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Gamecenter Names

List of players
Wikia Name Gamecenter Name Navies Currently In Info On Your Multiplayer Battles
Marcboy99 Marcboy99 USNF, ANF, BKNF, IN, FRN, USNAF I use Aircraft Carriers, Flying Ships and Battleships. Hansa Mod Ships.
WolfgangBSC Wolfgang_The_Great Many navies I'm not active in MP these days, but if you see me, I'll probably be driving my barges and super battleships around.
Ilikestuffnthings NitroSquirrel13 Many navies I mostly use smaller ships, but i have a few VIP level ships.
Ficus7 ISNtempest HYDRAXIS I don't GC very often, and haven't for a few months. But if I get a chance to I'll probably use my Pike, my Armegeddon, or maybe my Schimiter II.
PhantomXT Ace Mx chicharoc Many navies I usually use the ARM Oaxaca or the HXAS Liberator, however, I know how to adapt in combat with any ship.
AdmiralJoshNinja Dark Ninja... AFOH

You'll usually find me in a submarine, but sometimes I'll cruise in surface ships as well.

Aghostintheboat Aghostinthecenter ANF Hansa 2.4, PST, GO!
Tribaldragon1 preparefordeastruction DPL, Sith Imperial Fleet, and Nimitz Navy Cannot actually battle online due to a glitch with my BSC freezing with Wi-Fi. If I come back up you'll find me in my Ragnarok or Fist of Opression.
Maceswinger Maceswinger

HYDRAXIS Navy, Sith Imperial Fleet

Expect me in one of the most powerful ships ever known in the Battleshipcraft Navies realm.....the HXFS Epimetheus. Or the Sith Hammer. Or the HXFS Prometheus. Either way,all three are terrifying

Mr. Nutt25 Mr. Nutt25 ISBA Usually on my favorite ship Exodus, however you can find me on another of my Super-Warships if you are worthy.....
USS Zumwalt DDG-1000 #JmoneyCoc/BSC SNF, IN, AIF sometimes I don't ever go on GC Because it's blocked, but when I do, I'll be commanding one of my Israeli ships or my AIF ships
Harmonmj13 Harmonmj13 USA, AF, UAC, AIF, PANZER, IRF, SNF, IN I haven't done any RP battles, but I mostly play GC battles for fun and to test a new ship's strength and durability.