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AFOH stands for Advanced Fleet Of Hybrids. Formed on the 27th of May 2013 by HMSHOMEMADE1011, Shinato70 and Thognong, we are one of the oldest and continuously active navies in the BSCN Wiki. We consider oursleves primarily as a builder's navy and a venue where people can share their creations and expertise as well as exchange tips and ideas, but we do participate occassionally in the wiki's varied and interesting role-plays. As a rule, we only use BSC vanilla, we don't allow hacks (but of course with some exceptions -- see below) and a member should build and contribute at least one hybrid.

In role-play, we are a defensive-minded and peace-loving navy dedicated to protecting our waters and helping others in times of need. We occupy 6 islands in  a central position in the BSCN world's Western Hemisphere (see the BSCN Map) with Hybridland as our main (and biggest island) and Hybrid City as our capital. Our overseas and out-of-Earth territories include Mary Byrd Land in Antarctica (with the whole continent as our economic protectorate), Southern Africa, Papua New Guinea (including the Bismarck Archipelago), the Solomons, Oceania (Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia), the Saturn moons Prometheus (main base), Epimetheus, Siarnaq and Albiorix, and a small area in the northeast corner of the planet Tenelapis.


Anyone can join after completing these simple steps

1. Post an expression of interest in the comments

2. Include a screenshot of your ship or hybrid (Note: please display your money too as hackers are NOT allowed.)

3. Include your game centre name


1. NO hacking and no mods

  • Exception: A member can remake his non-hacked ships using only vanilla parts and weapons he already has.

2. NO glitch exploitation to get more money or ships

3. ALL members must pay regular visits to the page (just leave a comment or add a ship) unless they have a valid reason.

4. Non-members may not edit this page.

5. ....... Not much else


We do not have a colour identification to our navy but we still advise you to include AFOH in you ship's name for ID. This will make it easier for allied navies to see that we are on their side.


We follow standard naval ranks up to a certain extent. A member can move up in rank depending on his level of activity and ship contribution. Members moving up in rank will have opportunities to command our different formations (see Surface Fleet, Submarine Force and Air Fleet) in roleplay and not just the ships he has created.

  • Admiral Of The Navy HMSHomemade: He was the original founder of AFOH and is the the most experienced veteran in the navy and has great ship building knowledge. Is in charge of the N.A.S.C.C. He also handles most of the political negotiations.
  • Chief Admiral Bouexic: Builds standard but very capable ships. Is co-leader of AFOH when the Admiral of the Navy is inactive.
  • Chief Admiral Joshninja: He specializes in submarines and enjoys creating and testing new design strategies (often hybrids) as well as further refining his subs, and is co-leader of AFOH when the Admiral of the Navy is inactive.
  • Upper Admiral I am that guy: An experienced veteran that has earned his stars elsewhere, he now shares his expertise at AFOH.
  • Base Admiral AEGIS Commander: Specializes in Advanced Combat and Advanced Navigation. Also is in charge of general fleet navigation and advanced fleet combat. He commands the Armadillo base. Currently is building a flagship.
  • Base Admiral likke_A_boss: Specializes in the creation of Trimarans and Catmarans. In charge of all shipped materials and in charge of all crew members in the Navy. Also specializes in the uses of speed tweaks. He is currently working on a flagship. He is commander of F.I.N.C.C.O.M base.
  • Admiral Khoi Tran: Specialises in 46 cm gun- armed cruisers. He is the leader of the Yamamoto Imperial Navy, an ally of the AFOH. Due to RP-related complications, he is known as Shigure Samukai.
  • Admiral Shinato70: An old hand of AFOH and a co-founder, he has decided to return to the place where his reputation was first forged. Now currently designing a new range of ships that will exceed the limitations of his former flagships such as SC-2 and Absolute Justice.
  • Admiral Pochard: Has a small but effective fleet, consisting of all types of ships. Specializing in small strike craft as well as aircraft carriers. Is in charge of supplies and logistics.
  • Vice Admiral Ej2333: Also a member of the AIF. He builds almost every ship type, from battleships and submarine cruisers to super warships and flying ships.
  • Vice Admiral Skynet1864: Specializes in giant ships and fortresses.
  • Rear Admiral SpicyViper: creator of highly top secret aerospace craft which can only be discussed by admirals.
  • Rear Admiral Leader1623: AFOH's first WSC builder/member, he specializes in building hybrids.
  • Rear Admiral Marcboy99: Son of Marc Patton of the United States Navy, Marc is a specialist in Carrier Design and Submarine Design, constantly combining the two into hybrids. He is also experienced in Flying Ships usually with the help of his father.
  • Commodore Gqh007: Stuffed full with secret recipies for ships, this unpredictable guy may look like he does not know what he is doing, but do not let that fool you.
  • Commodore Shan5481: A new recruit in AFOH, though having been a rather slow shipbuilder. Focuses on working on single ships at a time, especially stable and fast battlecruisers and cruisers armed with 46cm guns and many secondaries despite having weak toughness ratings.
  • Commander Jit1212: Specializces in fast attack warships and dreadnoughts.
  • Commander ClubFoot55: Specializes in destroyers. Is good at building fast ships with high weaponry and slow ships with high armor and ramming capabilities. Often mixes the two. Is also in charge of the AFOH Aircraft Island. Highly and openly opposes UR.
  • Commander Neoplus: He may lack experience, but he makes up for it with enthusiasm and ideas. He is also experimenting with some large carriers.
  • Commander Ccrazyninja: Specializes in experimental super warships.
  • Lieutenant ilikestuffnthings: Specialises in high speed ships with low-medium armaments. Will build any ship when requested.
  • Lieutenant BKFighter: Speacializes in Littoral Combat Ships. Will not be available for duty very often.
  • Lieutenant Cobra Strike: Specializes in lower-level battleships, small craft, and is in charge of the ISAF/AFOH Tether program.
  • Lieutenant Starmier123: A new recruit who specialises in Battlecruisers, Destroyers and Escort Carriers.
  • Lieutenant PhantomXT Ace Mx: A new member of AFOH, however, he has plenty of experience, and he can build any type of ship.
  • Lieutenant Raymo111: Also part of the AIF. Specializes in insanely fast and agile battleships with 4000+ toughness. Can build almost anything when needed to.


We are strongly against any "evil" navies, e.g. UR, HYDRAXIS, Prometheus, Sith


  • ISBA Navy
  • USAF Navy
  • A.N.F. Enterprise Consolidated Fleet
  • G.I.H.N.
  • Neu Belkatsche Reichsmarine
  • S.A.N.
  • U.N.S.D.F.
  • U.S.N.F.
  • Mexican Navy
  • Royal Navy
  • Cerberus Armed Forces
  • Carolinian Imperial Navy
  • Israeli Navy
  • S.T.F. Navy
  • BKFighter Navy
  • AIF
  • UAC
  • UMG
  • Socorro Navy
  • New Arcadian Republic
  • Gallian Empire

Non Aggression Pacts

  • Russian Navy
  • Baltic League


Here is AFOH's fleet of ships.

Super Warships



Aircraft Carriers / Carrier Hybrids



Battleships and Battlecruisers (incl. Hybrids)



Light Battleships / Cruisers



Destroyers, Frigates & Littoral Combat Ships (LCS)



Fast Attack / Recon Craft



Special Warfare Craft








Command and Amphibious Warfare Ships



Support Vessels



Training / Ceremonial Ships







Flying/Aerospace Carriers/Battle-carriers



Flying/Aerospace Battleships/Battlecruisers



Flying/Aerospace Cruisers/Destroyers/Frigates



Flying/Aerospace Support Ships



Aerospace Craft









Infantry Fighting Vehicles


Other Land Vehicles



The AFOH surface fleet was organized around the task force concept, which allowed a lot of flexibility in terms of ship composition. Cutbacks in the number of ships due to the changing world scene have necessitated a shift to a more conventional approach and the formation of standing, deployed fleets. Each fleet is composed of 3 or more task forces of multiple units of the same class and can only be commanded by senior officers (Rear Admiral and up). A typical surface task force consists of 3 - 4 super-warships (with 1 as flagship), 3 - 4 aircraft carriers, 8 - 12 battleships/battlecruisers, up to 24 - 36 escorts (cruisers and destroyers) and 12 submarines. Task forces composed of a lesser number or lighter vessels are occassionally formed for smaller missions. During periods of conflict, task forces and fleets tend to grow in size. (The list under each fleet below includes only the capital ships).

Strike Fleet

The Strike Fleet is composed of the major formations based in the AFOH Home Islands. Formerly called the Home Fleet, the change in name reflects a shift in its mission from a defensive fleet to a more expeditionary one.

1st Fleet

Formerly called A Force, the 1st Fleet is based in the main island of Hybridland and covers the Southern Home Islands.


1. Homemade Battlecarrier VI - flagship/super-warship

2. Aggression/Vendetta/Vindictive - super-warship

3. Colbert/Indomitable - aircraft carrier

4. Guichen/Clemenceau - hybrid carrier

5. Indomptable/Furious/Fury - battleship

6. Strasbourg/Gambetta/Hiraga - battlecruiser

3rd Fleet

The 3rd Fleet (formerly O Force) covers the northern hemisphere of the BSC continent, and is based in the major island of New Syracuse.

Somber Shade

1. Somber Shade - flagship/super-warship

2. Savage/Vehemence I or II/Eviscerator - super-warship

3. Plague/Yamamoto/Taiho Kai - aircraft carrier

4. Clemenceau/Montcalm - hybrid carrier

5. Convalescence/Invalidity/Sedition - battleship

7. Foch/Hood/Hiraga - battlecruiser

Atlantic Fleet

The Atlantic Fleet is charged with missions in the Atlantic Ocean, specifically protecting and aiding AFOH territories and allies in Africa, Europe and North America.

2nd Fleet

The 2nd Fleet (formerly F Force) although based in the Home Islands, projects its power in the Atlantic seaboard.

Exec 2

1. Executioner II - flagship/super-warship

2. Tonnant/Eviscerator/Vengeance - super-warship

3. Invincible/Malta/Sunrise - aircraft carrier

4. Guichen/Montcalm - carrier hybrid

5. Kaisereich/Formidable/Enterprise - battleship

6. Indefatigable/Scharnhorst - battlecruiser

5th Fleet

The 5th Fleet is a forward-deployed element of Atlantic Fleet. Formerly called Force Z, it is based in South Africa. It has the same ship composition as 2nd Fleet but in smaller numbers.

Pacific Fleet

The Pacific Fleet is charged with missions in the Asia-Pacific region, specifically protecting and aiding AFOH territories and allies in Asia, Australia and Antarctica.

4th Fleet

Once AFOH's main rapid-response formation, the 4th Fleet (formerly H Force) is now primarily focused in the Pacific. It is based in the major island of Outremer.

Redoutable (upgrade 3)

1. Redoutable - flagship/super-warship

2. Tonnant/Reaper/Wraith - super -warship

3. Colbert/Charles De Gaulle/Balboa - aircraft carrier

4. Clemenceau/Guichen - hybrid carrier

5. Indomptable/Furious/De Grasse - battleship

6. Gascogne/Foch/Alsace - battlecruiser

6th Fleet

The 6th Fleet is a forward-deployed element of Pacific Fleet. Formerly called Force E, it is based in Fiji. It has the same ship composition as 4th Fleet but in smaller numbers

Other Surface Formations

AFOH maintains formations of smaller ships for scouting, fast attack, reconnaissance, interdiction and search & rescue missions, and can be employed independentky or assigned to task forces. Depending on ship type, these vessels are under Cruiser Force, F.A.S.T. or S.A.R.

Cruiser Force

AFOH's cruisers are organized under the Cruiser Force when not attached to task forces and is under the command of Shigure Samukai.


AFOH's escorts (destroyers, frigates, LCS and fast attack craft) are organized into autonomous squadrons under the command of the Fast Attack SecTion (F.A.S.T.) when not deployed with task forces.


AFOH also has specialized squadrons for search and rescue.

  • SAR Speedboat
  • SAR Salvage Vessel


The Submarine Force controls AFOH's fast and powerful submarines, and is organized into squadrons that excel in roles such as area denial, special operations requiring stealth, and the elimination of specific targets in battle situations. It is commanded by Chief Admiral JoshNinja, from Shadow Wolf III. Typical squadrons are shown below.

Multi-mission/Attack Squadrons

Multi-mission/attack squadrons are the primary formations of the Submarine Force and employ the fastest and most powerful submarines of the fleet, with the composition and number of units varying depending on the mission and objective.


  • Shadow Wolf III - flagship
  • Ohio Class SSGN
  • Shadow Hawk III
  • 236 Class Submarine
  • Shadow Wolf II
  • Pluton - submarine carrier (aircraft)

Deterrence Squadrons

Deterrence squadrons are deployed primarily to defend AFOH territory and those of its allies using Cobra II attack bombers escorted by Durandal FA-1S fighters launched from Oraborus submarine carriers. Those deployed on global deterrence patrols primarily use the ultra-fast Shadow Hawk submarines as escorts, while those deployed in AFOH waters are transitioning to the Achille-class to free up the former for multi-mission/attack duties. The older Triomphant attack submarines supplement the Oraborus by deploying either a Cobra II or Durandal using the Submersible Aircraft Deployment System (S.A.D.S.).

Durandal carrier

  • Oraborus - submarine carrier/flagship (Cobra II/Durandal)
  • Triomphant - light submarine carrier (Cobra II/Durandal)
  • Shadow Hawk II/III or Achille - hunter-killer
  • Surcouf - submarine cruiser (anti-ship/land attack)


With the rapid evolution of naval warfare brought about by galloping technology, AFOH began developing flying ships. Because of their more limited number as compared to surface ships and submarines, flying ships are organized into aerospace fleets. Each fleet is composed of 3 task forces of multiple units of the same class and can only be commanded by senior officers (Rear Admiral and up). A typical aerospace task force consists of 2 capital ships (with 1 functioning as a flagship), 3 - 4 flying carriers, 8 - 12 heavy escorts, and up to 24 medium/light escorts. Air task forces composed of a lesser number or lighter vessels are occassionally formed for smaller missions. Due however to the AFOH build-up in response to ongoing conflicts, task forces and fleets have grown in size.

1st Air Fleet

The 1st Air Fleet (abbreviated to "1AF") is AFOH's rapid-reaction air battle group.

Dronning Margrethe den 1

1. Dronning Margrethe - flagship/capital ship

2. Richelieu - capital ship

3. Venator - flying carrier (Cobra II/Durandal)

4. Devastation - flying battleship-carrier (Curtana/Vautour)

5. Revanche - heavy escort (Curtana/Vautour)

6. Themis - light escort (Curtana/Vautour)

7. Scimitar - light escort

2nd Air Fleet

The 2nd Air Fleet ("2AF") is the main formation for the defense of the AFOH Home Islands.


1. Iron Hunter - flagship/capital ship

2. Richelieu - capital ship

3. Venator - flying carrier (Cobra II/Durandal)

4. Devastation - flying battleship-carrier (Curtana/Vautour)

5. Kaiser - heavy escort (Curtana/Vautour)

6. Wrath of the Sea - medium escort

7. Scimitar - light escort

3rd Aerospace Fleet

Initially formed as the 3rd Air Fleet, the 3rd Aerospace Fleet ("3ASF") is AFOH's first air fleet organized for aerospace combat, with its units specially hardened for space travel and equipped with improved engines and warp drives (developed with UAC technical assistance and being retrofitted to the rest of the flying fleet). 3ASF is the core formation of the Tenelapis Expeditionary Force commanded by Chief Admiral Joshninja.

Dismal Regard

1. Dismal Regard - flagship/capital ship

2. Richelieu - capital ship

3. Venator - aerospace carrier (Cobra II/Durandal)

4. Devastation - flying battleship-carrier (Curtana/Vautour)

5. Wrath of the Sea - heavy escort

6. Venom - medium escort (Curtana/Vautour)

7. Scimitar - light escort

4th Aerospace Fleet

The second fleet dedicated to aerospace combat, the 4th Aerospace Fleet ("4ASF") is the main fleet supporting the Saturn Defense Command commanded by Vice Admiral Ej2333.


1. Mirage - flagship/capital ship

2. Astro Dominus/Pillar of Truth - capital ship

3. Venator - flying carrier (Cobra II/Durandal)

4. Devastation - flying battleship-carrier (Curtana/Vautour)

5. Viper - heavy escort (Curtana/Vautour)

6. Venom - medium escort (Curtana/Vautour)

7. Scimitar - light escort

5th Air Fleet

The return of the "air fleet" designation for 5AF emphasizes its main mission of providing air support for ground forces.


1. Manta Ray - flagship/capital ship

2. Astro Dominus/Pillar of Truth - capital ship

3. Venator - flying carrier (Cobra II/Durandal)

4. Chimera - flying carrier (Curtana/Vautour)

5. Wrath of the Sea - heavy escort

6. Venom - medium escort (Curtana/Vautour)

7. Scimitar - light escort

5AF supports the 2AF in the Home Islands defense mission.

Strike Fleet

The Strike Fleet is an expeditionary fleet composed of the newest and most powerful ships in the AFOH arsenal. It is under the direct control of High Command.

Aerospace Task Force Viking


1. Dante - flagship/capital ship

2. Harald Blatand - capital ship

3. Dominator - flying battleship-carrier (Cobra II/Durandal)

4. Admiral - flying carrier (Curtana/Vautour)

5. Rocroi - heavy escort (Curtana/Vautour)

6. Kobenhavn - medium escort

7. Observant - light escort

Aerospace Task Force Vandal


1. Prelinium - flagship/capital ship

2. Yakasuki/Convalescence - capital ship

3. Venator - flying carrier (Cobra II/Durandal)

4. Dawn of Fire - flying battleship-carrier (Curtana/Vautour)

5. Rocroi - heavy escort (Curtana/Vautour)

6. Kobenhavn - medium escort

7. Observant - light escort


The LÉ Patchwork IV, the 4th boat in the Patchwork - class, was SUNK by enemy forces. 1347 members of the crew were killed. 452 were captured by the UR. 7 Made it back to AFOH waters. Apparently the captain tried to defect to the UR, but a scuffle onboard made the boat run into UR waters. An enemy patrol boat saw them, and opened fired. Four Oxygen launched torpedoes struck the hull and caused it to take on water. The parts from the LÉ Patchwork IV were not captured by the enemy, and an AFOH Mobile Base recovered the parts.

Admiral Thognong was onboard the Enterprise D when she ran into a small group of UR ships. The Enterprise D and her crew fought to the end but were eventually brought down. Due to the fact that she was close to UR waters, we were unable to send a rescue boat out in time and all the crew of the Enterprise D including Admiral Thognong are missing and presumed dead. This is the last known picture of the Enterprise D and was taken just before she embarked on her last patrol.

Recently, AFOH held a race between the two fastest boats in the navy- the recon boats. Both boats matched each other's speed and by the end of the race, they had covered so much ground they were at the edge of AFOH's borders. The two boats then raced each other back before both flipping during a display of extreme manoeuvres. Both were recovered and repaired and all crew were accounted for.

On a routine patrol, the captain of one of AFOH's recon boats spotted some white debris drifting around. On closer inspection, it became clear that it was the wreck of the Enterprise D. The theory that she was sunk by UR ships was confirmed by the tell-tale craters in the side of the outriggers which only UR torpedoes create. When a dive team was sent out, they discovered that one lifeboat was missing. Whether it broke free as a torpedo struck or if at least some of the crew made it still remains a mystery.

Several days ago, AFOH held a special memorial service in honour of admiral Thognong who, along with the rest of his crew, are missing and presumed dead after encountering a fleet of UR ships (see above). All the members of AFOH paid their tributes to admiral Thognong who is also one of the founding figures of AFOH. Due to the fact that he and his crew were attacked so long ago, SAR teams have all but given up hope of finding them alive.

Following the, rather abrupt, retirement of Admiral Shinato, AFOH held a small ceremony as a thanks to his service and help in co-founding the navy. It was held aboard a special tribute ship commissioned in honour of him.

Just before AFOH became involved in the 'Battle of First October' (see below), our first flying ship successfully completed it's trials of sea/air worthiness. This picture shows the historic first flight. It was not long before armed flying ships were being produced and some even made it in time to fight the Russians. The flight was a major technological breakthrough as it was previously believed that flight required hacking.

AFOH helped the United States Naval Fleet (USNF) in its war with the Russian Navy (RN), and a battle fleet under the command of Admiral of the Navy HMSHomemade turned back and inflicted heavy losses on an RN force composed of flying ships and cruisers in what is now called the Battle of First October. One of the dramatic sequences was captured by a gun-spotting UCAV showing an AFOH flying ship and planes damaging a Russian cruiser.

After much thought and consideration, Vice Admiral Shinato has decided to scrap his proud Flagship, the SC-2. After long periods of success in the making of the Shinato - class, it has finally been decided that it will be scrapped and the parts will be remade into a new class of battleships.

AFOH and the USNF continue to solidify their alliance as emphasized by the recent visit of the USS Enterprise, shown here being welcomed by De Grasse. USS Enterprise participated in naval exercises, and flew the flag of USNF Admiral I am that guy, himself an AFOH officer.

Recently, AFOH held its annual Recruit Day. This is the day where cadets get their first first-hand experience on commissioned AFOH warships. It it is also a chance for some of the older ships to get the dust brushed off of them and their boilers fired. Although called "Recruit Day" the event actually takes place over several days.

HMBC and Redoutable salute each other before engaging the enemy in the Battle of Hybridland Sea (also known as Maceswinger's Last Stand). The battle started when a force of UR warships ambushed and nearly sank then-Lt. Maceswinger's flagship Conqueror, which was conducting a routine patrol in the Hybridland Sea. Redoutable and H Force escorted a small squadron which recovered the stricken Conqueror, and HMBC, Executioner (not in photo) and the rest of A Force came up to turn back the UR force, sinking several battleships in the process. Maceswinger, who was thrown overboard in the attack, miraculously found his way to a deserted island where he was eventually rescued by a SAR team.

This is a rare picture of one of the 15 ORDER subs that attacked the AFOH homeland. It was taken by a recon plane that helped dispatch and co-ordinate attacks by the FAST. In the end the threat was dealt with quickly and efficiently and few losses were sustained. However, in the time since, the ORDER has grown immensely and a follow-up strike is expected.

After a long and honorable service, the Enterprise MK III has been taken out of service. The decision was made by Admiral Guy when it was determined that an upgrade would cost more than it was worth. Above, as the Enterprise MK III leaves port to head to the AFOH Naval Museum, the INV Enterprise sails past to take its place in the fleet. The INV Enterprise is a gift from the Imperial Naval Fleet after it proved its worth in numerous engagements.

This rare photo was taken just before the "Order Empire" invaded and started the Battle of Hybrid City. It began when Commodore Maceswinger and intel officers detected several heat signatures from a AFOH radar unit. The battle then heated up as AFOH soldiers and Order regiments attacked and engaged in brutal hand-to-hand combat. In the end, strategic placement and a smart strategy from Maceswinger gave the AFOH a decisive victory. Casualty's in both sides are high, with more than 78,000 deaths combined. A follow-up attack from the "Order Empire" is expected soon, and extensive fortifications are being constructed.

Being one of the oldest navies still in existence, AFOH celebrated its recent 1st anniversary with great pride. HMBC held a special ceremony as a tribute to all AFOH officers, past and present, and several other navies held small commemoration ceremonies of their own. There were great celebrations throughout Hybridland, with people given the day off to visit some active and decommissioned ships at the AFOH docks.

As part of its 1st year anniversary, AFOH conducted an amphibious exercise that demonstrated it's improved capabilities to project power to distant shores. After a mock bombardment from super warships, battleships and carriers, AFOH marines supported by heavy armored units hit the beach in fast landing craft amidst simulated enemy gunfire and obstacles. The photo shows the amphibious transport dock Vulcain off-loading a landing catamaran (L-CAT) fully laden with 3 Martel ("hammer") super-heavy/assault tanks from its well deck as transport helicopters prepare to take off.

Tonnant salutes as the AIF fleet heads home following the victory in the "One Day War", when an invasion by the Dragonfire Privateering League (DPL) was repulsed. The conflict started when a DPL fleet composed of flying ships, battleships and destroyers entered AFOH territory following Tribaldragon's abrupt resignation. Then-Lt. Aghostintheboat's quick thinking and brave resilience held off the DPL long enough for AFOH's major units to mobilize and go into action. The counter-attack was led by the newly formed Submarine Operations Force, whose fast subs were remarkably successful in sinking scores of enemy battleships and destroyers with minimal losses to themselves, and AFOH's small force of heavy flying ships, which fought their DPL counterparts to a standstill. A last effort by the DPL was foiled by the main AFOH battle groups, and it's fleet withdrew following the intervention of the newly-formed AIF and the Sigma Aeon. Eventually, the DPL decided that a longer conflict could not be sustained, and proposed a ceasefire after 24 hours (which was promptly accepted). Then-Lt. Aghostintheboat later received a promotion in honour of his brave and decisive actions in the initial stages of the conflict.

The AFOH's tactics and new major weapons system, the Cobra II attack bomber, proved their worth during two IRF invasions. The conflict started when a fleet of IRF flying ships mounted a raid on the AFOH homeland, hoping their superior weapons would dictate a simple victory. However, they were halted by wave upon wave of Cobras, along with the ships of the 1st Air Fleet (1AF) and the allied UAC. Both sides took heavy casualties before the IRF eventually pulled out, leaving the AFOH defenders bloodied but defiant. The second attack came just days later, with the enemy bringing in flying ships and a big surface fleet with carriers, escorts, super-warships with extensive AA weaponry and fighter jets to counter the Cobras. A daring diversionary charge by a small Venator-led flying ship squadron and hit-and-run attacks by AFOH's vaunted submarine force and destroyers decimated the enemy escorts despite suffering heavy losses, and gave enough time for 1AF and reinforcements from the AIF to arrive. A well-coordinated Cobra II strike, which took out most of the enemy flying ships, and the timely arrival of the sentient Lovecraft and the UAC finally turned the tide. Despite a desperate attempt by the IRF to occupy Hybrid City, with the UAC and AIF clearing the skies of IRF jets, their ground forces were contained and eventually destroyed in intense block-by-block fighting, with AFOH forces in some instances beng helped by UAC Spartans. The reactor meltdown of a crashed IRF flying ship resulted in half of city being evicerated together with the remaining IRF troops, but casualties to AFOH troops and civilians were minimal due to mass evacuations. With the near-total annihilation of their invasion fleet, the IRF withdrew. And despite the heavy price in terms of submarines, destroyers and aircraft lost, the AFOH won a decisive victory.

AFOH helped the AIF defeat and nearly destroy a Regia Marina raiding force in what is now referred to as the Christmas Day Battle. Over 1,000 RM aircraft from 7 carriers attacked the AIF homeland but were intercepted over the sea by alert AIF flying ships and air defense. An AFOH submarine squadron (built around 6 Oraborus sub-carriers with 12 Cobra II attack bombers and 6 Durandal fighters) patrolling near AIF waters took part in the engagement, with the Cobras attacking the RM carriers with aerial mines (it was later confirmed that all were either sunk or put out of action). Although only 3 Cobras were shot down, the escorting Durandals were overwhelmed by RM fighters and all were lost, but not before shooting down over 70 RM aircraft. This dramatic photo shows a Durandal flying over a sinking RM carrier.

The heavy space transport Outremer warps over the Amundsen Sea in Antarctica as far below a swarm of landing craft from the its just-landed sister-ship Afrique head to the shore during Operation Terra Australis. The operation also involved a surface task force built around the carrier Charles De Gaulle and the battlecruiser Foch. AFOH returned to the forgotten continent to establish an economic protectorate and mine for resources using non-ecologically disruptive technology. Photo was taken by a Durandal fighter pilot flying CAP. (see User blog:Bouexic/New Planet?)

Several Outremer-class heavy transport ship escorted by a group of Venom and Viper-class flying ships warp on orbit of the Prometheus, one of planet Saturn's moons. The fleet lands and sets up a large outpost complete with engineering bays, fuel depots, ammunition depots and a large complex where the troops and staff are stationed. The base will be used as an outpost and to refuel and re-arm aerospace ships. The base will be further expanded later on.

AFOH joined the war against the Federation and helped the AIF and other Coalition navies engage the Federation-allied United States Naval Fleet (led by Admiral Guy, who took leave from AFOH to lead his native country's forces) which invaded the AIF, resulting in the long and drawn-out Battle of Neviston. On the first day, H Force (Augmented) attacked the eastern flank of the USN to relieve the pressure on the AIF. With the Americans employing an extensive air defense (dubbed "Iron Dome"), 1AF and the Cobra/Durandal-equipped 10th Air Group were held back, forcing AFOH to rely mainly on surface forces, taking heavy losses as a result. On the second day, the USNF launched their ground invasion and were joined by defectors from Guy's F Force. An AFOH attack on the southern flank, this time with air support from 10AG severely damaged the protecting 4th Fleet of the USNF with many of the defectors surrendering. On the 3rd day, with the Iron Dome focused more on the UAC forces, the 10AG again bombed the 4th Fleet as a prelude to another surface attack. Suffering severe losses in sea and land and surrounded by the Coalition, Guy decided to retreat, ending one of the deadliest battles in recent history. The photo, taken by an Dauntless SBD pilot, shows the battlecruiser Foch crippling the defected Inflexible on the 2nd day of the battle.