Full Name

Alliance of Imperial Fleets


  • USS Zumwalt DDG 1000
  • Captain Rudder Guy Kevin
  • USS Enterprise CVN-65


Naval Organization


Lawful Good


5,000,000 personnel




  • AIF Mainland
  • AIF Tropic Islands (ISBA Territory)
  • Tenelapis V
  • Panama Canal
  • Vent Gamma (Tenelapis)

This is the page for the AIF, which stands for the Alliance of Imperial Fleets, which is open to anyone to join. The AIF is an active navy in RP, and our goal is to become something similar to the AFOH, but without the Hansa restrictions placed by that navy.


There are currently five divisions in the AIF.


IKN flag

The battle ensign of the IKN division of the fleet.

Full Name: Imperial Kevin Navy

Serving as both a strike force and a defensive force, the IKN focuses primarily on heavy surface units, with smaller numbers of light support craft. The IKN is also one of the forces that formed the AIF.

Commander of Division: Fleet Admiral: David F. Hodston

Motto: Never say die

  • ECD

The battle ensign of the ECD

Full Name: Enterprise-Conneticut Division.

Tasked with command of the Home Fleet, a massive fleet of over 300 ships protecting the AIF Home Islands. The division also provides support for other divisions while on assault. Most of the division consists of cruisers, destroyers, frigates, with some battleships and aircraft carriers. The ECD is the naval division of the Enterprise-Connecticut Forces of America, a government formed after they were cut off from the United States during the Aires Wars. They came across the AIF when searching for supplies and land to settle on. Compared to divsions such as the IKN and KISDF where Imperialism is more common, the ECD is more like their home country, the United States. They are known for their common tactic in battle: missile barrage

Commander of Division: Fleet Admiral: Terrence Hood

Flagship: USS Connecticut BB-02

Motto: Iunctus nos firmiores


The battle ensign of the AIF Tropical Division


Full Name: Alliance of Imperial Fleets Tropical Division

The AIFTD is the Division tasked with keeping the Eastern Pacific region safe. Stretching from a few hundred miles beyond IKN Disruptors to the far side of Panama. Within the fleet are numerous Super-Warship classes and many Flying Ship classes. As the most experienced division the AIFTD has some of the most experienced officers in the AIF, some who commanded the old ISBA during the First War. While the AIFTD has not received many new ships from its Docks, due to its absence in many current engagments , has many older generation ships being outfitted with modern tech. These ships now serve as surfae warfare ships and mostflyng ships have been refitted to a Reserve group. Tasked with the defense of Panama and its vital canal and other colonies of the AIF.

Commander of division: Fleet Admiral: Jared Zumwalt

Flagship: IKN Fearless

Motto: nam omnes inter se et pro


The logo and battle ensign of ONI.


Full Name: Office of Naval Intelligence

The Office of Naval Intelligence is the intelligence division of the AIF. They command stealth type vessels and usually help intercept transmissions, listen to enemy chatter, espionage, and sometimes use manipulation to turn the tide of a battle in their favor. Exclusive for admirals and above unless authorized.

Commanders of Division:

  • The ONI Commander ( Played by USS Enterprise CVN-65)

Flagship: ONIS Los Angeles CCG-10

Motto: Semper vigilans

Officers in Division:

  • Rear Admiral:
  • Operative:


Full Name: Alliance of Imperial Fleets Aerospace Division

The AIFAD is the aerospace division of the AIF. With total control of all aerospace vessels in the AIF, it is a vital factor as the AIF enters the age of space.

Commanders of Division:

Officers in Divison:


Motto: Spatium, quo finem ultimum. Hi sunt autem navigationes AIFAD. Eorum missio turbinis defendere quaerant quo nemo ante iit fiducia novam vitam

Ground Forces

While the AIF mainly focuses on naval power, a section of it includes ground forces. They are commonly seen during amphibious assaults and defense from invaders. Each division has a section for ground forces.

Weapons and Equipment


Assault Rifles

Submachine Guns

Sniper Rifles


Heavy Weapons


Battle Robots


Assault Platforms

Main Battle Tanks

Medium Tanks

Light Tanks

Armored Vehicles

Tank Destroyers

Recon Vehicles


Aircraft used by the AIF:


Full Name: Imperial Marine Guard

AIF bdu

The correct IMG BDU. Equipped with numerous pouches, a goggle type HUD, and providing limited protection from small arms fire, this current BDU gives imperial troops an advantage on the battlefield not previously enjoyed.

Kevin heres another BDU pic

An IMG soldier in the BDU with a 207mm Archer anti-tank rocket, a license variant of the UAC's Titanhammer.

Division serving: IKN

Personnel: 400,000

Vehicles: N-9A battle tank, N-15 heavy tank (Rth's tank), TUSK Series Assault Platforms, T-1B hovertank.

The Imperial Marine Guard is the amphibious ground forces tasked with job of invading and holding enemy positions, and serving as a guarding force for the Empire's holdings. They are a well trained group, and are renowned for their use of oversize weapons, including the PA-12. They have fairly advanced tech, but as stated above, their signature is very large handheld weapons. Armor is good against light rounds or armor piercing, and larger standard ammo. They have pioneered the use of four legged walkers in the form of assault platforms.


Full Name: Enterprise-Connecticut Marine Corps

Division Serving Under: ECD

Personal: 200,000

Vehicles: Challenger 3 MTB, M42 Walker Bulldog, GA-TL1 Longsword

The ECD's marine forces are used to attack enemy land bases where ships cannot attack, conduct amphibious assaults, and guard important locations. They are professionally trained and a lot of funding had gone into the ECMC. That allowed the development of state-of-the-art technology for their weapons. Though they do wear ballistic armor, it cannot withstand many hits before the user is vulnerable. Many are currently deployed in Panama, ISBA, and the Home Islands. Most weapons have been developed from Misriah Armory, a major weapons, armor, and vehicle manufacturer, making them have a similar resemblance to UAC-based weaponry


Applications are posted in the comments in this format:


<Divison you are joining>

<Reason for wanting to join>

<# of ships>

<List of ships>


The AIF hasn't established many rules yet, but here are a few basic ones;

1.Try to be a fairly regular visitor or contributor.

2.Keep your ships in their own category, no battleships in the cruiser section etc.

3.No damaging edits please.

4.Please put ship names in italics. (Double apostrophe at each end of word)

5.-applies for ONI only- Given the price of stealth technology, we would like only cruiser-smaller ships

6.Taking of a territory/navy by the AIF must be approved by all three fleet admirals

7.Any approach by AIF forces on the territory of a powerful enemy must be approved by at least two fleet admirals.

8.It is recommended that aerospace warships be painted with a red, blue, and white color scheme, however it is not mandatory.

Identification/Naval Prefixes

We don't have any universal identification, but any user that is joining may use any of five prefixes depending on what division they join;

IKN for the IKN Division

USS/ECD for the ECD Division

AIFTD for the AIFTD Division


AIF for flying ships

If you do not wish to join a division, we advise you to use the AIF prefix, that allows us to easily identify our ships from other ones.


Our alliances currently are with;

We have non aggression pacts with;


Colonial Holdings

These are the colonial holdings of the AIF.

Earth Colonies:

  • ISBA Territory
  • Panama Canal

Tenelapis Colonies:

  • Vent Gamma
  • Pillar Olympus

Mars Colonies:

  • Mining Camp M1 south of Arisa Space Port
  • Four colonies in the MC 4 quadrangle

Other Colonies:

  • Greeks and Hildas

Telos Colonies:

  • Various Cities
  • Classified "Research Facility" somewhere in the Telos System


Here is the AIF's fleet of warships.

Super warships






Fast Boats, Frigates, Corvettes, and LCS


Miscellaneous Vessels

Aerospace Warships

Aerospace Warship Roster

Ship Class Builder/Operator Status of Ships in Class Number (or 'to be') Built Description Ship Names
Antares Class Flying Frigate Hodston In Service 60 AIF Antares
Constellation Class Flying Light Cruiser Hodston In Service 100 AIF Constellation
Gaurdian of Hope Flying Battleship Hodston In Service 300(250) AIF Gaurdian of Hope
Pinnacle of Light Super Battleship Hodston In Service 4(3) AIF Pinnacle of Light
Nova Class Flying Super Battleship Hodston In Service 10(8) AIF Nova

AIF Endar Spire

AIF Renown

AIF Dauntless

AIF Repulse

AIF Champion of Telos

AIF Indomitable

AIF Defiant

Sword of Justice Flying Super Battleship/Command Ship Hodston In Service 1 AIF Sword of Justice
Swiftsurf Class Flying Corvette Hodston In Service 600(500) AIF Swiftsurf
Vigilance Class Flying Frigate Hodston In Service 400(300) AIF Vigilance
Sulaco Class Flying Light Cruiser Hodston In Service 300(130) AIF Sulaco
Katar Class Flying Heavy Cruiser Hodston In Service 200(80) AIF Katar

Fleet / Ship formations

Orbital Infrastructure


Active members These people are alive and well in RP. Some are more active than others.

Cofounder of the AIF, he specializes in heavy dreadnought battleships in level 6, along with battlecruisers of similar quality. Uses both vanilla and hansa 2.4. Secondary characters: Admiral Bradford Arents, a battlecruiser commander, and Captain Fredrick Jones, a tough, no nonsense submarine captain.

Specializes in the design of most warships in modern design. He uses classic BSC and sometimes Hansa mod.

builds destroyers, Carriers, and large battleships.

Ex-AEON, left after the fall of AEON, builds mainly flying ships, but does build surface ships.

Ex-US Navy, served onboard the battleship Texas during WWII and died during the D-Day invasion. Although he is a clone, he remembers everything that happened on the battleship. Now serves in the ECD onboard the rebuilt USS Enterprise CV-6 and builds battleships, destroyers, cruisers, carriers and submarines.

Who is this fellow?

second in command to Admiral Zumwalt, main commander of the Aerospace fleet in place of Zumwalt.

An ex U.S Navy fighter pilot.

Growing up in a family with a rich naval history, Charly was destined to be in the navy. He builds a variety of ships, including battleships, carriers, hybrids, cruisers, and destroyers.

Specializes in building historical ships and next generation battleships and battlecruiser for the IKN.