Atarashimono Navy
Japan FLag 1

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The Atarashimono


Hasegawa Shinjitsu



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Unknown Amount

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Combined German Forces



NOTE: This is a fictional navy for a RP and we are not actually rebels plotting some devious plan.

Hello there. We are the Atarashimono. You common peasants call us "Japanese Pirates." We, however, refuse to be labeled as such. We are just men who have realized the condition of Japan is. World War II reduced our great empire into ashes, and I, Hasegawa Shinjitsu, begged the emperor to retake our glory. He refused all my pleads and advice, and forced me to split from the Japanese Empire. But soon, they will all praise me and the Atarashimono. We will be the ones who return Japan to its glory, and make it even more powerful. We will take back what is rightfully ours, and no one will get in our way...for we are the New Ones to rule this world.


  • GensuiKaigunTaishō Hasegawa Shinjitsu: The marshal admiral, or leader, of the Atarashimono, Hasegawa aims to bring Japan back to the glorious empire that lived before WWII ended.


  • June 16, XXXX, allied with Combined German Forces.
  • Unknown Date, sucessful looting from abandoned Carolinian ports and sunken Russian battleships.
  • Unknown Date, Atarashimono Navy is formed.


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