Confederacy of Independent States
Confederacy of Carolina 15
The official flag of the Confederacy of Independent States.

Full Name

Confederacy of Independent States


  • Confederacy of Carolina (1773-1960)
  • Carolinian Empire (1960-2014)


Independent States Constitution

Government Type

Bicameral Constitutional Confederacy


City of Tamarack, State of New Dublin (1,324,984)


Daniel Greenwood



  • Senate
  • Assembly of Representatives


521,163,732 (2016 est.)

National Anthem and Motto

  • God Defend Carolina
  • "Our Rights We Shall Maintain"


Confederacy of Independent States Armed Forces

We are the Confederacy of Independent States. Our goal is to eventually regain our status as a world power, something that we lost following the end of World War II and officially lost following the Civil War caused by the communists. We partake in peacekeeping missions, and support our allies when they request our help. We are also a member of both the Sol System Alliance and the Concorde Treaty Alliance.


The wars we fought date back to the days of the Confederacy of Carolina, which include the Independence War in 1789, the Carolinian Anti-Piracy operations in the Mediterranean, The Second World War, The Korean War, our Civil War in the late 1950's, The War on Terror, British-Carolinian Conflict, the Western War, and most recently World War V. Although we tried to maintain our neutrality, we were forced into the Second World War when Japan and Amerinia attempted to take out our naval power during the Battle of New Berlin. After the war, we aligned ourselves with NATO against the communist nations such as the USSR, PRC and North Korea. We joined the Concorde Treaty Alliance after the Civil War, and fought in a few minor conflicts up until the Ulysses Continental War. The most recent wars include the British-Carolinian War, the Western War and the ongoing Fifth World War.





How To Join

We accept Hansa and non Hansa players, hack and not hacked. To be accepted you must fill out all of the questions on the following and post it in the comment section:

  1. Hacked? Yes or no.
  2. Hansa? Yes or no.
  3. Ship specialization.
  4. Flag ship.
  5. How many ships do you have?
  6. why do you want to join?
  7. How do you behave around everyone?

If you fail to answer all of these then you will not be accepted.


The leadership of the Confederacy and its military.

  • Vice President Aaron Wilson (Center-Right Party)
  • Chancellor of the Parliament Irwin Krieger (Centrist Party)

  • Vice Commandant of the Army Fergus McMillan

  • Vice Commandant of the Air Force Chayo Polon

  • Vice Commandant of the Marine Corps Samuel MacRìgh

Falls under the command of the Army

We are always happy to have more people join.

Threat Level

Threat Level
Level I Level II Level III Level IV Level V
Currently in a state of total war, all forces mobilized

Armed Forces

Confederate Armed Forces
CIS Armed Forces Flag
Flag of the Armed Forces of the Confederacy of Independent States

Full Name

Confederacy of Independent States Armed Forces

Commander in Chief

President Daniel Greenwood


Combined Forces HQ, Tamarack, New Dublin

Active Personnel


Reserve Personnel (Activated)



All Confederate territories and embassies


No, but can be issued by Parliament during a major conflict (issued once, currently)

The Armed Forced of the Confederacy of Independent States are tasked with defending the Carolinian homeland from any threats, foreign and domestic. There are 7 branches of the Armed Forces: the Confederate Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, Navy, Recon Corps, Foreign Corps and the Coast Guard. All of the branches, except for the Coast Guard, fall under the Department of the Defense. In late 2015, the Armed Forces were reorganized under Plan Walter, which was coordinated with the New Batesian Republic and the United Republic of Ulysses. Under this plan, the active component of the Armed Forces was scaled down for all branches, and most units were placed into the reserve components of the branches, most notably the Army and Marine Corps. The plan is only temporary, however, as once the current wars are over the Armed Forces will be scaled down further to meet peacetime standards. The Armed Forces is also undergoing an extensive upgrade of equipment, most of which is coming from internal military weapons manufacturers.

The following branches are all part of the Department of Defense, hence why the Coast Guard is not listed.

Confederate Army

The Confederate Army is the largest of the 7 uniformed branches, with a total of 3,289,650 active troops and 7,078,500 more in reserve. However, most reserve forces are currently active due to several threats. The Army is the Confederacy's oldest branch, with it first being formed by the united forces of Kegley, New Dublin and New Gelderland during the Carolinian War of Independence. In total, there are 13 active duty Sector Armies covering all states and territories of the Independent States. The reserve forces have a similar structure to their active counterparts.


  • Sector Army-249,600-2 Field Armies
  • Field Army-124,800-3 Corps (54 Standard, 12 Airborne, 6 Airmobile, 3 Rapid Reaction)
  • Corps-41,600-2 Divisions
    • Division-20,800-2 Legions + 1 Advanced Recon Battalion & 1 Combat Aviation Brigade
    • Legion-8,060-2 Brigades
    • Brigade-4,030-6 Battalions (3 Infantry, 1 Armored/Air Cavalry, 1 Artillery, 1 Combat Engineer)
    • Infantry Regiment-1,950-3 Battalions
    • Regiment (Cavalry, Artillery, Combat Engineer)-2,600-4 Battalions
    • Battalion-650-5 Companies
    • Company-130-5 Platoons
    • Platoon-26-2 Squads
  • Rapid Reaction Corps (3)
    • Corps-83,200-4 Divisions (1 Cavalry, 1 Armored, 1 Mountain, 1 Airborne)
    • Division-20,800-2 Legions + 1 Advanced Recon Battalion & 1 Combat Aviation Brigade
    • Legion-8,060-2 Brigades
    • Brigade-4,030-6 Battalions
    • Infantry Regiment-1,950-3 Battalions
    • Regiment (Cavalry, Artillery, Combat Engineer)-2,600-4 Battalions
    • Battalion-650-5 Companies
    • Company-130-5 Platoons
    • Platoon-26-2 Squads

Confederate Marine Corps


Confederate Air Force


Confederate Navy


Confederate Recon Corps


Foreign Corps


Joint Special Forces HUNTER

The Joint Special Forces HUNTER program is a unit of specialized super soldiers from every branch augmented to be taller, stronger and faster than the average human. While the size of the unit is classified, it is known that there are at least 3 battalion sized formations. They are also known to use special equipment. There are currently no known deployments of HUNTERs.

Known Teams

  • Team ALAN (Alizarin)
  • Team AMBR (Amber)
  • Team CRMS (Crimson)
  • Team CBAL (Cobalt)

Government Agencies


Confederate Special Intelligence Division


Military Intelligence Group (MIG)


Section I.


Naval Intelligence Division (NID)


Military Uniforms and Equipment

All branches wear the same Battle Dressing Uniform, or BDU for short. However, many special forces units wear different uniforms depending on their mission. Dress uniforms are also different depending on which branch of the military personnel are apart of.

Battle Dress Uniforms

Dress Uniforms



All branches of the Armed Forces use the same equipment, which includes the LS-15, NDI-45 and the MG-7.


The Army, Marines and Recon Corps all operate MBTs and IFVs. The amount of certain vehicles has not been disclosed by the Confederate government.

Aircraft and Satellites

The Armed forces operate a number of different aircraft, most of which was being phased out of service or has been retired.


Place your ships here if your ship is apart of this navy.

The Confederacy mainly uses surface ships, but has begun to use aerospace vessels to keep up with other countries. Coast Guard ships are not listed as the Coast Guard does not fall under the same department as the other branches.

Surface Forces

Aerospace Forces

Naval Roster

Ship Class Builder/Operator Status of Ships in Class Number (or 'to be') Built Description Lead Ship Names
Komodo Class Aerospace Super Battleship Reed In Service 10 ICNS Komodo
Ceres Class Aerospace Battleship Reed In Service 150(70) ICNS Ceres
Aquarius Class Aerospace Battlecruiser Reed In Service 300(90) ICNS Aquarius
Intrepid Class Aerospace Battlecarrier Reed In Service 300(120) ICNS Intrepid
Crawford Class Aerospace Heavy Cruiser Reed In Service 300(160) ICNS Crawford
Rhinelander Class Aerospace Light Cruiser Reed In Service 300(180) ICNS Rhinelander
Defiance Class Aerospace Destroyer Reed In Service 300(140) ICNS Defiance
Edwards Class Aerospace Assault Carrier Reed Construction 300(0) ICNS Edwards
Martin Class Aerospace Arsenal Ship Reed Construction 300(0) ICNS Martin
Venator Class Aerospace Destroyer Reed In Service 300(120) ICNS Venator
New Castle Class Aerospace Heavy Frigate Reed In Service 5,000(4,500) ICNS New Castle
New Frankfurt Class Aerospace Frigate Reed In Service 7,500(6,400) ICNS New Frankfurt
Recusant Class Aerospace Light Frigate Reed In Service 10,000(6,200) ICNS Recusant
Reagan Class Aerospace Stealth Corvette Reed In Service 100 ICNS Reagan



Trade Agreements


Non-Aggression Pacts

Neo-Earth Commonwealth Naval Fleet



9-16-14 Page revised, alliance with AIF, Battle group Enterprise ordered to Federation occupied United Kingdom.

9-20-14 The first twelve flying ships of the Confederacy have been delivered, the Ambassador class heavy guided missile destroyers have been completed and delivered, and a Non Aggression Pact has been signed with the Armada of Freedom.

9-21-14 As of this moment, the AIF has fallen, the entire west coast of the United States has been taken by the DPL, and Israel is being invaded by Russia. Combat Alert Alpha is in effect, Battle group Enterprise is to return to port and all units are to be mobilize effective immediately.

3-4-15 American planes attack military and civilian targets in the CIS! New Charleston nuked! Forces are now mobilized!



Advance into Fed-controlled US has stalled due to nuclear attacks on the front line. Current casualties from US attacks on civilians mount to 37 million people dead, 120 million displaced and wounded. Military casualties mount to 200,000 dead, 1 million wounded, including in the American Campaign. Provisional government set up in Tamarack, all available military in the Western Confederacy are preparing to go to the US.

3-6-15 The war is now beginning to look like it is dragging out, and now at least half a million troops inside the Confederacy are ready to be deployed if needed anywhere in the world.

3-7-15 CIS applies for SSA membership and is accepted.

3-14-15 With Southeast Asia, Australia New Zealand and India swearing allegiance to the Fourth Reich, the Confederacy now is preparing to fight a two front war. New Castle class Aerospace Cruisers have now entered production, and new surface combatants are being brought into service. All air units have been placed on the highest alert in the event of an invasion or more bombing raids. Due to the proximity of Fourth Reich forces to the CIS, coastal fortifications have now been set up along all beaches in the west and naval patrols have been stretched further around the CIS to prevent an amphibious invasion.

3-17-15 The first of the New Castle class Aerospace Cruisers have entered service, and self-built drop pods for the Recon Corps have entered mass production, and space-capable dropships for these cruisers have entered the blueprint phase.

With Fourth Reich bombers striking Confederacy cities, Command is looking at plans for a counter strike.

5-2-15 War against the Fourth Reich has been halted by a ceasefire agreement signed by both sides in order to combat the Sith together.

5-20-15 -CLASSIFIED TIER 2- Agents within the Fourth Reich occupied Australian territory has nabbed some designs on some of the new tanks placed along the DMZ lines. Whilst no weak points can be identified, intelligence and scientists are hard at work creating copies for our forces, and are creating versions that could be exported to other nations.

5-31-15 All Confederate forces in Australia have finished fortifying positions in the event of a Fourth Reich attack which would break the ceasefire agreement. This was done in response to the merger of the Federation Remnant and PANZER, expanding the Fourth Reich.

6-5-15 The 1st Expeditionary Unit (Recon) and the 3rd Army Expeditionary Force have both been deployed to Amerinia and Viridia respectively following a concerning report about unidentified aircraft and ships patrolling near Amerinian and Viridian waters in the same manners as the Fourth Reich. While these ships and aircraft cannot be identified as belonging to the Reich, it is still worrisome that a unknown group of ships and aircraft have gotten that close to our allies waters, and the 17th Fleet stationed in Fruerlundholz has now been tasked with patrolling the region for anymore unidentified fleets.

6-16-15 The 9th, 17th, 21st and 22nd Army Expeditionary Forces were stationed in France in fear that the now more powerful Fourth Reich, with PANZER at the helm, would attack the French, and our fears were right. As of June 16th, 2015, the War has resumed, with heavy casualties for both sides, the heaviest casualties being Confederate. There is currently a bloody land, sea and air battle going on.

6-17-15 France has been lost, but Israel must not fall. Over a million troops have been sent to Israel to assist in fighting German forces that could invade at any moment. And more people are now signing up for military service. In an unfortunate turn of events, the Cattirians have made peace with the Fourth Reich and have made an alliance with them, and reports are coming in that they even attacked French troops during the Battle of France. While these are so far unconfirmed, the President is placing economic sanctions on the commonwealth. These are only temporary, and are to be lifted when the war is over. The sudden betrayal of the Cattirians has also strained relations between them and Carolina badly.

6-22-15 Following the Coalition catastrophe at Australia, Confederate troops will begin to go on the defensive, and sanctions against the Cattirians will be lifted, and an alliance formed with them, as they took part in the fight and lost 200,000 troops to the Germans.

7-4-15 President Greenwood authorizes the use of the war flag.

7-5-15 For the first time in Carolinian history, the Parliament has invoked Article III Section IV of the National Defense Act of 1948, calling on a draft of 5.5% of the population into the Armed Forces of Carolina upon calls from citizens to increase military power to take on the Germans. President Greenwood has also announced that following the war, there will be a possible reorganization of the military into a defense force, but would not severely decrease military numbers. Opposition to both decisions seems to be nonexistent. All reserve units have also been activated.

7-8/9-15 A communist rebellion in Gallia has sparked the Second Gallian Civil War, and after an attempted assassination of Arch Lordess Catherine III of the NAR and Lucille II of Gallia by a Cattirian radicalist, war was declared on Cattiria by Gallia and the NAR, and the Confederacy immediately pledge support to take down the communist scum. We are holding off attacking Cattiria unless something new occurs.

7-11-15 Naval command has authorized the construction of several new major surface combatants to counter the German Kriegsmarine. These vessels will be among the largest vessels ever built by Carolina. Construction of the New Sydney class Heavy Cruisers, Independence class Battlecruisers and Enyo class Battleships is set to end within one week.

7-15-15 Training for the first group of volunteers who enlisted into military service following the March 4th Attacks has been completed, and the training for the second group is set to end starting on the 18th of July, and the third on the 25th of July.

7-19-15 With the strong majority of Millennium troops defecting to the Coalition, the odds of victory have turned in our favor with numbers and confiscated German equipment. We will study the equipment given to us by the Resistance and reverse engineer whatever we can.

8-19-15 A deal was made between the Confederacy and Cattiria that would give us 5 flying ships from the former Delusion fleet in exchange for 300 billion credits as reparation for the embargo against the Commonwealth of Cattiria.

8-25-15 The Armed Forces will undergo a major reorganization due to the current war. Two thirds of all military personnel will be placed in reserve, while a third will remain in active duty, and new units, such as Expeditionary Command, will be formed, with a revision of the current military doctrine. In other news, The Center-Right Party has chosen current and temporary President Daniel Greenwood as the party's candidate in the current Presidential Elections, with the Confederation Party choosing former governor of New Dublin Lewis Smith as their candidate and the Imperialist Party choosing former Senator Justin Ackerman. A major debate in the elections is whether or not to bring in the son of the late former Emperor William Lucas, Trey Lucas, as a figurehead in the government, similar to the Queen of England. President Daniel Greenwood has said that he would have the people decide if they want Trey Lucas as a figurehead.

9-2-15 Elections have officially started! So far Daniel Greenwood and Lewis Smith are tied, with Justin Ackerman trailing behind.

9-6-15 Votes have been counted and, with 72% of the vote, the people have decided that current temporary President Daniel Greenwood will stay in office as the official President of the Confederacy of Independent States. 80% of the population has also voted that Trey Lucas, son of the late Emperor William Lucas, should be allowed to become the new Emperor or the Confederacy, with limited political power.

9-30-15 The Confederacy and United States have agreed to create a joint fleet comprising of US and CIS warships. The composition of the fleet will be revealed at a later date. In other news, preparations for Operation: NEPTUNE'S SPEAR have begun.

10-21-15 Construction on 4 new super factories has begin in central Carolina. The first is scheduled to begin operations within 2 weeks. The layout and exact location of the superfactories will remain classified. In other news, President Greenwood will announce the new organization of the Armed Forces tomorrow, as well as new conscription regulations that will go into force next year.

12-3-15 With 2 new super factories running, production output has increased drastically, and has started bringing in more revenue than expected. Because of this, 3 more superfactories will be built, bringing the total amount to 8 instead of the original 4 planned.

12-11-15 The Confederate Armed Forces are looking for new firearms to replace their current inventory of M-416s, MG3s, etc. The requirements for the new assault rifle are: it must be light, fire the 5.7x48mm CTA, and accept any type of box magazine, ranging from a standard STANAG to a Magpul type magazine. The requirements for the light machine gun are: It must be able to mount a bipod, fire the 7.62x51 NATO, and be able to mount to vehicles such as tanks and light armor vehicles.

1-19-16 The Recon Corps will soon be getting a new main battle tank to replace their current Crux Mk. III's. The details on the tank are currently classified. In other news, all ships in the aerospace fleet now have two layers of lead added to their hulls. According to some conspiracy theorists and ship enthusiasts, they could have been added to resist mind control waves. With the near completion of New Hanover, and with the residence already beginning to flood into the city, a new military division is being created to protect the city. The Capital Corps will be commissioned on January 21st, and will consist of the best of the Recon Corps. The Corps will be given the best equipment and will get equipment faster than any other unit in the armed forces.

1-28-16 President Greenwood has ordered that all Confederate forces taking part in the fight against Millennium immediately suspend all offensive operation immediately. While neither side has seen action since the Sith arrived en mass into the Sol System, this is a startling development in the War as Millennium has issued a similar order to their forces.



The following technologies are being researched for military use, and are posted with their approximate finishing dates. Note that technologies with (CLASSIFIED) next to them are not known to anyone outside of the CTRG, CSID or CISHIGHCOM.


The following tech has been acquired through either research or trade.

  • 180 MT Nuclear weapons-1,500 deployed
  • Nanotech
  • Ion Cannons (CLASSIFIED)
  • Gravity Well Technology (CLASSIFIED)
  • Advanced Ion Cannons (CLASSIFIED)
  • Yevata Successor Armor (CLASSIFIED)
  • Turbolasers
  • Joint Carolinian-Israeli Armor
  • Warp Disruption Tech
  • Anti-Mind Control
  • Particle Beams
  • Medical Purposed Flash Cloning
  • Semi-Powered Battle Armor
  • Standard coil guns (Acquired through trade)
  • Railguns (Acquired through trade)
  • Rotary lasers (Acquired through trade)
  • Blink Systems (Acquired through trade)
  • Antigrav (Acquired through trade)
  • Ship based laser weapons
  • Small arms based laser weapons
  • Advanced Kill-sat
  • Cloak Detection Upgrades
  • Advanced Coil-guns
  • 210 MT Nuclear Weapons-800 deployed
  • Walkers and Mechs
  • Land based laser artillery
  • Composite Armor (Acquired through trade)
  • MAC Cannons
  • Ship based MAC Cannons
  • Superfactory research
  • Kamikaze Drones
  • Advanced Fighter Aircraft
  • Cloak Signature Detection
  • Kill-Sat Defenses
  • Super Soldiers


Conflict/Involvement Theaters/Campaigns Belligerents Outcome
Carolinian Independence War

August 27 1775-June 1 1779

Carolinian Mainland Confederacy of Carolina

  • New Dublin
  • Kegley
  • New Gelderland

Supported Republic of the Seven United Netherlands


British Empire


independence recognized.

French-Carolinian Conflict

October 12 1811-February 9 1814

Carolinian Mainland Confederacy of Carolina

Supported by British Empire


French Empire

Victory, French territories in Carolina given to Confederacy of Carolina.
Colonial Wars


Carolinian Mainland Confederacy of Carolina


Portuguese Empire, Spanish Empire, Kingdom of Prussia


First World War

February 10 1915-June 28 1919

Western Front



Central Powers


Second World War

September 3, 1939-April 6 1947

Pacific War

Amerinian Conflict




Allied victory
Korean War

June 25 1950-July 27 1953

Korean Peninsula United Nations: United States, United Kingdom, South Korea, Confederacy of Carolina, etc.


Aggressors: North Korea, People's Republic of China, Soviet Union


Carolinian Civil War

June 24 1954-November 2 1959

Carolinian Mainland

Carolinian Territories

Pacific Ocean

Confederacy of Carolina(Nationalists)

Supported by United States, United Kingdom


Socialist Republic of Carolina (Communists)

Supported by Soviet Union, People's Republic of China

Nationalist Victory, Carolinian Confederacy upheld. Communist forces suppressed, communist leaders tried for war crimes and treason.
Operation Roman Candle

January 3 1960-January 5 1960

Territory of Healy

Pacific Ocean

Confederacy of Carolina


Socialist Remnant

Confederate victory, beginning of Left-Wing Scare, Carolinian Empire declared 2 months later.
Vietnam War

July 22 1966-April 30 1975 (Carolinian Involvement)

Southeast Asia South Vietnam, United States of America, Carolinian Empire, South Korea, Australia, Thailand, New Zealand, Khmer Republic, Kingdom of Laos


North Vietnam, Viet Cong, Khmer Rouge, Pathet Lao

Supported by Soviet Union, China

Defeat, South Vietnam annexed by North Vietnam, creation of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
Amerinian Conflict

September 22 1978-August 20 1982

Ulysses Continent

Pacific Ocean

Concorde Treaty Alliance: Federal Republic of Veridys, Carolinian Empire, Welvaart Republic, Iskra

Supported by United States


Amerinian Socialist Federation

Supported by Soviet Union and Federation of the Western Hemisphere

Victory, Amerinia is forced to pay debt to Concorde members and limit military to 150,000 troops, Fascist government takes over Amerinia in 1989, Amerinia rebuilds military in 1992.
Ulysses Continental War

July 2 1996-November 2 1997

Ulysses Continent

Pacific Ocean

Concorde Treaty Alliance: Carolinian Empire, Federal Republic of Veridys, Welvaart Republic, Iskra

Supported by United Nations


Friedrichshafen Alliance: Amerinian Federal Union, Marionette, Federation of the Western Hemisphere

Victory, no territorial changes.
War in Afghanistan

October 7 2001- December 31 2006

Middle East Coalition v.

Terrorist networks

Ongoing, Carolinian involvement ended Jan 1 2007.

British-Carolinian War

August 8-21 2013

  • Note that the war was orchestrated by the Federation of the Western Hemisphere
British Isles

Atlantic Ocean

Pacific Ocean

Carolinian Empire

Supported by: United Republic of Ulysses


United Kingdom

Armistice, Carolinian Empire repays United Kingdom for the war.

Beginning of the ORDER insurrection.

Western War

November 19 2013-July 9 2014

Carolinian Mainland

Pacific Ocean

Federation Mainland

Europe (Support)

Allies: Carolinian Empire, United States, United Kingdom, European Union, United Republic of Ulysses


Unknown: Federation of the Western Hemisphere, ORDER

Pyrrhic victory, Federation annexed by the Carolinian Empire, ORDER crushed, formation of the Carolinian Empire into the Confederacy of Independent States.

World War V

March 4 2015-present




North America

Pacific Ocean

Atlantic Ocean


Coalition: Confederacy of Independent States, Alliance of Imperial Fleets, Israel, United States of America, AFOH, Republic of Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Free Philippine Republic, Free India, Free France, Free Spain, Free Portugal, Free Britain, Free India, New Batesian Republic, Free Switzerland


Germany, Millennium, Terran Domain, Federal American Union, New Republic of the Pacific, Scarlet Empire, Sviatoslav Republic

Ongoing, ceasefire with Germany and her allies.
Sith Wars

May 2 2015-present

(CIS Involvement)

Sol System SSA, Earth v.

Sith Empire, Crusaders, ISR, Delusion, DPL Loyalists

Second Gallian Civil War

July 8-August 10 2015

Gallia Gallian Empire, New Arcadian Republic, Confederacy of Independent States


People's Republic of Gallia


Underlined words represent which side the CIS/CE/CC was on.