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Baltic League
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Dark green: Baltic League members, Light Green: Neighboring Naval Powers

Full Name

Cooperative Military League of Baltic Sea States


Raigo Zemenu


Battleship Tallinn

Active Vessels

50,000 supply, repair and warships

Active Military Personnel

Six million +

Member Nations

Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, Poland


Mexican Navy, CAF, Sea Fleet Society, S.W.O.R.D., Neo-Earth Commonwealth, Scandinavian Alliance Members


none declared

Special Attention

SWORD relations, Promethean presence on Neo-Earth

We are the Baltic League. It is a military alliance of countries that border the Baltic Sea. I personally am Raigo Zemenu, hailing from Estonia. We intend on gaining the respect our countries have been denied by the global powers.


The Baltic League was formed from the militaries of the states that form the borders of the Baltic Sea north of Europe; Poland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. For centuries our lands exchanged hands between the European powers of Germany, Russia, and some times Sweden. Now, since the fall of the Soviet Union and the communist bloc, we intend on remaining independent, the only way we stand a chance, is if we stand together.

Commanding officers

Grand Admiral of the Navies Raigo Zemenu: he is a loyal soldier of Estonia appointed by the Baltic states to lead the combined fleet.

Chief of Polish Naval Operations Leon beleski:born to high ranking members of the communist party of Poland during its Cold War history, beleski serves as the head of the polish contingent of the Baltic league.

Chief of Finnish Naval Operation John Zhukov: An American  born Finnish immigrant Zhukov returned to Finland to help defend her in the latest Finnish-Russian war he now serves as the chief of Finnish Naval operations in the Baltic leage.

Chief of Lithuanian Naval Operation: Erik Kazlauskas: A proud Lithuanian Admiral with a burning hatred of anyone who threatens him. He is a ruthless but effective Admiral who would risk everything for the Baltic League.

Chief of Latvian Naval Operations Imant Kalns: (description coming soon)

Vice Admiral Ackerman Tomack: (description coming soon)

Open Positions

The following are open slots for applications:

  • Admirals of all ranks

Apply today.

Please note: all Chiefs of _____ Naval Operations will be the namesake of a Zemenu-designed battleship class.

Joining Application

Planned Baltic league flag

1. Your name (preferably an Eastern European name, but not required).

2. Country of origin.

3. What is your flagship?

4. What ships do you specialize in?

5. What is your Game Center ID?

6. How will you react around others?

7. What rank will you like to have?


Non-Aggression Pacts

Baltic League Ships

Post your ships here.


Aircraft Carriers





Costal Patrol Ships

Scout/Reconaissance Ships

Fleet Formations

Recent Events

The Baltic League scuttled a number of its decommissioned ships. Most were severely outdated armored cruisers that were to used as display ships or were kept for sentimental reasons. Their scuttling will create a number of artificial reefs, where coral and animals can colonize.

The Baltic League and the Neo-Earth Commonwealth Naval Fleet created an alliance after the Commonwealth was attacked by the Prometheus Corporation. Patrols comprising of ships from both navies have become commonplace. Baltic advisors have also visited the Commonwealths shipyards, giving advice for its MK II carriers.

Recently, the Baltic League has used its Interstellar Naval Vessel Transport to bring Mexican Navy ships to Neo-Earth. After bringing the Mexican Navy up to speed on events, they were sent off. They and the Baltic League remain allies.