China Sviatoslav Socialist Republic
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Full name

Armed forces of People's republic of China

Current leader

Hao Zhang




Naval Warfare


290,000 personnel, 100+ Ships, 950 Aircraft

Wars involved in


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This page will be referred to as the People's Republic of China, which is controlled and governed by the Sviatoslav Republic and is apart of the Union States of the Socialist Republics. Plans to overhaul this page to nation standards is TBA

The People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN or PLA Navy) is the naval warfare branch of the People's Liberation Army, the national armed forces of the People's Republic of China. The PLAN can trace its lineage to naval units fighting during the Chinese Civil War and was established in September 1950. Throughout the 1950s and early 1960s the Soviet Union provided assistance to the PLAN in the form of naval advisers and export of equipment and technology. Until the late 1980s, the PLAN was largely a riverine and littoral force (brown-water navy). However by the 1990s, following the fall of the Soviet Union and a shift towards a more forward-oriented foreign and security policy, the leaders of the Chinese military were freed from worrying over land border disputes, and instead turned their attention towards the seas. This led to the development of the People's Liberation Army Navy into the green-water navy it is today. Before the 1990s the PLAN had traditionally played a subordinate role to the People's Liberation Army Ground Force. We are looking to become very powerful, but not as powerful as Russian Navy, but we do want to be reconized as powerful Navy.

About us

The People's Liberation Army Navy is the naval branch of the People's Liberation Army. We are dedicated to protect China's waters. In 2015, we formed an alliance with the Russian Navy, so we now work in co-operation with them. This means they get most of our weapons, and the other way around.

Enlist today. Protect the People's Republic of China, serve the people.

Active personnel

  • Fleet Admiral Hao Zhang: A naval admiral, he has served in Chinese Navy for 20 years. His calm tone and personality has won his respect among his comrades.
  • Chen Takio: A stong Vice Admiral capable of building either massive supercarriers or light escort carriers. Is also interested in flying ships.
  • Xu Wei: A Chinese citizen who made the ODIN for the British. A Vice Admiral that is able to build strong crusiers and patrol ships.
  • Nanchang Lee: A Vice Admiral that was known for his ways to obliterate his enemies. His actual story is still unknown. Has managed to build anti-flying ships cruiser.


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Fleet Formations



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Joining Application

Please fill out this application in the comments below in order to join.

1. Name (Chinese, please.)

2. Age

3. What ship type do you specialize in building?

4. How many ships do you have?

5. Do you have any MODs?

Ship arsenal

Guided Missile Cruisers

   *Type - 062 'Luoyang' class: 50x in service
   *Type - 062A 'Luoyang II' class: 25x in service
   *Type - 067 Class: 1 in service, most is under construction
   *Type - 64 'Lianjiang' class:15x in service
   *Type - 039 Cruiser: M197 = 100x in service, M199 = 50x in service, M201 = 25x in service

Guided Missile Destroyers

   *Type - 063 'Shenzhen' class: 50x in service
   *Type - 063A 'Shenzhen II' class: 10x in service
   *Type - 063B 'Shenzhen III' class: 5x in service
   *Type - M21B 'Luhu' class: 5x in service

Aircraft Carriers

   *Admiral Kuznetsov class: 1x in service
   *Takosun Class: 1x in service​
   *Yakisumo Class: 5x in  service
   *Shandong class: 1x in service


   *Type - 310 'Yuhai' class: 25x in service


   *Type - 59 class: 5x in service


   *Type - 56 heavy battleship: 10x in service
   *Type - 81 experimental stealth battleship: 1x in service
   *M-1A class: 1x in service
   *M-2C class: 1x in service


   *Type - 67 battleship carrier hybrid: 1x in service

Radar Ships

   *Type - 47 Radar Picket Ship: 15x in service

Aviation Cruisers

   *QSZ - 50 Aviation Cruiser: 4x in service


   *Type 021A class: 15x in service
   *Type 021BC class: 17x in service

Planned Projects

Projected ships that are planned to enter service in the future.

  • Type-59 Guided Missile Battlecruiser
  • Type-56 LCAC
  • Type-057 Aircraft Carrier
  • Type-10 Nuclear Fortress
  • Type-89 Battlecruiser
  • Type-38 Cruiser Variant B
  • Type 81 Frigate (La Fayette class)
  • Type 46 Frigate