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• 10/14/2016

Apparently, 'This will go to everyone', said Enterprise

Revised RoE proposal link to blog w/ the poll and link to the revised RoE in the comments of the blog.

Now, we might just do it without everyone's opinion, or even without majority. If you have any complaints post-revision, you can take it to the afformented blog.

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• 9/11/2016

Discord Conference

For FTL and Shielding changes in RP, all members who have discord please get on.

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• 8/26/2016

Tabletop RPG

Well, I'm going to be honest, I didn't find this on my own. But while I was watching some videos on this person's channel(which I think a lot of people know and I'm subscribed to), and I watched some of the tabletop RPG gameplay from the channel, and I figured we could possibly set up a weekly or bi-weekly(depending on what you guys want) RPG session that anyone who wants to participate in can join, provided they do it at the start when we are setting everything up. this has a virtual tabletop, video and voice chat, and dice rolling.

I should also mention this is availible on iOS and Andriod, so nobody has any excuses to not join it.

I think Warhammer 40K Only War would be... A good start? At least it will be something to occupy us while this wiki continues to be stale and all that, and plus, I really do think it will be fun. If someone thinks there would be a better one, you can suggest it. This is going to be a community held thing, I don't want someone to hate it, but preferably technology based, given... Well, how much this wiki loves playing with technology.

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• 7/23/2016

I Need Some Help/Alliances

Anyone... Anyone who hates PANZER domination of Europe.... Anyone with some sort of power in BSCN World, please help me. I started a coup in Norway and plans to take Norway and Sweden and claim my kingdom back. Also, for PANZER members reading this, do not metagame. This coup will involve alot of gurillea warfare and hiding so it is really easy to metagame. Thanks.

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• 7/15/2016

The New Wiki Help Needed!!!

Hey, if any of the senior members and those of you VERY VERY good with wikitext can help start writing content for the red links on the homepage id extremely appreciate it!!! Please refrain from adding Navies and Roleplay related pages for now and focus on the red links that talk about the game and such. Please follow the same formatting on my other pages already written (blue links).

Thanks In Advance, Keep Sailing,

A slightly drunken admiral

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• 7/6/2016

Scout's Account Might Be Fixed!!

I have posted a message to Wikia which says to renew/change password/change email for my old account, Scoutwulf575. I think Wikia has done it, I have my old account back!!!

As of the time this message was written (12:22 PM Pacific Time) my account is still not fixed. It will be, trust me!

Imposters beware, SCOUT'S BACK!

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• 6/7/2016
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• 5/24/2016

Who Shall Take the Mantle of Responsibility (Of Marc's fleets, not the one from Halo)?


[content moderated - inciting unrest]

- WolfgangBSC

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• 5/20/2016

Anyone out there?

Does anyone still do this and which clone of BSC do you use if so?

-Poe the Pirate King (TYRANT) (Black Flag Armada)

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• 3/14/2016

USA Talks

This goes out to all members involved with the United States and the US exiled forces. I would like to invite everyone I mentioned to a reunification discussion on chat sometime later this week. This will have new proposals and requests in order to end the conflict before a Second Civil War erupts. I hope this will prove beneficial for restoring past ranks and a chance to make the US a world superpower in RP once again.

If we can agree on a date for the talks, we can all prepare what we'll propose.

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• 2/18/2016

Regarding the flaming on the 17th

Alright, I've looked over all the events of yesterday, February 17th. As a result, I have come to a partial conclusion, the rest of my conclusion will likely come later today, after I talk to wolf and some other first hand witnesses who weren't directly involved. Now, here is my partial conclusion, and what needs to be done:

Harmon and Marc, you two, without falter, start a flame war every time you talk to one another. Therefore, similar to the restrictions I placed between flamme and oi, I am issuing a 'restraining order' of sorts. You two may not respond or talk to one another, at all. Any violations will be met with a ban equal to the dregree of infraction, to the relevant parties.

Now, if there is so much as a spark of a flame war on this thread, I'm banning each and every one of you who gets involved, understood?!

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• 1/22/2016

Current NC diss at several wiki members at BSCN

Their current thread (I would wisely suggest Tribal/Flamme to not step foot in the conversation, I am going to try to remain civil (Key word: try)

Currently my response:

On behalf of the Navies wiki, I would like to point out a few things that might have not been apparent, or otherwise immediately obvious.

1: Oi provoked nearly HALF of all of the flame-wars in the navies wiki alone, either by insulting people based on "sources" or insulting people based on their opinion.

2: Rth, ok, I can see why (even though a lack of "good sources" (in your POV) is a pretty bad reason), but its YOUR FAULT (Directed to Oi) for trying to degrade TATO outside of the wiki (in his simplewarships pages), and its your fault for trying to degrade his work by making him look full of shit/untrustworthy.

3: While yes, I admit that Flamme and Tribal have overreacted in the past, Oi did absolutely nothing other than to provoke them into overreacting more! Listen Oi, if you see a person that is on the verge to murder someone, do you really go and say "Let me grab a camera" out loud?

4: Our wiki is not based on historical accuracy at the slightest. We do not deal with anything regarding historical facts; its completely unnecessary. Why do you think we don't talk much about historical elements at all? We aren't a history forum (Obviously)!

5: Intentful misinformation? Look at the wiki guidelines, and ALL (and yes, I repeat, ALL) of the rule-pages in the BSCN wiki. There is quite literally NOTHING which says that "intentful" misinformation should be banned. In fact, people in the wiki does it quite often (in terms of RP, I mean, you even put misinformation on your own Number ___ trainer jet for the AIF!)

6: Finally, do you REALLY go out to degrade other people's creative endeavors? Its what got you kicked out of the wiki in the first place, saying things like "Nice howitzer, bro (Obviously a diss to Tribal's newest tank)", "My tank can easily wipe yours out". Hell, there are PLENTY of examples HERE that shows Oicraftian dissing many of our ships.

I am not immediately shouting for a ban on THIS wiki (I am in Oicraftian home turf anyways, and I have practically no support here), but I am JUST LETTING YOU KNOW that there are two sides to the whole story, not the one that Oicraftian wants you to believe.

And as for the rest (and the stuff I want to interject into)...

1: @Oi: Ebola did absolutely nothing wrong. Whatsoever. What do you think you are doing, nosing around and bossing other people around based on how they build and how they react to other people? What makes YOU think that you can do THAT to someone else? How would YOU feel if I told you that YOUR name is offensive to thousands of people, and that you had to address everyone by "The god of ALL 12 stones of power and the sacrificial weed bale"? Walrus sure isn't an admin, now, is he, and as much as I respect him as a ship builder and a good-natured man, he doesn't need to be flattered with people addressing him as "God".

2: @adameros: Flamme is NOT a idiot. While he gets way ahead of himself at times, there is no reason why you should call him a blundering idiot with 1 or 2 neurons. He is perfectly capable of intellectual speech and thought, thank you very much.

3: @Oi: Really, if you WANTED to ban everyone that didn't meet your standards, you should be in the list as well considering how badly you strained not only our wiki, but this wiki's inhabitants (including rudely saying how this ship is terrible, how that ship is terrible, more while purposely underestimating your own ships to provide intentional misinformation, which is also, according to you, a bannable offense. You cannot win.)

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• 12/19/2015

So, derp is now a hypocrite....

If you click on the "Formal complaint against Mace" thread, you'd see that Derp posted something about Harbringer having a vendetta against Mace and how he's biased against Mace. Well, derp said that if he don't like mace, then he don't gotta be here. Well, well well,  who's been criticizing me every time I do something? (If you don't know the answer,  it's CaptMCDerpington). I actually liked you when you first came here in July, 2014. You were a nice and respectful guy, but now, you're a selfish jerk who always bashes on me for the little details that don't matter. Where is July, 2014 derp? Bring him back.

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• 12/19/2015

Formal Complaint Against Maceswinger

I acknowledge that Maceswinger is a good man and has done many good things in the wiki, but the actions he did today to not only the Qap, but several wiki members today are deplorable.

His crimes are:

  • Insulting and threatening Kevin, Capt, and Flamme while he was temporarily banned.
  • Threatening authority (Kevin in particular)
  • Major abuse against Qapta1n in particular.
  • Misuse of his moderator powers.
  • Godmodding (destroying Qap's navy with 1 laser. 1.)
  • Frequent use of swearing

I would request that his moderator powers are revoked, and he be banned for at several days for his actions.

Good afternoon.

Harbringer183 (talk) 02:30, December 19, 2015 (UTC)

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• 11/24/2015

New Game: In Soviet Russia

We have all heard of In Soviet Russia/In the Soviet Union/In Russia jokes before, now we can list different jokes (ones found online can be used). This thread is too stronk against any resistance.


1. You must have what the norm is in any place that is not the USSR and have what the opposite is in the Motherland.

2. No jokes against famous comrades from Russian history, Putin would be pissed.

3. Your grammar can reflect how a Russian speaks English.

4. NO "In Capitalist America" jokes.

I'll start:

In America, a woman makes sandwich for you.

In Soviet Russia, Sandvich makes a woman for you.

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• 11/9/2015

RoE Discussion Meeting Date Planning

Due to miscommunication, this will be planning out a time for a meeting to discuss the RoE. The following members should try to find a day to find time to set aside and meet to discuss a new format to update the RoE. The following people I am calling to the meeting include:

  • Mr. Nutt25
  • TheAlphatheOmega
  • PhantomXT Ace Mx
  • Maceswinger
  • Marcboy99
  • Rth1131999
  • WolfgangBSC (If avaliable)
  • Captain rudder guy Kevin1
  • AdmiralJoshNinja
  • Owlfeathers(Forget the last digits) (If avaliable)

If I have forgotten anyone, please, please mention yourself, I apologize if I forgot.

I want you all to try and post days that you will most likely be open (perfererbly a weekend date, Friday, Saturday, Sunday). I am generally open on the weekends. Please state your timezone as well, that way we can formuate a time that we will all get on. This might take more then one meeting to discuss, and if we have to use other methods to communicate aside from chat, we will do that.

To avoid disrupting normal chat, I say that we should meet on the Battleship Craft Naval Archives Wiki.

So please state dates, and times when you can be on for discussion, thank you.

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• 10/12/2015

Israel Navy (IMPORTANT)

Due to special conditions the Isreali Navy has been granted a 2 and a half week grace period effective Monday 12:01 PM Central US Time. For info and disputed please refer to my wall, thank you.

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• 10/7/2015

Ban the player above you! Part 3!

Hello everyone! I was taking a look around the Galaxy on Fire wiki and I found a little treat for us all. Here's how it goes:

  • You can only ban the user above you.
  • You must give a good reason to ban.
  • You cannot ban a user for making a statement in a comment not directly above your comment.
  • Your comment must not necessarily be a ban, but should be relevant to the banning.
  • The comments can be related to BSC, NFL, WoWS, WoT, SP... Etc.
  • You cannot ban yourself. (Except for the first ban, in which I ban myself)
  • Remember, this is just a game, so, don't start to flame people, and, well, there's nothing left to say.

Have fun!

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• 8/27/2015

Alaska class

Ever since a Chat with some of the lesser known Wikia users, I decided that I should make a place where we can discuss about the Alaska class, and why it should be designated a large cruiser or battlecruiser.

I have already made a blog about the topic, so read up on it, but please comment here to figure this little problem out.



No out of topic flame wars

No racist comments

No discrimination against Buddhist, Christians and Hindus (yes, one threat about this topic had that)

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• 8/20/2015


Flamme and Marc are banned for 12 hours.

That is it. No more flame wars, and no ban evading either, or i will have no choice but to multiply it.

Maceswinger (talk) 22:24, August 20, 2015 (UTC)

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