (700)

Class Name Builder Amount
Coldharbour George Seymour 783 (1,350)
Pola Kyler Dunstan 275 (1,250)
Zara Kyler Dunstan 275 (1,250)
Lancaster Alistair Kingsley 73 (1,200)

Class Name Builder Amount
PT-1 Interceptor George Seymour 3,750 (7,500)
Elise George Seymour 1 (1)

Class Name Builder Amount
Chadwick George Seymour 980 (1,750)
Gladiator George Seymour 338 (1,300)

Defense Installations

Fortification Name Designer
Kingston Seymour
Norma Schmidt
Experiments in F Minor Schmidt
MCM Fortress Schmidt
MCM Support Platform Mk 1 Schmidt
Oblivion Kingsley


Naval equipment goes here.

Corps of Imperial Marines

Corps of Imperial Marines



Main Headquarters

Queen Elizabeth II Square, Brougham

The Corps of Imperial Marines (IM) is the amphibious light infantry and elite arm of the GIDF. Formed at the same time as the Navy, the Imperial Marines are a highly specialized, adaptable, and elite light infantry force trained for rapid deployment. The Imperial Marines are able to operate in all environments and climates easily, due to the rigorous training they have to go through. The Corps of Imperial Marines consists of 2,166,500 active personnel, with 3,166,875 in reserve.


The Corps of Imperial Marines uses the same equipment used by the Imperial Army.

Imperial Air Service

Imperial Air Service



Main Headquarters

Whitehall Plaza, Brougham

The Imperial Air Service (IAS) is the aerial warfare arm of the GIDF. Formed in 1913, it is one of the largest and most technologically advanced air forces in the world. It provides air support for surface forces, and aids in the deployment and evacuation of troops in the battlefield. The Imperial Air Service consists of 1,671,300 active personnel, with 2,111,250 in reserve.


All air vehicles are required to follow the following naming scheme.

[6][3][2][1] - [4][5]

[Status Prefix][Modified Mission][Basic Mission][Aircraft Type] - [Design Number][Series Number]

Prefix Purpose
X Experimental
Y Prototype

Prefix Purpose
A Attack
C Transport
F Fighter
K Tanker

Prefix Purpose
A Attack Aircraft
B Bomber
F Fighter
K Tanker

Prefix Purpose
H Helicopter
S Space


Imperial Aerospace Fleet

Imperial Aerospace Fleet



Main Headquarters

William I Plaza, Kingsbridge

The Imperial Aerospace Fleet is the aerospace arm of GIDF. The most recently formed of all branches, it was formed in 2015, with the first successful flying ship to be built. It will have total control over all aerospace ships of GIDF, and it will be a vital factor as Gallia enters the age of space. The Imperial Aerospace Fleet consists of 1,114,200 active personnel, with 1,055,625 in reserve.

Aerospace Battle Groups

The Aerospace Battle Groups are the mainstay of the Gallian aerospace fleet formations. Consisting of several types of ships that are to give them all-around power, mobility, and versatility, they are a lot similar to the Israeli and Terran Dominion battle groups. Currently, several types are made, but more are under planning.

The flagship battlegroups of the Gallian aerospace fleet, it consists of a large force of various aerospace ships for versatility. Designed to be a flagship force, they are the largest of the Gallian battle groups. There are only two planned, each commanded by a Fleet Admiral.

Amount: 2


Fleet Admiral Vivienne Buckingham (Flagship: HMGS Revenant, Gaia-class)
Fleet Admiral Henry Holland (Flagship: HMGS Victoria, Hera-class)

Consists of:

  • 30 Titan frigates;
  • 20 Mayflower frigates;
  • 10 Argus frigates;
  • 15 Arion cruisers;
  • 15 Artemis cruisers;
  • 15 Hestia cruisers;
  • 15 Demeter battleships;
  • 10 Empress' Orb battleships;
  • 8 Eos battleships;
  • 6 Dione battleships;
  • 4 Persephone (superlaser) battleships;
  • 4 Nike battleships;
  • 2 Iris; and
  • 1 capital ship

The intermediary battlegroup type between Type I and Type IV, they are made to be large while not being too small. Basically put, it is a bit smaller than the Type I flagship battlegroups.

Amount: 6

Consists of:

  • 20 Titan frigates;
  • 15 Mayflower frigates;
  • 10 Argus frigates;
  • 10 Arion/Artemis/Hestia cruisers;
  • 10 Demeter battleships;
  • 5 Empress' Orb battleships;
  • 5 Eos battleships;
  • 2 Dione battleships;
  • 2 Nike battleships; and
  • 1 capital ship

Designed to be a comparatively light fleet, this battle group is made for scouting, exploiting enemy weaknesses, and for other purposes.

Amount: 0

Consists of:

  • 10 Titan frigates;
  • 5 Mayflower frigates;
  • 3 Argus frigates;
  • 5 Arions/Artemii/Hecates
  • 2 Empress' Orb


Capital Ships

For its size, Gallia has one of the largest fleets of capital ships in the whole world. These ships are the centerpiece of Gallian strategy, and, as to be expected of all capital ships, are of high quality and can survive against large odds.

The current number of capital ships is 31.

  • Athena
  • Prometheus
  • Hammerhead
  • Privateer
  • Overseer
  • Nightfall
  • Pinnacle

  • Hera
  • Leviathan
  • Cerberus
  • Victoria
  • Inquisitor
  • Vindicator

  • Hecate
  • Covenant
  • Carina
  • Aurora
  • Excalibur

  • Gaia
  • Revenant
  • Event Horizon
  • Defiance
  • Nightingale

  • Iris
  • Myrmidon
  • Aquitaine
  • Constellation

  • Rhea
  • Valhalla

  • Selene
  • Duchess


Class Ship Type Builder # Of Ships Active
FSX-CC07 Battlecruiser Brougham Industrial Ship-Building Complex 2
Arion Light Cruiser Brougham Industrial Ship-Building Complex 250 (250)
Hydra Battlecruiser FargoneSeven Industries 2
Theseus Battlecarrier FargoneSeven Industries 2
Dione Battleship Kingsbridge Aerospace Dockyard 46 (75)
Empress' Orb Battleship United Aerospace Command 102 (150)
Artemis Heavy Cruiser Kingsbridge Aerospace Dockyard 200 (200)
Athena Superfortress Kingsbridge Aerospace Dockyard 7.25 (12)
Demeter Battleship Kingsbridge Aerospace Dockyard 148 (150)
Hera Superbattleship Kingsbridge Aerospace Dockyard 6.5 (12)
Eos Medium Battleship Brougham Industrial Ship-Building Complex 77 (125)
Eirenne Heavy Transport Ship Brougham Industrial Ship-Building Complex 95 (175)
Hecate Superbattleship Gallian Superfactory Complex 5.75 (12)
Hestia Heavy Cruiser Gallian Superfactory Complex 200 (200)
HELIOS Killsat Gallian Superfactory Complex Mass Produced
Gaia Superbattleship Gallian Superfactory Complex 5 (12)
Titan Light Frigate Gallian Superfactory Complex 555 (600)
Condor Light Frigate TBA
Viper Heavy Frigate TBA
Mirage Light Cruiser TBA
Iris Supercarrier Gallian Superfactory Complex 4.75 (12)
Nike Battleship Gallian Superfactory Complex 14 (50)
Persephone (superlaser) Battleship New Gallian superfactory 14 (75)
Phantasm Battleship 31 (75)
Argus Heavy Frigate 198 (450)
Mayflower Heavy Frigate 251 (450)
Rhea Battleship 2.25 (75)
Selene Battleship 2.25 (75)
Themis Aerospace Fortress 7 (50)
Resolution Heavy Cruiser 73 (200)
Millennium Heavy Cruiser 63 (200)
Persephone (No superlaser) Battleship New Gallian superfactory 32 (75)


Conflict/Involvement Date Belligerents Outcome
Gallian Revolution October 13, 1884 - June 2, 1894

Gallian Revolutionaries
Gallian Revolutionary Army, Covington Free Corps, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, United States of America

Gallian Loyalists
French Gallia, Third French Republic, Gallian Natives, Spanish Empire

First World War July 28, 1914 - November 11, 1918

Allied Powers
Third French Republic, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Russian Empire, New Arcadian Republic, Carolinian Empire, Gallian Empire, Kingdom of Italy, United States of America, Japanese Empire, Kingdom of Romania, Belgium, Kingdom of Greece, First Portuguese Republic, Kingdom of Montenegro, Siam

Central Powers
German Empire, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Kingdom of Bulgaria

Gallian Civil War August 14, 1953 - December 5, 1965 Royalists

Gallian Empire
Supported by
United States of America, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Australia, South Korea

Communist Revolutionaries
People's Republic of Gallia
Supported by
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, People's Republic of China, Cuba

Vietnam War November 1, 1955 - April 30, 1975

July 20, 1965 - December 4, 1972 (Gallian Involvement)

Anti-Communist Forces
Republic of Vietnam, United States of America, South Korea, Gallian Empire, Australia, Thailand, Khmer Republic, Kingdom of Laos
Supported by
Republic of the Philippines, Republic of China, Canada, Federal Republic of Germany, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Iran, Spanish State

Communist Forces
Democratic Republic of Vietnam, Viet Cong, Khmer Rouge, Pathet Lao
Supported by
People's Republic of China, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Cuba, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Czechoslovakia, People's Republic of Bulgaria, German Democratic Republic

Fourth World War

March 4, 2015 - Present

March 27, 2015 - Present (Gallian Involvement)

Confederacy of Independent States, United Ceres Government, Alliance of Imperial Fleets, Israel, Free American Forces, New Arcadian Republic, Commonwealth of Cattiria, Advanced Fleet of Hybrids, Gallian Empire, Interstellar Space Republic, Terran Dominion, Dragonfire Privateering League, Delusion, Crusaders, Russian Federation

Fourth Reich Federation, United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, India, Southeast Asian Countries


The Gazette

  • March 8, 2015

The navy has been made official! Users can now join this navy.

  • July 13, 2015

The Gazette section has been reset due to it being outdated.

  • July 17, 2015

A great all-around victory was achieved by Gallian leaders as they managed to successfully lobby for the entry of the Gallian Empire into the Imperial Commonwealth. Formed by New Arcadian Republic and Cattiria, their goal is to maintain world peace through political, economical, and military power. Effective this day, the Gallian Empire is now a member of the Commonwealth, turning us and the Commonwealth into an effective superpower.

  • July 25, 2015

Disaster and terror strikes again as the PRG communists manage to infiltrate Brougham in an attempt to destabilize the Gallian nation. In an effort to effectively end the war in favor of them, they attempted to assassinate Her Majesty while she was recovering in a hospital. Through the efforts of our Marines and our fellow Commonwealth nations, we have evacuated the Empress to safety and purged Brougham of the PRG menace.

  • August 6, 2015

As part of the Gallian Empire's counteroffensive against the PRG on all fronts, Gallian armies under General Harrison Rutherford of the Egremount Front managed to break through the PRG lines in a massive counteroffensive. Pushing back the PRG forces and completely routing them, General Rutherford managed to trap and encircle the large PRG army threatening to attack Kingsbridge. This is a great decisive victory for the Gallian Empire.

  • August 8, 2015

In a secret and off-the-record attempt to end the Gallian civil war once and for all, elite Marine and Army divisions mounted a secret night assault on the main PRG command base. With the support of an Athena-class fortress above them, the Gallian troops manage to eliminate any and all resistance on the compound. Inside was found the whole top leadership of the PRG, and there was also the revelation of why PRG managed to stay alive: PANZER.

  • August 10, 2015

After several months of intensive and bloody warfare on the Gallian continent, the PRG had surrendered fully to the Imperial Commonwealth. Promising leniency against the PRG troops, millions of PRG troops crossed the frontlines with arms raised, now battered. With the PRG now fully surrendered to the Gallian Empire, we will start a full recovery from this war, and hopefully put this behind us in order to focus on the impending future.

  • August 18, 2015

With the defeat of a superpower, another rises in its place. A few hours ago, hundreds of Sentinel battlecruisers directly contributed to the final and conclusive downfall of the Delusion's fleet. For the loss of a couple of them, the Gallian Empire has managed to take down one of the greatest threats to worldwide peace and prosperity. In an effort to increase Gallia's power and prestige, fleets had been sent to the former Delusion territories of New Belkan, Varuna, and the AF Twin Islands. However, the AIF has violated Gallia's territorial claims by forcibly taking custody of the New Belkan superweapons.

  • September 13, 2015

After lengthy discussions and talks, we are happy to say that the New Belkan incident between our Empire and the AIF has been resolved. It turns out that it was mostly due to lack of communications between us and the AIF that was the issue. In a statement today, Chancellor Pierpont has announced that communications will be improved with the AIF. Needless to say, our citizens are joyful now that the incident has been resolved, and now that we can continue normal relations with each other. We hope that there won't be any repeat of this incident anymore.

  • September 17, 2015

With our Empire's military looking to expand our sphere of influence, we have decided to colonize a new Trans-Neptunian Object, the 38628 Huya. The purpose of this colonization is to create another military outpost similar to the one almost completed in Varuna, so that Gallian response time across the solar system would be sped up. In other news, the third Gallian superfactory broke ground on Varuna, in which construction will take place and will be completed 39 days from now.