• Kittyswinger

    Tis the end

    February 12, 2018 by Kittyswinger

    So does this mark the forever end, of the BSCN wiki? I do believe its time, to possibly just store this entirely as an archive, but still, such a sad thing to go eh?

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  • Marcboy99

    That's All Folks

    August 5, 2017 by Marcboy99

    Hey, that was a great run guys. Started on 6/29/13 and officially ending on 8/5/17. It was fun. Now while the actual RP is moving to Galaxies, which can be found here, the name plus the history attached to it is ending today. The wikia has been through its ups and downs, we had great members leave and horrid members come......then get banned......and in comedic fashion, ban evade a few times, each resulting in another ban. With all that said, it's time to move on to a new home, while making Navies into a long lasting Archive for all to enjoy till the end of nigh.....or until Galaxies is axed which I assume will take many years to do. But, this was coming. We all knew it. Ever since the stagnation of RP between the Allies and Axis, it was b…

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  • Harmonmj13

    Duke of Normandy

    May 25, 2017 by Harmonmj13

    All events of Operation Duke of Normandy will be posted here.

    Without further delay, I present to you the official timeline of the events during the course of Operation Duke of Normandy:


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  • Marcboy99


    May 12, 2017 by Marcboy99

    Look, I know the remaining core members here hate me(looking at Bouexic, Orion and Harmon). With the exception of Harmon(the shit you do and have done is unacceptable in my mind), I respect you two. Orion, you were one of the first members of Israel. Bouexic, I have always been amazed by your leadership and skills to keep a Vanilla Navy alive in a Hansa World. This all said, I'm not trying to kiss anyone's ass and, to be frank, I give zero fucks on how you three view me, I just want you to see how I view you(Harmon, if you try to clean up, I can see a bright future between us).

    I'm not trying to steal members, have a agenda to steal members, or am out to strangle Navies. I'm using Fleets as a holdout until we fix Navies. Plain and simple, t…

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  • NovaTopaz

    And cue several weeks of having done nothing, even writing this very post.

    OK, this probably will not work, but you know… Have to at least try.

    I came to this conclusion a month ago(2 months now), but haven't really planned it out. Life is very busy atm, and BSCF is taking up most of the attention I have left that isn’t being used on youtube and games. But here I am.

    The biggest issue is... Well, I think they've been re-iterated numerous times by basically everyone, so I shouldn't have to state the reasoning for what I'm deciding, as to the reason. Instead, I'm going to lay down the beginnings of a plan to fix those problems.

    I've come to the realization that the three of the paths I’ve listed in the other blog are really terminal in nature, a…

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  • SpicyViper

    It all started on my birthday of the 1st of January 2100 on a full moon when I was born and given the name Saramorphinia. That morning I was the first ever to be born on that date with a full moon in several centuries. Some say that those born in January 1st were given special gifts that God gave to only those born on that date. There were also evil conjures that would attempt to attack or kidnap me because the wise ones, people who see the past present and future said that the gifts I may have been given by God may hold the key to galactic peace or galactic destruction. It’s been 17 years since I was born and my birthday is two weeks away and the recent attempts to get me, seem to get more and more frequent for some reason. People say tha…

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  • Bouexic

    Tal Naga Collective

    January 1, 2017 by Bouexic

    "Had another productive day. The Tal Naga Council, through their rhin, invited us to view a military exercise. (The men have taken to calling them skree after a game character, and after researching the name I must say it is undeserved.) The exercise revealed the Tal's 2 main weapons systems. A fighter we have code-named "Swallow" due to its planform, and an airborne carrier code-named "Sky Dragon"...."

    "The Tal seem to trust us given that we have come with a small force. We have just been informed by the rhin that the Council has allowed us to visit one of their mines and its workshops. Finally we'll have something for the High Command."

    Captain Walter Stefansky (CO, Squadron of Evolution)


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  • NovaTopaz

    Think it’s time the two main factions that compose the Srikrirn species on the planet they reside on(and future colonized planets) are told in a post. People can jump in and make other factions in it, but these two will remain the most powerful of the bunch in any case at the start. This will probably be the most interesting thing in RP for a while. After considering the situation the RP is in currently, I think having the second system announced publicly would allow this to happen and maybe perk up the activity a bit, maybe attract people to come back. The civil war is going to be a slowish one. One faction isn't going to just conquer the other in a single post, this is a drawn out conflict which has already been raging for hundreds of ye…

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  • Marcboy99

    Ok, it's go time folks. Me and Nutt have been discussing this for some time now and we decided we should start doing it. What have we been discussing? We have been discussing ways to clean up the wiki. Now we have bigger problems, aka a dying RP, but we decided that we should try and patch half the holes in the sinking ship and let the other half(starting RP up again) be patched by the rest of you(with help from us if needed). So, that is what all of the following edits from me and NUTT will be for in the coming weeks. We haven't done a ETA but seeing how F$&@ed the organization here is, probably January to February of 2017. If you have a complaint with a edit one of us does, please tell us and we will revert it or fix it. Anyway, let's st…

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  • NovaTopaz

    Test: modified BSC ipa

    November 25, 2016 by NovaTopaz


    Link to a modified .ipa that which should be able to install BSC without requiring a password(don't get your hopes up, this is just a test to see if this solution works.)

    It will need to be downloaded to a computer with iTunes and then installed to the device

    If it requires a password, it's probably back to the drawing board.

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  • NovaTopaz

    System Proposal: Pulsar

    November 24, 2016 by NovaTopaz

    First system, which is the one most likely to be shown to the rest of RP(though, given the proximity to the other star, it won't be long before someone else spots the other system, so... Is there any point in hiding it? Now that I think about it.)

    Now, for the system's history, how it came to being, as well as better describing how the other came to being, as well as an actual description for this system. There really isn't anything else to talk about this system, as the planets are more or less next to uninhabitable, and outside the first few planets near the neutron star, nobody is going to be able to detect other planets in the system without EMP proofed detection arrays(and you can't really see them with optics due to the dust cloud in t…

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  • NovaTopaz

    System Proposal: Madness

    November 23, 2016 by NovaTopaz

    Proposal for system #2. Mostly separating them because it's probably going to be easier

    A less formal name for now, as I do not have any real system name for it yet that is 'official'. And I'm not going to take something generic that Enterprise would do. And as for a name that will be different than the official one... You will soon see.

    This system is very gravitationally unstable, having several tens of dozens of planetoids and about 14 larger, rocky planets orbiting farther out(half of them are generally uninhabitable to all life, though, without extensive terraforming, and 7 of the planets have atmospheres that have very high levels of oxygen with low levels of nitrogen, 3 of those being uninhabitable to all life due to temperature), wit…

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  • NovaTopaz

    Upcoming System proposals

    November 18, 2016 by NovaTopaz

    Now, I may not be good at this, or have never attempted it, but I'm going to get a review thing done as for proposals to some new systems. I have 2 that should be able to be made into a draft that the community can vote on, as can the admins, and I might think of some new systems while doing that.


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  • USS Enterprise CVN-65

    I actually never expected it to come here.

    No, this isn't from what just happened, this isn't about the USSR-UNSC conflict, or Germany, or any sh*t like that. I have done some ridiculous moves in it, ones that are quite idiotic, and you are all going to throw as much discontent and hate at me for this. If you are, you may display your claims of hypocrisy and criticism on my affect on the wiki in the comments. Even with it, I believe in my priorities, and My Life > The wiki.

    So you are all asking "Isn't this what you said you wouldn't do, leave in a conflict?" Yes, I said that, and I said that I would be here until the bitter end. The problem is that, I have a lot of stuff going on, there is school and clubs and such that I've committed to, I…

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  • Harmonmj13

    UNSC Reporting Names

    October 22, 2016 by Harmonmj13

    This blog is for the UNSC's reporting names for various USSR equiptment, based heavily on the NATO reporting name system (this means some may share the same name as some IRL equiptment).


    Common Name UNSC Reporting Name
    Morozov S-51/Morozov S-51MS Stalina Serpent
    Morozov S-54 Dvina Dagger
    Morozov ST-I Gagarin Cosmo
    Morozov S-52MS Sturmovik Bear
    Morozov T-10 Krasnaya Zvezda Kraken
    Yakolev Yak-60 Voroshilov Traitor
    Yakolev Yak-61 Petrov Penguin
    Morozov S-85R Zhukov Zebra
    Morozov ST-IM Invader
    Morozov S-90 Jaguar
    Type-32/Type-35E Seraph
    Type-40 Polaris Polaris
    CTLX-99 Leopard Leopard
    Stalker-class Interceptor Stalker

    Common Name UNSC Reporting Name
    HA-98 Sparrow Sparrow

    Common Name UNSC Reporting Name
    Morozov S-60 Type-01
    Morozov S-61 Type-02
    Morozov S-62 Type-03

    Common Name UN…

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  • TheAlphatheOmega

    Overview and Information=

    |-|Chapter 1=

    |-|Chapter 2=

    |-|Chapter (the number after 2)=

    |-|Chapter 4(hint: the last one was 3)=

    |-|Chapter (you should have numbers down by now)=

    |-|Chapter (do I seriously need to tell you?)=

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  • Captain rudder guy Kevin1

    Damloth System proposal:

    The Damloth System is a possible star system, along with an indigenous space faring race, I wish to bring to RP. To conform with the need for admin approval, I am posting this here for review. I could technically approve it myself, but that seems kinda biased. Anyways, here we go.

    Physical characteristic of the system.

    The Damloth System is a binary star system home to several planets, along with some asteroid belts. The primary star, is a main sequence star of 1.5 solar masses. The second star, is a red dwarf star, which orbits the primary star at a distance of 50 AU. The systems is roughly 70 LY from Sol.

    The gravitational effects of this orbiting star have shaped the Damloth System in an unusual way. Because of the …

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  • NovaTopaz

    Well, for those who either don't frequent the Discord chat or didn't read it last night, I offically updated my iPad to 9.3.5. This is the end of the line with this iPad, and there was a game I wanted to get that required 9.0 or higher... Pretty much the deciding factor for the change. Now, don't worry, I did back up my stuff to a computer before I did this, including a copy of the entire BSC app and the 2 SQLites I had, but I think I'm going to stick with 9.3.5(I don't think I can change it anyway... IDK). But, while this does mean I'm stuck on whatever one I selected (I think it's SWC, but meh), I might continue being in RP, but not as an active participant. Basically, being a broker for deals, weapons, tanks, small ships, and the like, …

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  • FlammeumDraco333


    September 25, 2016 by FlammeumDraco333

    Hey guys... it's been a good run, but I'm afraid I have to leave... probably for good, unless somehow things change in my life... things have turned to hell for me, I'm not even sure I'll live to see my 18th birthday. Oh well. It'll probably be best if I were dead anyhow...

    My navies and characters and such? Just assume my navies have gone inactive... other characters in other navies have all committed suicide. Take my crap, maybe destroy it. I don't care quite frankly. None of it was honestly worth anything.

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  • HistoricalGamer

    "Let's Go Canada"

    September 20, 2016 by HistoricalGamer

    Move over, resurgent Axis,

    When Canada takes her aim!

    Your butt will fly to Russia,

    Your brain to PANZER's Spain!

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  • Marcboy99

    It's been 15 Years now

    September 11, 2016 by Marcboy99

    It's been 15 Years since Terrorists hijacked 4 Airliners and killed almost 3,000 Innocent People on Semptember 11th, 2001. While I was really little, I have a very(like really very...) vivid sight of the Second Plane and the horrors of that day. I would like to remember what happened that day and honor all who were lost. We shall never forget that horrific day. I also want to make a personal honor to Tom Burnett who was from Minnesota and on 9/11 was on Flight 93. Along with other passengers, they stormed the cockpit and prevented the Hijackers from crashing it into another target. However, in the process, the plane crashed killing all of them.

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  • Orion Caelum
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  • Harmonmj13

    Spartan Ops

    September 7, 2016 by Harmonmj13

    Spartan Ops follows the story of Spartan Team Lavender and Spartan-III Omega Company. This series is based on Enterprise's posts about Green Team, and will be a personal project. I will cover various missions both Lavender Team and Omega Company have completed (mostly Lavender), from augmentation to the present day.

    Chapter 1 TBA

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  • NovaTopaz

    Stuff has happened.

    September 6, 2016 by NovaTopaz

    I lot of things have happened recently, with Protoss being dead and other stuff, as well as shinanigans on discord, I figured I'd get this out, and this is copy-pasted, so some of it IS outdated and should be removed from the list, mostly the bring up part.

    1 week long period before using a major traded tech, three days for a minor

    1 major tech per month

    New classification system

    redaction policy for majority rules

    Posts may be redacted under the following conditions: actions within the post were completely impossible, post was redacted within 2 minutes of posting, post was agreed by a majority of involved parties to be unacceptable, other reasons via specific admin permission.

    Bring up:

    Removing FTL on aircraft

    Cloaking devices on vehicles (depen…

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  • Captain rudder guy Kevin1

    Alright, anyone who has paid attention to the Human vs Protoss battles, you will have noticed the deployment of a shield like device by the UAC. Now, because of some semantics and technicalities, it hasn't yet been banned or retconned away. Now, recently in the discord chats, various other methods for sheilds are being batted around. So the question becomes, what should the wiki's policy be on shield type technology. The current position the RoE takes is that they are not allowed, but is insufficiently vague about what a shield is. While attempts have been made to bring the issue up on chat and discord, it still seems to be insufficiently addressed. So, we will address it here.

    Firstly: How do we define a shield? Since the RoE is extremely …

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  • FlammeumDraco333


    August 26, 2016 by FlammeumDraco333

    What exactly did you people manage to do over the summer? I've barely been able to get on.

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  • Panzerboy790

    Okay. It's getting annoying. Many users here have asked me about my ships ("Where are they, pics?") and its very annoying having to explain to every single one of them. Here is a blogpost that we can refer to if you have any questions, and hopefully, answer them!

    A: Well, 1st off, my profile is an info-dump. All contents, RP or not, are non-canon and from other websites/games. The "Why Turkey is Commie" post on my profile is non-canon and extracted from Call of War and IRL, when Turkey couped and left NATO to join CCCP. But like I said above, its all crap and don't take them seriously.

    A: Today (August 18) is a school-day for me, as school started on August 12. That is the reason why I have not been active from August 6-August 14, as it is o…

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  • Orion Caelum

    I have constructed a finely-crafted video showcasing Hitler's reaction to the Protoss attacks on AFOH and the circumstances leading up to them.

    I hope it will give you guys a laugh. Leave a comment down below about what your favorite part was, if at all, and whether you'd like to see any more of these for different events in BSCN!

    You may locate the video by following this sophisticately-handcrafted hyperlink. There Be Hitlers.

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  • AdmyralDoc

    Here is another sentiment of mine that I quite dislike in our current era of RP:

    Ships are REALLY being judged by looks; and it's actually affecting RP.

    Let me take some examples of ships made by users that I've looked up to in the past two years.

    If I recall correctly, Io, made by TATO is skinny at some parts as well.

    So, some of these are just fat with wings, others are genuinely skinny. Notice how I didn't use a single Doc ship in here, which are notoriously known for being thin. With a face slapped on it. And some red eyes.

    So, what do all these ships have in common? They're all skinny.

    What does that matter? They look awesome while being effective at the same time, right?


    Traditionally, in RP, a ship was usually determined by its toughnes…

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  • Void Samukai






    Orion Caelum

    Orion meets Samukai, here's a battler

    Who thinks he can step up to the ultimate rapper

    But when I go hand to hand with you, I go ban hammer

    Knock off your hat, choke you up in your war banner

    Sent you to Japan with a message from Orion

    If you try to fight me, you will end up dying

    So cross this battle line, and head straight into a massacre

    And get f#cked more than the Protoss in South Africa

    Void Samukai

    You talk a lot of sh!t, for a second grade hunter

    I thought you had killer lines. Where were they in this blunder

    For all I hear is steam, from a guy with no honour

    And I'm coming on you like a Type 1 bomber

    So you should take your planet killer guns and hide under them

    You're f#ckin…

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  • Tankswinger


    This is serious.

    Over the last month, technology in RP has gotten to absurd heights - to the point where they are making ships more or less obsolete. Almost completely obsolete.

    Cyber-warfare, especially on the scale of Orion's "Warminds", essentially allows any navy to turn even the best ship against them. Tech such as the Exodus Drive now makes tactical planning more or less obsolete. Wave cancellation now aims to loophole around the rules of shields. You get the point.

    The biggest problem isn't the tech, however. The biggest problem is the future of ships.

    I dreaded the day that technology would have more weight than ships. Before, it was more or less contained - technology wasn't the sole deciding factor and wars were based around tacti…

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  • AdmyralDoc


    August 29, 2014: Preston J. Cole arrives at Ceres to form the UAC, alliance with AIF is made due to Cole's ties to them.

    September 7, 2014: Eris is colonized to increase production to counter any Prometheus attacks.

    September 11, 2014: A Purified Blade-class vessel is found abandoned by the UAC. They retrieve it and use it to increase their defenses.

    September 12, 2014: Prometheus threat increases, production is increased and ships are mobilizing to counter any assaults.

    September 15, 2014: The Regia Marina attacks the AIF, in response to this, the UAC bombards Italian bases and helps defend ISBA. The AIF Fleet Admiral Terrence Hood is wounded and his crew makes a jump to Ceres.

    September 16, 2014: UAC prepare to assist the AIF in an assault on the…

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  • Orion Caelum







    When I apply my battle theory

    Minds are relatively blown

    So take a seat, Orion

    Oops; your fleet's already owned

    What's with your attitude?

    I can't frickin tell

    You sound like AP half the time

    Or like some sort of wannabe god sending to hell

    I'll school you anywhere

    ANF to Oxford

    All your fans will be like 

    "Um, that was awkward"

    I'm as dope as an exponential amount of rappers, you better be scared

    Because that means Anthon-E = MC^2!


    You have no idea what you're messing with here, TATO

    I've got 40 meter railguns on my ships that's how I roll ya'll

    You look like someone glued a BSC tablet to a troll doll

    I'll be stretching out the rhyme like gravity stretches time

    When you tr…

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  • Orion Caelum







    Look what the cat dragged back from the ban

    Man, your love life might be Solo, but you ain't Han

    I build 4.0 battleships, and yours are way worse than mine

    Here's some aspirin, because I'll leave you with a cracked skull tonight

    Because my skill is incredible, and your taste in music is terrible

    Who even listens to Blue Oyster Cult anyway?

    Even Dazzle wants to do me, and now that you're right next to me

    I can understand why they took you out of command of the UAC


    Sit down, son, and let me give you a science lesson

    Ask TATO-- with those rhymes, to me you can't be stepping

    Never surrender? You'll never be forgetting

    My techs are masterpieces that will last throughout the age…

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  • Panzerboy790


    August 13, 2016 by Panzerboy790

    Guys, I will be afk for sometime. School's starting for meh. If I have any incompleted research please complete them for me and I will be back in 2 weeks [?]


    Panzerboy99 (talk) 04:43, August 13, 2016 (UTC)

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  • ThatGenericName

    All events that takes place in Canada will be posted here.

    Royal Army forces dug in within Montreal, NLA forces has been able to gain a small foothold to allow reinforcements to arrive safely.

    NLA forces were able to quickly overrun the poorly equipped Royal Army forces station in the eastern provinces and the province of Nunavut.

    Army (Royal Army) - Active, lacking equipment and public support.

    Navy (Royal Navy) - Inactive

    Air Force (Royal Air Force) - Reactivating

    Current Stances - War Nutrality. Low support for defence forces. Military trade support

    Ideology - Democractic

    Army (New Liberation Army) - Active

    Navy (New Liberation Army Navy) - Organizing

    Air Force (New Liberation Army Air Force) - Organizing

    Current Stances - War Nutrality. High supp…

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  • Panzerboy790

    This is basically a page dedicated to the records on BSCN, similiar to the BSC Record Holders page. It is basically an archive that everyone can look up to; Maybe even motivate users to beat the records listed here. If you think you have what it takes, feel free to edit, especially adminstrators!

    • No requesting of ship evaluation outside of your ships specific category defined by the judges.
    • No Postimg of fake stats
    • No insulting other people's creations

    • Toughest Battleship:
    • Toughest Heavy Cruiser:
    • Toughest Light Cruiser:
    • Toughest Destroyer:
    • Toughest Torpedo Boat:
    • Toughest Corvette:
    • Toughest Superwarship:
    • Toughest Flying ship:
    • Toughest Aircraft Carrier:
    • Toughest Submarine:

    •  Battleship:
    •  Heavy Cruiser:
    •  Light Cruiser:
    •  Destroyer:
    •  Torpedo Boat:
    • Corvette:
    • Superwar…

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  • ThatGenericName

    This is a blog post that explains the situation of Canada up to the 2 posts that happened yesterday. Still a work in progress

    • Communist Party of Canada collapse, lack of support from the public and the party running out of money.

    • Conservative Party increases funding to military due to the rising military powers of both the Coalition and AXIS powers.
    • Public ideals better military protection and a larger military of Canada.

    • USSR Formation causes increased communist ideology shift, New Communist Party forms.
    • Canadian Naval Aerospace Program begins. Development of aerospace warships begins.

    • Canadian 2015 Federal Election occures. NCP gains 16 seats as Communist Support is still low, Conservatives party gains 186 seats.

    • Aerospace Navy created, several…

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  • USS Enterprise CVN-65

    Going to Boy Scout Camp, will be back on Saturday. All of you know the drill. Please refrain from doing anything major that relates to my navy, unless you have to (since TATO's up to stuff).

    Special Note: Dev/HistoricalGamer/However you want to be called, can we try to keep the Coup event on hold until I return? (This applies to you guys in the USSR also)

    If I have any other important information, I'll probably say it in the comments.

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  • HistoricalGamer

    Coup d'état?

    July 20, 2016 by HistoricalGamer
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  • WolfgangBSC


    July 12, 2016 by WolfgangBSC


    This story follows a courageous man named Dimitry Krinkov, who races against time and battles unthinkable odds. His resistance organization, simply called "Freedom" is an anti communist resistance group within the Sviatoslav Republic which fights back against the communist regime and her allies. They started out small, but have since grown to a force that is concerning the government of the SR and USSR. They have spread from the SR to all over the nations within the USSR.

    However this brave group of young men and women and even children is dangerously close to being terminated by the new secret police and military counter-intelligence agency, the VK, which was recently formed in the wake of the resistance group causing chaos behind…

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  • CommunistPotato1945

    May contain mature content, Viewer's discretion is advised


    As a competion to Orion's Rap Battle, I made this to go against him. Basically when we are little toddlers we all heard of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" or "ABC Song" and when we are matured we think them as immature and... f*cking stupid. I made these to make fun of them (Sorry if I insulted some "adult babies")

    ABC Phonic Song

    Phonics are sounds of letters, here goes my parody:

    A is for a*shole, a*shole, a*shole

    B is for balls, sucking my balls

    F is for feeling, I feel f*ck

    W is for whore, my maid is a whore.

    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

    How I wonder how red you are

    Up above Ru…

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  • Harmonmj13

    It's time we did something to make this wiki as great as it was three years ago. It's time we remove all the wrong from this community and make it great again. Here is what I'm proposing.

    There is too much land grabbing going on at once, so we need to divide nearly equal numbers of land across the IRL continents on Earth and we can have the option to expand each nation's influence and area if we so choose. I'm working on creating a map proposal with a map legends which will go here.

    Sooner or later, they will be too many Communist nations and next to no democracies. I suggest we make sure government types stay politically balanced between nations.

    Federal Republic Federation Constitutional Monarchy Fascism Communism Imperial Dictatorship

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  • WolfKingDemon

    Open main menu

    Edit this pageWatch this page Hydrogen This article is about the chemistry of hydrogen. For the physics of atomic hydrogen, see Hydrogen atom. For other uses, see Hydrogen (disambiguation). Hydrogen, 1H Hydrogen discharge tube.jpg Purple glow in its plasma state Hydrogen Spectra.jpg Spectral lines of hydrogen General properties Name, symbol hydrogen, H Pronunciation /ˈhaɪdrədʒən/[1] hy-drə-jən Appearance colorless gas Hydrogen in the periodic table Hydrogen (diatomic nonmetal) Helium (noble gas) Lithium (alkali metal) Beryllium (alkaline earth metal) Boron (metalloid) Carbon (polyatomic nonmetal) Nitrogen (diatomic nonmetal) Oxygen (diatomic nonmetal) Fluorine (diatomic nonmetal) Neon (noble gas) Sodium (alkali metal) Magnes…

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  • Orion Caelum








    Picture a new user joining the wiki

    Learning from your mistakes to become a much better commander

    Now picture the juggernaught that is PCV

    Who can bunker bust all over your asteroid belt scene!

    Try to duel with me, USS, ya must be Psycho

    I'll bring back the Nightmare and take a bite of your glorified lifeboats

    I'm always so on the top of BSC -- the game, I get vertigo

    My fleet's in LEO, waiting for me to murder ya

    I rocked the Fissure and Neo-Earth; your navies got nixed

    You rock as many ships as that schlep Admiral Phoenix

    Next time you're cowering behind Israel or AIF from PCV's might

    Check your scanners, see me bringing a flying ship blight

    I produce battleship…

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  • CommunistPotato1945

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Happy birthday BSCN! I am one of the only one that saw the creation and now its.... downfall....

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  • CommunistPotato1945

    This is the revised edition of the orginal Rise and Fall of PANZER. Remastered with grammar fixes, shortened unneeded spam posts, made the dates of the posts/letters/transmissions more accurate. Other than that, it is the same great collection that you will share for "generations to come".

    Comes with a new afterword!

    January 2nd  -Letter from Generaladmiral Wilhelm Strasse to Großadmiral Heinrich von Strasser- To Großadmiral Heinrich von Strässer, I request to maintain a position in the army and to form the special forces divisions of the army to prepare for our plans ahead. -Generaladmiral Whilhelm Strasse  -Response by Heinrich von Strasser- Permission granted, Herr Strasse. - Strässer  ==Chapter 1 - The Road to War  ==  -Secure transmissio…

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  • CommodoreGregory

    So the Big Question is....

    Is this wiki still running or no I'm very confused as of now 

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  • CommunistPotato1945

    I don't know if you ever read the famous book The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich . Basically, these posts are a collection of posts in the PANZER page showing the rise of PANZER and how it "blitz-ed" the whole of Europe. Itt's good to read these posts which are a great way to learn how PANZER conquered whole of Europe (Either if you are new here or if you forgot how PANZER conquered Europe). As always, enjoy reading!

    The Road to War  


    -Secure transmission from Heinrich von Strasser to all members of Panzer, January 4th-


    Strässer contacts all the members of PANZER via a heavily secured transmission line.


    Men, I have designed a new type of revolutionary piece of equipment, that will surely give us an edge in ground warfare. The Panzerkampfw…

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  • Marcboy99


    June 27, 2016 by Marcboy99

    Alright, so some may know that I'm going to Poland and Israel this summer. Well, the time has come, tomorrow I will leave Minnesota to Chicago then fly out to Poland. Don't expect me to be active as, even though I will have data, I won't really use it as I will be checking out sights. So yeah, see everyone on August 1st!

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